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Work Experience Benefits

First, an Introduction to our Publishing Girls or click 'Meet the Publishing Girls'

to learn more about our Staff.

Career Description

Are you looking to start your own business and grow your own client-base?

Instead of coming up with your own idea and starting from scratch, you can use the rights & blueprint of an existing book publishing company that already exists. Instead of 'Alpha Book Publisher', you can add your first name and market your business as "Jackson Book Publisher."

You will earn 25-35% commissions on our plans & services, and have a chance to service YOUR CLIENTS under your own company's name.

Furthermore, you will earn additional commissions for the lifetime of sales of books your authors sell on our distribution channels. To see how much you can potentially earn, check out our plans & pricing here:

On top of these commissions from our book publishing plans, you will earn 5% on lifetime sales for every published book sold by your author and their readers.

This opportunity is good if:

  • You're Interested in starting a new business without any capital. You will have your own website page ranking on Google to help you with your marketing so customers can find you quickly.

  • You have a major in journalism or communications

  • Have aspirations to work in the Media & Publishing Industry

  • You want to learn about all the cool things that go on throughout the book publishing process

  • You have a love of reading, and writing and helping people.

  • You're interested in learning how to Professionally Edit, Format & Publish a Manuscript

  • You're interested in Becoming an eBook Publisher

  • You're interested in Becoming a Book Publisher

  • You want to get your Foot in the Door & Meet Great Contacts in the Industry

Already have a question? No problem.

Let's go through the information below first, then we'll start taking questions.

Flexible-Career Description

Are you looking for a work-from-anywhere opportunity that will allow you to work from home or anywhere, anytime and without any manager or supervisor breathing down on your neck?

Introducing: Alpha Book Publisher's -Get Paid to Blog (

First, a word of warning: this work-from-anywhere job posting isn't a ‘Get rich quick’ scheme. If you are looking for a way to get rich quick by making money online, then you’re in the wrong place. But we are offering a veritable once in a lifetime golden opportunity. Perfect for a side-hustle and for those looking for a Part-time or Full-time Living as a Writer and a Book Publishing Agent.

  • For every 1,000 words you post on our blog, we give you 1 hot lead.

  • The average VALUE per hot lead is $383.75 across our premium plans, plus 5% LIFETIME royalty commissions on all book sales your author(s) generate.

  • Feeling adventurous and ready to pump out 100,000 words a month on our blog? We’ll give you 100 hot leads. The total value of 100 hot leads once you convert them into clients is $38,300 in earnings.

What is a hot lead?

It's someone who filled out a form on our website, is already interested in the company and services and wants to buy a publishing plan or service.

Once you are given a hot lead, you will turn this lead into a client and earn commissions ranging from $80 to $949 per client. You will do so by helping them publisher their book. Our average commission earnings per client is $383.75.

Training Sessions

When we give you your first hot lead, a member of our Publishing Girls will train you on how to successfully convert them into a client. Churn out more 1,000-word blog posts? And we'll send you more hot leads.


Job Type: Commission

Pay: Up to $38,300 in earnings.


After your interview with one of our Publishing Girls, we will set you up with a company email within 24 hours to get you started. We are so excited to have you on board!

Amazingly, this isn't the only opportunity Alpha Book Publisher is providing. Please watch our T.V Commercial on your own time to learn more about the company:  

COVID-19 considerations:

This is a complete work-from home opportunity.

All payments will be made through a 1099-form, so no taxes will be taken out of your paychecks.

Additional Information

The Problem With Freelance Writing Online

The biggest problem with freelance writing online – and freelance blogging particularly – is perception. If you suggest to most people that it is possible to create a six figure online business by writing for blogs, they’re likely to laugh in your face.

But that’s a good thing – people’s ignorance of the possibilities creates great opportunity for those who are open-minded enough to recognize just how lucrative freelance blogging can be.

Even "offline" freelance writers tend to scoff at the world of freelance blogging, believing it to be nothing but a denizen for low-paid writers. However, if you know what to look for and (just as importantly) know how to carry out your work, you will find that freelance blogging can be just as lucrative as “traditional” freelance writing.


Do you need to be a Good Writer to be a Freelance Blogger?

Freelance writing has traditionally been a career reserved for those who have spent a lifetime steeped in the vagaries of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

However, the world of freelance blogging offers a level playing field. No longer are writers expected to create perfect pieces every time. Minor misdemeanors in spelling and grammar are excused, with a greater focus on one’s ability to work in an organized manner and produce compelling content.

If you are a competent writer then you can quickly learn how to become an excellent blogger.

What the course looks like.

What about Experience and Qualifications?

The real beauty about freelance blogging is that you don’t need any qualifications or prior experience to get started.

When I landed my first job I had been blogging for a grand total of three months. Before then I had barely even read a blog, let alone created one myself. My first job was writing as a WordPress “expert.” I had only been using WordPress for a few months at that point and hadn’t even heard of it before then.

There is no such thing as qualifications snobbery when it comes to freelance blogging. If you’ve got the chops, you can make a start.

Start Blogging Today, Get Your First Hot Lead as soon as Possible!

If you really want to make money online and at your own time, then we recommend you blog for us.

For every 1,000 words, you could have a hot lead and convert them into clients, plus 5% in lifetime commissions on all sales of their books. Now what other genuine business model can promise that?

Lifetime Commissions

The biggest takeaway from all of this is the permanent 5% lifetime commissions you will be earning every time you help an author publish their book.

Certain authors will sell books everyday.

Other authors may sell books every week, or a few times a month.

Every time a customer orders an author's book, we handle all the manufacturing, printing, shipping and handling for the client. The Author earns a 30% royalty on sales of their book, and you earn a lifetime commission rate of 5% whenever their book is purchased by a customer from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple Bookstore, the Google Play Store or even Walmart.


Let's check out an Author's Book that Recently Published

Side note: If you're not able to click on the link, please copy and paste it on your next tab. If you're not near your computer, you may go back to this on your own time.


The Author's name is Vincent Amen, a friend and business partner of Michael Jackson himself. One of the many perks of helping authors publish their book is the access and connections you'll make with big shot celebrities and entrepreneurs in the business world.

As you can see in the image below, this book was published on September 28, 2020 - just recently.

It was also published on every major marketplace for books, and they are:

1. Amazon

2. Google Play Store for Books

3. The Apple Bookstore

4. Barnes & Noble


6. Goodreads, and

7. Lulu,

8. And 24 other smaller distribution channels that aren't on this list, but still matter just as much.

Why are Lifetime Commissions so Important?

When your author's books are being purchased on any of the distribution channels listed above, you earn a 5% lifetime commission for every book sold. This may not be much in the beginning when you have just a few authors.

But when you convert your hot leads into clients and have as many as a hundred (100) authors,

this 5% lifetime commission is going to be noticeable on your paycheck.

How noticeable?

For every 100 authors, you will earn on average $500 or more a month on a recurring, lifetime commissions on sales of their books + plus instant commissions on new authors that you convert from the hot leads we'll be sending over to you.

These are $250/month you will never have to work for another day in your life.

You can go to sleep, wake up and do anything else in life and you will always be paid whenever your authors' books are being published.

A Law of Large of Numbers

This is yet in fact a law of large numbers, reserved only for those looking to take life's biggest challenges head-on and make a difference in their lives. This opportunity also allows you to generate a client-base, and a large following.

When you have 100 authors in your client-base, you're likely to earn a recurring average of $500 or more a month in lifetime commissions on all sales of their book.

When you have 1,000 authors in your client-base, you can be rest assured that as a result of your efforts in making their dreams come true you will be earning a recurring average of $5,000 or more a month in lifetime commissions; as a result of the 5% lifetime commissions on sales of their books.

Interested in Getting Started? Here are the next steps?

1. We will set you up with a company email within 24 hours and send you login credentials to your personal email. Your company email will be:

Please have one of our Publishing Girls take your name, number and personal email address.

2. You let us know when you want to get started with blogging, how often you'd like to blog - and once you receive your company email you will be be granted access to our online blog -- allowing you to publish blog-posts at will.


Question 1: What kind of blog posts will I be publishing? Can I publish anything I want?

Answer: Unfortunately, that's not the case during your first 100 blog posts. After you publish more than 100 blog posts, you will have more flexibility on which topic you will write about and post on our blog. But during your first 100 blog posts, we have specific topics that you will be blogging about. These topics are about:

a. Writing

b. Book publishing

c. Editing a book

d. Illustrations

e. Marketing a book

Question 2: Do I have to be an expert on these topics?

Answer: No. In fact, we will do all the research on these topics. Then we hand over the research and you will paraphrase the research in your own words to achieve a greater informational clarity, and add value to it.

4. Once we give you your first hot lead, we require you to join in on a flexible training program so you will have access to all the knowledge, conference call scripts, know-how and book publishing guides to prepare and help you convert your first hot lead into a client. After you've successfully converted at least 5 hot leads into a client, you will have passed the flexible training program.

Question 3: What do you mean by flexible training program?

Answer: You will be allowed to set your own hours to get fully trained by a member of our Publishing Girls so you can convert the hot leads we give you. Once you convert at least 5 hot leads into clients, you will have passed the flexible training program.

From there on out, we will send you as many hot leads as the number of 1,000-word blogs you post on our website - and you will be able to set your own time and work schedule.


Here are our Commission Structures. Read them on your own time and talk to your Publishing Girl if you have any questions about them.

Level 1 Hot Lead Conversion

Commission: 25%

Customer takes out a plan.                    You earn            How many Referrals

Babyface Plan: $0.00                            $10-$50                  0-20/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Starter Plan: $319.00                            $79.75                0-20/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales  

Rookie Plan: $559.00                            $139.75               0-20/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Classic Plan: $1,099.00                        $274.75                0-20/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Strategic Plan: $1899.00                       $474.75                0-20/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Premiere Plan: $3,799.00                      $949.75             0-20/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Level 2 Hot Lead Conversion

Commission: 30%

Customer takes out a plan.                     You earn            How many Referrals

Babyface Plan: $0.00                            $15-$50                  21-50/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Starter Plan: $319.00                            $95.70                21-50/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales  

Rookie Plan: $559.00                            $167.70                21-50/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Classic Plan: $1,099.00                        $329.70                21-50/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Strategic Plan: $1899.00                       $569.70                21-50/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Premiere Plan: $3,799.00                      $1139.70             21-50/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Level 3 Hot Lead Conversion

Commission: 35%

Customer takes out a plan.                      You earn            How many Referrals

Babyface Plan: $0.00                            $20-$50              50+/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales

Starter Plan: $319.00                            $111.65                50+/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales  

Rookie Plan: $559.00                            $195.65                50+/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Classic Plan: $1,099.00                        $384.65                50+/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Strategic Plan: $1899.00                       $664.65                50+/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

Premiere Plan: $3,799.00                      $1329.65             50+/month, plus 5% lifetime royalty on all sales 

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