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Build Your Own Book Trailer

Script (40-70 words)

There are two ways the script can be created for the Author’s book trailer.

 1. You can provide your own. Our Editing Team will review it and make recommendations on improving the script of which you will have the opportunity to approve or reject.

2. We will create the script, and send it to the Author for approval. Author may approve the script, or use it as a benchmark to create their own script.


Background Music

The following links contain royalty-free music used by animated content managers, Youtube channels, brand name commercials and movie producers from around the world. Author may choose from 1 up to 3 of your favorite tracks and send it to their Author Rep...




Too many favorite theme songs and don't know which one to pick? Ask us for a recommendation.


Footage & Images

Have your own footage or set of images you’d like us to add to your book trailer? Send it over. We recommended you own copyright to these materials or were given permission to use them.

If Author does not have their own footage or images, that’s fine. Alpha Book Publisher has access to a variety of platforms that offer royalty-free images and footage.

Once the footage and images have been placed, the video will be sent to the Author for approval. Author may elect to have revisions on the video.

Once video is approved, we move towards our final step of creating a professional book trailer.


Voiceover Narration

Authors elect to choose which gender they want to narrate their book trailer.

Male or Female.



    In your book trailer, you should have around 5-8 scenes. Each of these scenes will last 

around 3-5 seconds.


On each scene, you will want to upload an image from our Partner Sites. There are many to choose from, so make sure they go with your script.



    You only get 3-5 seconds in each scene. Make sure your words describe your book 

in the best way possible.


    Try to catch the audiences’ attention!


Below, you will see an option to ‘Create Your Scenes’. Here, you will need to enter your name, book title, e-mail, and phone number. Then, you will go on to create each of your scene scripts. You will choose a photo or footage video to go with the text you would like. You need to add which Partner Site you used, the name of the photo/video, and the link to that said photo/video. Finally, you will add the script to go with your chosen illustration or footage!


Contact Information:

Scene One:

Scene Two:

Scene Three:

Scene Four:

Scene Five:

Scene Six:

Scene Seven:

Scene Eight:

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