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21 Top Book Publishers in Virginia (part 2)

11. Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC

Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC evolved in the same way many independent publishers do. It started with a tenacious author with a unique story to share with the world. As an Air Force colonel, the founder, Dawn Brotherton, is experienced in making things happen. Rather than spinning her wheels trying to find a trustworthy agent, then waiting while the agent pitched multiple publishers, Dawn decided to forge ahead alone. Learning lessons the hard way with many false-steps, she eventually got into the rhythm of the publishing world. Other authors sought her advice and assistance. Thus, Blue Dragon was born.

Soon, Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC was taking on outside writers and partnering with them to realize their dreams of becoming published authors. A hybrid model means the author contributes financially for services rendered, likened to outsourcing for the things they don’t want to do themselves (think editing, marketing, setting up distribution accounts, and finding printers, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.). Because authors pay for services with a hybrid publisher, they make at least 60% of the royalties, as opposed to approximately 8% with a traditional publisher.

4345 New Town Ave, Williamsburg, VA 23188, United States

12. Rainbow Ridge Books, LLC

Rainbow Ridge Books, LLC specializes in books with a spiritual (as distinguished from religious) content, metaphysical themes, and self-help with a metaphysical twist.

Robert S. Friedman, the founder of Rainbow Ridge, grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, attended Woodrow Wilson High School and the University of Virginia, where he earned a B.A. in English. He has an M.F.A. in Writing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and two years graduate study at the University College of Swansea of the University of Wales.

He founded The Donning Company/ Publishers, in 1974, and was president and publisher until 1989. The company published a variety of books, including over 400 pictorial histories of counties, cities, and states. He started the first illustrated trade paperback line of science fiction and fantasy in 1978 (Starblaze Editions) with ten-time Hugo award winner, Kelly Freas. He published and marketed the first four-color graphic novel, the bestselling Elfquest series, and pioneered the first chain store distribution of the genre, followed by several other graphic novel publications which led to the thriving genre on the shelves today. And he initiated a series of metaphysical titles, many of which are still in print.

140 Rainbow Ridge Rd, Faber, VA 22938, United States

13. Koehler Studios Inc

Koehler Books is a Virginia-based independent publisher founded in 2010. The company works with authors throughout the United States and around the globe.

Koehler Books has published nearly 800 print and eBook titles in multiple fiction and non-fiction genres. Koehler’s more than 400 authors have won scores of literary awards, and their books have ranked as category best sellers on Amazon.

Among Koehler’s most popular genres are thrillers and mysteries, self-help, health and wellness, military, historical, memoirs, business, biography, children’s books and young adult.

All Koehler Book titles are distributed by Ingram, one of the largest book printers and distributors worldwide, and are available at major and independent bookstores, their websites, and Amazon.com. Starting in 2020, Koehler Books will be represented by Dropcap, a literary agency that markets the sale of foreign rights to 1,000 publishers located throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. In 2017 Koehler Books won the IngramSpark Ignite Award for Best in Publishing.

Koehler is a boutique publisher that stresses quality and collaboration with two models of publishing. As such, it is selective. The company has an award-winning creative design and editing staff that produce about ninety titles a year.

210 60th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

14. Christian Fellowship Publishers

In the early 1960s there was quite a spiritual awakening in the United States. This was due to Billy Graham's evangelistic crusades and the Charismatic Movement. Many came to the Lord and were hungry for spiritual food. The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee was published in the United States and instantly it was used by the Lord in helping many souls. In view of the great need for spiritual literature, especially for the clear messages given through God's servant Watchman Nee, Christian Fellowship Publishers was formed in 1968. Its purpose was and still is to supply the English- speaking world with the solid teaching of Christ as presented in Watchman Nee's messages. It is a ministry, not a business, though managed as a business, it is not-profit and aims at giving Christians affordable and healthy spiritual food. The first book it published was The Spiritual Man released in the year 1968. It was published jointly with Sure Foundation, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Book after book by Watchman Nee was translated and published. The Publishers translated directly from Watchman Nee's works already published in Chinese. Some even were manuscripts yet to be published in Chinese.

11515 Allecingie Pkwy, Bon Air, VA 23235, United States

15. Reformation Herald Publishing Association

Reformation Herald Publishing Association is a nonprofit organization. Reformation Herald Publishing has been providing spiritual and health literature since 1952. We are the exclusive publisher and distributor of many different products, such as: Spirit of Prophecy sets, devotionals, health related publications, magazines, media materials, etc.

We keep competitive prices on our exclusive products. Our goal is not a financial profit, but to provide informative material to feed minds and souls. Much of what we offer is very useful for spiritual studies, medical-missionary work, general evangelistic outreach, personal health, and spiritual needs. Our capability to print out new materials or to reprint the older ones depends on the generosity of those who are willing to help us distribute the Word of God. To support us in this work, take our readily available products and share them with others.

5240 Hollins Rd, Roanoke, VA 24019, United States

16. Pocahontas Press

Pocahontas Press is a tiny publishing company in Blacksburg, Virginia, dedicated to bringing the best of Appalachia to the readers of the world.

Mary Holliman started Pocahontas Press in 1985, publishing her father’s autobiography – A Teacher’s Story -- plus two manuals on healthy living for third-graders and their parents. During that quarter-century, she published a wide range of books from poetry to autobiography to history. Mary died in August of 2010.

Sharing Mary's original vision that EVERYONE, no matter how "ordinary," has a story that needs to be told, we aim to help that story get told in a form that can be preserved for posterity.

Since we've taken over, we've published several new books, in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Do you have a book in you? Michael and I are now actively taking on more projects. Please visit this website often and stay in touch with us.

304, Royal Ln, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States

17. JAMSBooks LLC

JAMSBooks is a design, illustration and publishing firm creating culturally sensitive educational media for an international audience.

We help our clients expand their reach and impact with educational messages through custom illustrated educational materials that are culturally relevant to empower people around the world.

JAMSBooks approaches our projects from the reader’s perspective. We endeavor to meet them where they are- not to force ideas on them from our culture or spiritual standing.

For example, a client asked us to design a book for Haitian children to help them avoid re-infestation of parasites after having received Albendazole. We consulted and researched to learn and about the living conditions, literacy levels, environment, physical features and language familiar to those children. The characters in the final product looked Haitian, the background flora, housing styles and activities reflected the Haitian culture and way of living and the text was written in Kreyol.

JAMSBooks’ full graphic design, detailed illustrations and quality publishing capabilities provide a variety of educational resources to appeal to any level reader. JAMSBooks are specifically designed to be understood by “reading” the illustrations and also provide native text for those who can or are learning to read.

4032 Rampart Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

18. BLUEWATER Publishing

The principals of BlueWater Publishing have been publishing cruisebooks, DV items, and Achievement Certificates for the US NAVY and USMC for over 25 years. We are honored to continue to be a part of providing those who serve, and their families, a truly limited edition keepsake documenting their legacy of service to our country. Over the years, we have come to appreciate and realize that a cruisebook will be more important than ever as the years go by, and we work hard to make sure each and every Sailor or Marine has an opportunity to be included and receive a book. We even maintain a library of past cruisebooks and never hesitate to replace a lost or damaged cruisebook at no cost to the service member.

We are committed to the innovative use of technology, team-based manufacturing and extraordinary customer care to bring your cruisebook to you on time and on budget. We provide a complete publishing experience designed to help you and your staff make the most of your memories. Ours is a comprehensive program that brings people, technology, and experience together..

7348 Main St, Gloucester, VA 23061, United States


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