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Hi, I'm Kingsley. This is Bob, my best friend. Today, Mom is bringing Bob and me to the pa
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Kingsley and Bob go to the Park

Who doesn’t love going to the park? The park is full of fun things to see and do for everyone.


This illustrated children’s book is for all the little boys and girls that love going to the park. You’ll encounter different attractions at the park like the swings, seesaw, merry-go-round, and slides. Kingsley and his best friend who is a doll will take you on a world wind through the park with encouragement to get them over their fears of attractions at the park.


Kingsley and Bob go to their local park and encourage each other to become better versions of themselves with encouraging words towards each other. It’s teamwork, but together, they can do anything. They will want to read it over and over again.

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