100 Top Book Publishing Companies in California (Part 2)

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22. Universal Publishers Inc.

Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. -Publisher and CEO

Dr. Young has served the publishing and electronic media industry for over 20 years. He began his career with Frank Wills of Mnemosyne Publishing in Miami, working to create facsimile copies of important academic manuscripts no longer in print. In 1997, while doing graduate work, he founded Dissertation.com to help make academic thesis and dissertations more accessible to students and researchers. Since then, two nonfiction publishing imprints have been added, Universal Publishers, and BrownWalker Press. He has a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University, in addition to a master’s degree in Communication, bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and an associate’s degree in Electronic Technology. Address: 200 Spectrum Center Dr 3rd floor, Irvine, CA 92618

23. Oasis Publishing

Oasis Audio began in 1999 publishing inspirational and self-help audio titles from a wide variety of sources. Over the years, the product selection expanded to include Bibles, non-fiction, fiction, children’s and business audio titles. Today, Oasis Audio publishes more Christian and inspirational titles than any other audio publisher in the US. Our parent company, Domain Communications, has a strong reputation in the audio recording and replication business for nearly 50 years. The mission of Oasis Audio is to publish stories and other content that uplifts, inspires and encourages positive values and personal growth.

Address: 2685 Robinwood Ave, Clovis, CA 93611

24. Publishers Group West

Publishers Group West (PGW) is a book distributor founded in 1976 in Berkeley, California, which distributes to bookstores in the U.S. and internationally. They were the largest distributor of independent presses in the U.S. in the 1990s. ... Perseus' distribution business was acquired by Ingram Content Group in 2016.

Address: 1700 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

25. Benson-Collister Publishing Solutions

The digital publishing revolution has made it easier than ever to publish a book. Conversely, it has never been more difficult to publish a book well. The overwhelming number of publishing formats and options, not to mention the sheer number of books being published today, means that most books never receive the attention and readership they deserve. We created Benson-Collister to overcome these obstacles by helping individuals and organizations navigate the arcane world of traditional publishing and take advantage of the rapidly changing world of digital publishing.

Address: 2512 Ninth St #13a, Berkeley, CA 94710

26. Cognella Inc. & University Readers

At Cognella, we believe quality academic publishing is about providing students with highly relevant, affordable learning materials. For over 25 years, Cognella has redefined the academic publishing industry by producing instructor-driven, student-centric learning materials for the higher education market. We collaborate with instructors and professionals to publish anthologies, original works, custom course materials, and interactive online learning activities that support learning objectives and provide students with authentic educational experiences.

Address: 3970 Sorrento Valley Blvd #500, San Diego, CA 92121

27. Transit Books

Transit Books is a nonprofit publisher of international and American literature, based in Oakland, California. Founded in 2015, Transit Books is committed to the discovery and promotion of enduring works that carry readers across borders and communities. Transit Books publishes a carefully curated list (6-8 titles per year) of award-winning literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, essay, and prose that falls somewhere in between. Transit authors have received or been nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Booker International Prize, the National Translation Award, the Windham-Campbell Prize, and more.

Address: 2301 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

28. New Harbinger Publications

The year was 1973. Two recently graduated college friends had returned from a cross-country adventure jumping freight trains, hitchhiking, selling a mimeographed literary magazine, and pondering how they could make a difference in the world. Both men had a passion for literature, poetry, and, above all, a fierce do-everything-yourself attitude. These two young men, psychology graduate student Matthew McKay and writer Patrick Fanning, envisioned a lifetime of doing what they love, so they set out to create a publishing company. Little did they know they were in for the ride of their life. Their first project was a poetry broadside. But that wasn’t enough for the two ambitious young men. Matt’s friend, Martha Davis, was a psychologist who saw a need to help her clients cope with the debilitating effects of stress. Address: 5674 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

29. Arion Press

The origins of Arion Press reach back to 1919, when the brothers Edwin and Robert Grabhorn came to San Francisco from Indianapolis. The brothers established the Grabhorn Press, which became one of the foremost fine printing establishments in the United States from the early 1920s to the mid-1960s. The Grabhorns stood out for their exuberant and adventuresome approach, with a prolific output of more than 650 books that varied in scale and style. They were proponents of what the great bookmaker Bruce Rogers called “allusive printing,” in which the selection of type, decoration, and page layout alluded to aspects of the books’ contents. Address: 1802 Hays Street, San Francisco, CA 94129

30. Ghost Mountain Books, Inc.

At the heart of Ghost Mountain's book publishing philosophy is a message and method by which people can dramatically change and improve their lives. We're known for having published some of the very best diet books on the market, and whether it’s the newest research on weight loss, a unique take on relationships, or advice on feeling and looking younger, Ghost Mountain strives to bring to light the very best and cutting-edge information to its readers, while always packaging it in an entertaining and engaging way. Ghost Mountain Books was founded by Jay McGraw, the New York Times bestselling author, Emmy® Award-winning executive producer and creator of the syndicated daytime series, The Doctors, and CEO/co-founder of the Doctor On Demand telemedicine app. Ghost Mountain Books also offers the unique ability to bring its titles to consumers through its exclusive on-line sales portal www.thebooknook.com, the “premium presale” venue for all of its proprietary titles.

Address: Mae West, 5555 Melrose Ave 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90038

31. Radical Publishing Shop

Radical Studios is a Hollywood-based, multimedia studio specializing in IP creation, publishing and filmed entertainment for global audiences. The company is currently focused on building strong and diversified licensing revenue for its intellectual properties in both domestic and international markets, in physical and digital publishing, feature films, television, merchandise, and music publishing.

Address: 7421 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

32. Prospect Park Books

Prospect Park Books is a California native, publishing beautiful print and digital books with wit, creativity, and intelligence. We’re a general trade publisher focusing on fiction, mysteries, cooking/food, humor, and regional/gift titles, and we work with authors, designers, and artists who are outside of the New York mainstream. Our titles are distributed by Consortium. You’ll find them everywhere books are sold, both in print and e-book form.

Address: 2359 Lincoln Ave, Altadena, CA 91001

33. Kalimat Press

Kalimát Press was founded in 1978 by Anthony A. Lee and Payam Afsharian, Bahá’ís in the Los Angeles area, during the Bahá’í month of Kalimát (words). It is a small, privately owned publishing company which is exclusively oriented towards the publication of books and other materials on the Bahá’í Faith. From its inception, Kalimát Press has sought to encourage the publication of new ideas and new approaches to the Bahá’í Teachings. The company has been especially interested in the publication of books for Bahá’í children, materials on Bahá’í history, translations from Persian, original Bahá’í scholarship, and essays on the relevance of Bahá’í teachings to contemporary social issues.

Address: 1600 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

34. Publish Authority

Our passion is to publish professional-quality books with independent authors. As part of this process, we will work closely with you to help ensure successful book marketing and sales. If this is your first book, great! If you have previously published a book(s) or want to repackage and release a previously published one, better yet! If your submission is accepted for publication, we will publish a professional-quality book for and with you—from editing, cover and interior design, publishing in multiple formats, to integrated marketing and distribution solutions. We do more than just publish books. We provide you with related tools, greater royalties, and work closely with you before and after publication toward our common goal of selling more books. Address: 11230 Gold Express Dr, Gold River, CA 95670

35. Green Integer

Edited by Per Bregne, Green Integer publishes a wide variety of works by leading artists, critics and historians. Some titles are new works by contemporary artists, others are important but overlooked works by some of history's greatest writers, and yet others, by great writers both living and long ago passed, represent significant international works which have never before been published in English. The smaller format of most of the books (6" x 4.25") make these important works highly portable for those who don't want to sacrifice their love of literature and learning for lack of a structured space and time for reading. Works published to date include critical essays, interviews, poems, plays, fragments of suppressed writings, radio dialogs, journals, philosophical essays, short fiction, speeches and novels. The series has proved very popular in the U.S and abroad. Address: 6210 Wilshire Blvd #211, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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