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Reality Therapy

Theory & Practice

Besides Scientific Argument of Reality Therapy, written by Leon Lojk, reality therapy has never actually been presented in a broader theoretical context. In addition to deepening understanding of total behaviour or understanding of the organism as an operationally closed, self-regulating system, understanding of personality, the relationship between the individual and their environment, understanding the concept of relationships in light of choice theory, the beliefs about human behaviour that underlie our actions and understanding mental health, Theory and the Practice of Reality Therapy by Leon and Boba Lojk presents reality therapy in relation to other psychotherapeutic approaches through some similarities and differences between them.

With regard to the reality therapy theory of practice, so far, only structured (procedural) reality therapy has been available in the literature. Glasser called it the old reality therapy and advocated therapy using choice theory, which he called the new reality therapy. This is the authentic approach of the therapist, who himself lives in accordance with choice theory beliefs, which requires profound changes in the understanding of human behaviour. Until now, it has not been possible to find a description in the literature of how the process of new reality therapy flows, except for the author’s practical presentation of working with clients. These pages present for the first time the new reality therapy theory of practice through formulation, the relationship between therapist and client, and the theory of change in reality therapy. How reality therapy looks in practice is evident from practical examples of working with clients. The offered reading is certainly welcome to participants in reality therapy training and to reality therapists, practitioners and those who want to learn more about this approach.

About the Authors

Leon Lojk [1937-2014], a psychologist, psychotherapist, William Glasser International Senior Instructor and founder of the Training Centre for Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in Krank [1996], proved that choice theory and reality therapy are philosophically and scientifically justified. Based on his publication Scientific Argument for Reality Therapy, reality therapy is recognised in Europe as a scientifically justified psychotherapeutic approach. In 1999, Leon established the European Association for Reality Therapy [EART], and served as that organisation's first president. In 2008, under his leadership, the EART became a full member of the European Association for Psychotherapy [EAP] in Brussels. In 2009, the Training and Counselling Centre evolved into the European Institute for Reality Therapy [EIRT], which today is responsible for reality therapy psychotherapy training in European countries. Leon is the author of numerous articles and the co-author of many books. 

Bosiljka Boba Lojk is a social worker, psychotherapist and William Glasser International Senior Instructor. She is the director of training at the European Institute for Reality Therapy. Together with her husband Leon, she developed a five-year programme to obtain the title of reality therapy psychotherapist and a four-year programme to obtain the title of reality therapy counsellor. Boba serves as the general secretary of the European Association for Reality Therapy [EART]. She has worked in the field of reality therapy for 36 years, and has taught in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Finland and Malta since 1990. She has developed a new, original approach to teaching reality therapy based on personal experiences. Boba is the author of numerous articles and the co-author of several books. 

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