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10 Top Book Publishers in Oklahoma

1. Red Earth Publishing, Inc.

Red Earth Publishing and its founder, Linda S. Bowlby, M.D., are dedicated to the holistic healing of its readers on all levels of their bodies, minds and spirits. Dr. Bowlby's books of adult nonfiction, her children's books, her screenplays and her blog encompass a broad range of healing principles and techniques.

In the healing of one person at a time, healing will extend to our social structures and our planet. To this endeavor, Dr. Linda Bowlby and Red Earth Publishing are deeply committed.

Dr. Bowlby has ten Available Titles for purchase. These include four books of adult nonfiction; Carol and Edna, Red Earth Woman, Red Earth Wisdom and Renaissance Woman. Her six children's books are titled; Future Hope, How Amazon Got Her Name, Is That So Nasaria's Family, Nentuk's New Family and The Rock Garden.

Within Upcoming Titles, Dr. Bowlby has three adult-nonfiction books. Her book, Ivey Hayes: The Art of Living, is completed and will be published in 2014. Her books, Chance Meetings, Can Heal Your Life and Beyond the Red Earth: The Journey of the Soul, are works in progress. Dr. Bowlby has numerous children's stories in various stages of completion. Also, she is considering her first piece of fiction, Oklahoma Central.

301 SW 62nd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, United States

2. NightWriter's Publishing Consultants

NightWriters and the Johnson Publishing House are committed to bringing Professional and Affordable Editing and Publishing Services and Advice to Independently Publishing Authors worldwide, as they discover the wonders of having a work with their own name on it available to a waiting public -whether on the bookshelves of a downtown store, or a mere click away in a browser.

915 NW 100th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, United States

3. Walter B. Jenkins, Ghostwriter/Professional Writer

Your legacy is too valuable to trust with just anyone. Hire an experienced, award-winning writer to help turn your life story into a world-class manuscript.

Are you ready to share your life story but you don't know how? Have people told you you need to write a book but you don't have time?

I am the bridge between your idea or story and a completed book. We can work together, and I can tell your story in your voice so that your message reaches the world.

Being a professional writer/ghostwriter is the most rewarding thing I have done. I am passionate about writing books, biographies, memoirs, and screenplays. It's not just my job. It's my calling. I am enthusiastic and committed to excellence in everything I do, and I want to use those qualities to help you turn your idea or life story into a great book or screenplay.

I was an attorney and sports agent for ten years before becoming a full-time writer and speaker. I have a BA in English as well as a Juris Doctor and served as the Managing Editor of the Oklahoma City University Law Review.

1200 NW 38th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States

4. InSight Books

InSight Books and the In-Sight Institute have one mission: Helping People Help People. This has evolved over the years, expanding from our grief care books and seminars across the country to include Celebrant training and certification.

Along the way, founder and author Doug Manning expanded his writings to include advice on elder care, a growing issue with the steady rise of the Baby Boomers as they face caring for their aging loved ones.

5909 Northwest Expy SUITE 110, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States

5. Mongrel Empire Press

Mongrel Empire Press was established in 2007 with a mission to publish well-written, thoughtfully-considered works across generic and disciplinary boundaries.

Mongrel Empire Press recognizes that the mongrel of the species is the one with the best survival skills and that ecological diversity is necessary to a healthy planet. Yet, we also experience that “cross-disciplinary” and “multi-cultural” are terms frequently talked about but rarely practiced in their broadest sense. We will honor our commitment to the mongrel empire by publishing the best work we can find—no matter the genre, the discipline, or the author’s biography. We are particularly interested in works that, because of their mixed generic, disciplinary, and philosophical approaches, cannot find a home at other presses which have a more narrowly defined mission.

Mongrel Empire Press chose its moniker because it celebrates the place—Oklahoma—where the press resides. Oklahoma and Oklahomans are glorious admixtures: the land, the flora and fauna (as evidenced by the Crosstimbers), and the people are advantageously heterogenous. Our mongrel nation is not perfect, but we believe that its myriad possibilities point the way to a sustainable and humane future. We will honor our commitment to Oklahoma by actively searching out great writing by Oklahomans.

133 24th Ave NW, Norman, OK 73069, United States

6. Roadrunner Press

The RoadRunner Press is an award-winning small publishing house that specializes in juvenile/YA fiction and nonfiction -- as well as select adult nonfiction and literary fiction of quality. Based in Oklahoma, we hope to do what we can to bring Red Dirt Literature to the world.

122 NW 32nd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States

7. Oklahoma Academy Publishing

Oklahoma Academy Publishing has a number of Study Bibles available all with comments of over 44 Ellen G. White books, and many more useful tools.

Oklahoma Academy Publishing is a non-profit organization that focuses on spreading the Gospel through the sale of Bibles. Profits made go to help our worthy students, who cannot afford Christian Education, going to high school at Oklahoma Academy.

18509 NE 63rd St, Harrah, OK 73045, United States

8. Monocle Press

Monocle Press is an independent publisher and speakers bureau dedicated to helping readers enhance their personal and professional growth.

Committed to promoting the very best in non-traditional business books, Monocle authors and speakers are authentic, thought-provoking, and have the ability to change lives through their stories. We aim to help our authors and readers engage one another on the topics of motivation, innovation, culture, education, sports, and leadership.

Established in 2018 as the publishing arm of Strata Leadership, LLC, Monocle Press strives to curate a collection of authors and speakers whose knowledge, experience, and passion—when shared with others—creates positive change in the lives of those around them.

11600 Broadway Ext #220, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, United States

9. New Forums Press Inc

New Forums Press, Inc., publishes and distributes information relevant to faculty, program and organization development issues in higher education. We also accept regional histories in the form of books, journals and newsletters. Our personalized publishing services are a preferred choice among a variety of scholarly organizations.

New Forums Press seeks to be a leading, flexible operating publishing house in the domains of faculty development, human health, and the rich culture of Oklahoma and surrounding states. Having survived the test of time, a healthy and lasting growth of the company is sought. This growth will be achieved by expanding market share in both proven and new and exciting venues led by innovative and energetic authors and editors. By meeting the information requirements of specialized academic target groups and markets, New Forums Press wishes to create value for all the stakeholders who are important to the realization of its strategy.

New Forums Press was founded 1981 by Doug Dollar with the acquisition of a single academic journal. After forays into a range of subjects, to include launchings of various scholarly journals and book series, a complete marketing overhaul of the enterprise has been undertaken, seeking to focus on the proven niches of the previous years as well as new promising and inspiring publishing venues.

1018 S Lewis St, Stillwater, OK 74074, United States

10. Yorkshire Publishing

Yorkshire Publishing was founded with a passion to represent both new and established authors alike. Yorkshire Publishing’s desire is to positively impact the lives of the people we touch—from the author to the reader. We have combined several publishing companies to create Yorkshire Publishing. Yorkshire Publishing and our publishing acquisitions have published and distributed thousands of books since late 2002.

With a team of talented editors, designers and publicists, Yorkshire Publishing is missing only one component in our team-based approach – our next author. Unlike many publishers who require an agent to act as a middleman in the publishing process, we accept submissions directly from authors as well as from literary agents.

4613 E 91st St, Tulsa, OK 74137, United States







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