Waking up in the jungle of Peru was just the beginning. Haunted by her upbringing and her best friend’s suicide, Meg’s entire life as she’d known it was disintegrating. With the sale of her home in the city, Meg moved to a cabin in a forest. Her intuition became her guide as she prepared to face the despair that drowned her.

Determined to honor her friend’s hopes for her life, she dove into a shamanic journey from which there was no return. The ayahuasca in the jungle was like grenades thrown into her DNA. Was she losing her mind, or finding herself? Follow Meg’s true story along a magical journey as she explores her religious history, native traditions, shamanic plant medicines, and more...

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About the Author

Meg Miller was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her lifelong passions include the outdoors, movement, animals, travel, and artistic projects. Betty the dog and Lady the cat have been her closest comrades throughout her adult journeys.


With an education in many fields, Meg has a diverse history of experiences. She received her associates in Prosthetic Technology, and from there went on to study farming, yoga and method acting. Her largest accomplishment included ownership and management of a triplex apartment which she also renovated.

This investment allowed her to afford her latest travels, including South America, Mexico, and Canada. Exploration with plant medicine has been at the core of her journeys. Meg’s deepest desire is to see healing and evolution for humankind. With personal experience, she understands the miracle of plant medicine to repair the body, mind, and spirit. She is pleased to complete her first book “When?” as her debut memoir.       


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