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2 Girls on An Adventure

It was a hot summer day in a very small village with just one road. With no air conditioning, Missy was just laying around trying to cool herself with a fan blowing on her.  Needless to say it wasn't doing much of anything with temperatures almost 100 degrees. Missy's phone starts ringing, she picks it up and it's Mandy, her best friend. Ranting and raving about how hot it is and how bored she is. So she suggests going on an adventure, a road trip, Missy is hesitant to go because she's hot and miserable but with Mandy's persuasion, she decided to go. 

They had no clue where they were going or anything for that matter. Missy thought maybe she should take an extra outfit, bathing suit and basic necessities. She gathered everything up and threw it in a tote bag. Meanwhile Mandy is at her place getting ready, blasting music and dancing around while throwing her stuff in a bookbag. Then out the door she went and hopped in her Jeep Wrangler and headed over to get Missy. She pulls up like a bat out of hell with her top down and radio blaring. Missy runs over, throws her bag in the back and jumps in the Jeep. All excited the girls were singing out loud and dancing in their seats.

They were pulling out and with no direction in mind, they did the eenie meenie minie moe game and it looked like they were going left. As they were driving down the road, they decided to take a side road they didn't know. They just kept taking different roads to nowhere and all of a sudden they saw a dirt road and wondered what was down there. Missy and Mandy looked at each other like scared little girls because they had no clue what was down there. As they drive closer slowly, they start to hear music, it's faint. Then they get even closer, they start seeing cars, trucks and motorbikes.

People were everywhere, so they parked and got out. They see the opening where they are coming from and headed in that direction. As they approach the place, the music gets louder and everyone is hooping and hollering then they see a big huge swimming hole. There were rope swings and cliffs to jump off, we loved it and stayed. People were so nice, saying hi and talking to us. They were offering us drinks and food, it's what they were looking for. So they got comfortable and headed into the swimming hole, they played water games and just had some good old fun. They stayed till well after dark having a blast with people who became our friends and captured many memories on camera.

Well it was getting late and everyone started leaving and went home. Missy and Mandy were the last ones to leave but before they left, they stood there staring at the swimming hole. They both had big smiles on their faces and looked at each other and each other a high five. So they walked back and jumped in the Jeep and headed home happy because they had an awesome adventure.






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