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Blog & Youtube Narration

Enter an exciting phase of the internship journey.

In this journey, the intern will create a blog post based on a topic of their choice.

Once finished, we guide you on creating an audio narration with a light touch of non-moving cinematography.

Add your favorite background music.

When finished, send it to so we can upload it on the Publisher's Youtube Channel. A member of the Alpha Publishing Team may review the content, and request for quality changes.

A quality change can be any of the following:

1. Audio settings

2. Volume settings

3. Background music volume settings

4. Image quality

If you receive a quality change request from a member of the Alpha Publishing Team,

then we highly recommend that the video narration be fixed according to the quality change request. This allows us to post a high quality video on our Youtube, Facebook channel with the intern's full name and personal email on the credits.

Here's an example below:

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