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Waiting on Our Weights



It’s spiritual, practical and inspirational…..


As individuals, we are always seeking, looking, and reaching for something, or even someone to fulfill our life in some part of our existence. However, when that fulfillment is not satisfied, we tend to seek a reason which inadvertently, cascades itself into a direction opposite of ourselves.


We are all enriched with sufficient abilities, yet undiscovered, by the leisurely assertiveness of evaluating the internal craving of our soul’s desire, which are the unidentified weights, of our ongoing petitions in prayer. Nevertheless, there is a way of escape, from an atmosphere, of feeling the intimidation as to when the anticipated break through will take shape. Standby, it’s coming and you will play a role in the manifestation of it.


About the Author

Claudia E. C. Thompson is the author of this thought-provoking inspirational, spiritual, and practical manuscript that has been built from the foundation of her experiences as a minister, registered nurse, and thirty-year military spouse.



The beauty in this well written document of wisdom is attained from her wide scope of interlace affiliation with individuals on all levels. She leads her readers into a broad manner of thinking while producing a smile to the truth and pathway to a comeback. Claudia’s wind-up will leave you with an appetite for more.

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