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Green Valley Halloween

When Officer Mara Wilson and Detective Frank James investigate screams coming from an old house they never imagined the horrors they would see or how their lives would change. Nor would they be seeking the help of Mara’s great grandmother who is a witch living with four black panthers. The quiet little town of Green Valley would suddenly become a town plagued by horrors and death.

L.E. Amell

Born in Connecticut and spent some of his childhood in New England hearing ghost stories and tales of witches. The author grew up fascinated with reading and hearing tales that chilled his mind. After serving in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy where he saw things that reminded him of those horrors he began to write to help himself get rid of the nightmares as part of his therapy. It was only after getting hooked on writing things down and having people read some of his stories has he decided to get them published.

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