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A Journey in Recovery and Higher Education - A Decision to Change My Life

“Christopher Bilandzija has consistently exceeded his involvement in the higher education and in recovery. Not only as a peer to many, but as someone who works closely with others who have suffered from the disease of addiction and are justice involved as a therapist, teacher, friend, family member, leader, and most importantly social worker of helping others thrive. He has collaborated across communities within the State of Arizona and California in communities of care to create and maintain meaningful relationships. His passion and commitment to remaining sober and engaged through community engagement has been inspiring, ensuring individuals thrive with whom he works with, mentors, and who he is with at the end of the day. His involvement writing his book, he has worked tirelessly with community leaders to ensure the best quality of life for those he has relationships. His values and principles have promoted positive changes in the environments and a culture of inclusion is something he takes pride in.” Steven Moortel

“ A dear friend who was able to find purpose and support when he was down. He turned his life around and I was lucky to be there for him when he needed me the most. I am proud of him and how far he has come. He has changed his life in many ways and I am happy to see him learning and growing.” Bryan McClay

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