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Color Illustrations -

Book Cover

$79.99 per Item

Intricate Design color illustrations are created by hand and still consist of defining outlines but with varying degrees of line details. By giving greater levels of shading and highlights within the line art, the artist creates more three-dimensional illustrations. This is the only level where the art can be colored digitally or by hand.

By adding details and textures and varying color values, your illustrator will add a high level of 3-dimensionality to your color illustrations. Alpha Book Publisher’s in-house studio artists will use your ideas and description of your characters and storyline to create unique artwork that is appropriate your book and its target audience.

Your full-color illustrations can be produced in the following styles:

  • Juvenile/Whimsical (a sweet, cute style)

  • Cartoon/Humor (a humorous, funny style)

  • Fantasy (a comic-book or mythical style)

  • Science Fiction (a futuristic or technological style)

  • Naturalistic (a true-to-life style)

Captivate your readers with breathtaking, full-color illustrations that fill the pages of your book. The typical timeline for this service is six to 12 weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your project.

Have questions or concerns?

Speak to your Author Representative for more information about this service.

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