The College to Career Roadmap


This book is a guide to address some of the challenges first-generation college students face. It includes information on paying for higher education, programs that help students with career and financial advice, and what to keep in mind when applying to schools as you focus on long-term career goals.

Multiple obstacles can trip you up as a first-generation student. I’m here to act as your coach to help you develop the skills and guide you through this often-messy transition.  My goal is to help you become proactive and resilient college students and job seekers poised for success. 

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About the Author


Marcella McCurdy’s core mission is centered on “Bridging Gaps and Breaking Barriers” in the Career Development space. She is passionate about helping organizations, colleges, and universities develop their talent base, and cultivate a diverse culture to fulfil their mission. She has been an advocate for interns, college students, and a voice for multicultural equality in the workforce and in education. 


Marcella McCurdy is the Chief Executive of Marcella McCurdy, LLC, which serves to close economic and workforce gaps by helping organizations recruit the right talent and assisting interns in building their careers. Marcella McCurdy focuses on IT talent development/recruitment, succession planning, leadership development, and diversity & inclusion. 


Her signature speaking topics are: Ask Me Anything Relating to HR, Leadership, or Diversity which is a question & answer forum. Additionally, she loves to share her story, about overcoming obstacles, and discovering her career path. She uses her voice to ignite change and give inspiration. Marcella McCurdy’s interests include women’s empowerment, leadership development, economic equality, and talent recruitment and development.


Marcella McCurdy previously worked as an External Recruitment Manager and College Intern and High school Intern Program Manager for the State of Ohio, where she oversees diversity and programming initiatives for The Ohio Department of Medicaid and the State of Ohio, which includes establishing the organization’s strategic direction. In this role, she has built robust talent pipelines by attending over 50 external diversity recruiting events, increased diversity applicants to encompass 46 percent of total applicants, facilitated a women’s panel that included former Speaker of the House JoAnn Davidson. She was recognized with the 2018 State of Ohio Diversity and Inclusion Award for a medium-sized agency. Ms. McCurdy was promoted to this role from within the state government, where she had previously worked as a Human Resources Consultant.


Prior to joining the State of Ohio, Marcella McCurdy worked as Human Resources Project Manager and held various roles for Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio, where she represented a Fortune 19 global healthcare company worth $99 billion in sales, communicating information regarding the company and its job opportunities to Ohio State University students. 


Marcella McCurdy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and African and African American Studies from The Ohio State University. She then pursued a Master of Business Administration degree in Human Resources from Franklin University and is all but dissertation in Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University


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