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30 Top Book Publishers in Indiana (Part 1)

1. At Guide Book Publishing Company

At Guide Book Publishing we strive to continuously offer the best direct-mail communication tool on the market for both congregations and businesses. We are now serving over 900 congregations and over 8,000 businesses each year in 25 states, and are dedicated to serving the needs of each and every customer.GBP was founded by Bob Vogt and Jim Masterson on April 2nd, 1991 with the idea to produce a stewardship/directory book for congregations that would be directly mailed into each member's home. They started the business out of their homes, moving into their first office building in 1992. In 1993, GBP purchased their first press equipment and hired their first pressman, who is still with the company today. On June 14th, 1999, GBP moved into its current headquarter building to provide room for more departments, expanded press capabilities, and more storage space.In January 2004, Bob Vogt bought out Jim Masterson's partnership interest and D.A. Robbins & Bill Fisher became partners with Bob. During the 2009 depression, they expanded printing capabilities and quality with the installation of new digital presses. In 2013, GBP partnered with an Evansville company to launch Online Directories & Mobile Apps for their congregation.

Address: 5929 Haverford Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

2. Hackett Publishing Company

Established in 1972, Hackett Publishing Company is a privately held, staunchly independent publisher, currently employing twenty-seven people in its Indianapolis and Cambridge offices. HPC’s personnel, its books, the quality of its relationships with its authors, and the character of its practices all manifest a stability and continuity rare in today’s publishing world. It was when the ultimate conglomerate of its day, ITT, bought Bobbs-Merrill, curtailing re-investment in its publishing program in order to extract its juice, that Bill Hackett left the College Division he'd founded at Bobbs—and its centerpiece, the Library of Liberal Arts—to begin anew as an independent publisher with his wife Frances. Their intention was to create a firm that would remain small and provide a service to the humanities. Their publishing efforts began with G.M.A. Grube’s outstanding translation of Plato’s Republic, soon followed by his translations of Plato’s Apology, Crito, Euthyphro, Meno and Phaedo, and by putting back into print Arthur Hyman and James Walsh’s Philosophy in the Middle Ages. HPC’s first books exemplified in several ways the character of the publishing program to which Bill and Frances aspired.

Address: 3333 Massachusetts Avenue

3. Dog Ear Publishing Company

Founded in October 2004, Dog Ear Publishing is the result of a beautiful collaboration between 3 veterans of the traditional publishing industry. Their combined 55+ years of traditional publishing experience brought Dog Ear to life with a unique perspective on the industry that competitors just don’t have and cannot buy. In the ever-changing world of book publishing, Dog Ear Publishing offers something incredibly dynamic to authors looking to self-publish. Together, they have assembled a responsive team of editors, book designers, layout technicians and book marketers ready to guide you through the Dog Ear self-publishing process with expert recommendations, package options, editorial services, exclusive online articles and other resources. Dog Ear’s commitment, coupled with the generous profit structure, low per unit print prices and contract terms afforded to Dog Ear authors adds up to the best services in the self-publishing industry. What’s more, Dog Ear gives you a truly remarkable experience: everything you need to give your book the best chance to succeed. When an author takes all of this into consideration, Dog Ear wins every time.

Address: 8888 Keystone Crossing Suite 1300, Indianapolis, IN 46240

4. Cardinal Publishers Group

Cardinal Publishers Group (CPG) began offering independent publishers book distribution services in the spring of 2000. Today we represent a wide variety of independent publishers with programs ranging from just a few titles to hundreds of titles. Whether a publisher is big or small, we strive to provide the best possible full-service book distribution to our client publishers throughout North America and beyond. Our modern distribution facility is nearly 400,000 cubic feet and a good place to house your books. We have an experienced sales team with reps throughout the US and Canada, and an experienced sales staff at our headquarters. Known as “The Crossroads of America,” Indianapolis is an ideal location for a national book distributor. Primary distribution services we offer our client publishers included book sales, warehousing and fulfillment, customer service, billing and collection, metadata management, and trade marketing. In addition we were one of the first national book distributors to offer e-book conversion and distribution services. If a publisher needs help with editing, production, and consumer marketing we can assist you in those areas as well. Today CPG is truly a full service national book distributor.

Address: 2402 North Shadeland Avenue, Suite A Indianapolis

5. IBG Custom Publishing Company

IBJ CP is exactly what its name implies. We create custom designs from concept to final printed or digital product.Designing and producing the highest-quality materials is at the heart of our expertise. Our creative team of professional, award-winning designers creates some of the most extraordinary work seen in the market today. Our experience makes us quick and efficient. From identity development to newsletters and everything in between. IBJ CP has you covered. The next time you need marketing collateral, event materials, trade publications, a catalog or directory, contact IBJ CP and discover the best kept secret around.

Design, Layout, Printing: We do not offer cookie-cutter designs. You will receive a completely custom designed book. We will meet with you (in-person or via phone) to determine shape, size, number of pages and binding for your book. You will receive proofs/galleys throughout the layout process and once you sign off on the design and layout, we will go to press. After your book is through prepress, you will have a finished book in approximately four weeks.

eBook: IBJ can convert your book to an eBook and make it available for Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Google and over one thousand other eBook sites.

Address: One Monument Circle, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46204

6. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publisher

Our work at HMH® is the outcome of our guiding purpose, vision, and values. By learning more about us, you’ll discover what makes our products, services, books, and media so exceptional. It’s not only because of our long history of innovation but also because of our people and their commitment to educators and learners. We share an understanding of what an enormous privilege it is to invite young people to become the heroes of their own narratives, to shape the arc of a story, and to change a life. That is the power of learning. We bring learning to countless students, teachers, and readers—transforming lives, supporting communities, and making our society more open, just, and inclusive for all, one story at a time.

The Three Pillars of our Culture: High Purpose,High Performance, What we Value. These foundational pillars shape our culture and help us come together to lead, create, and innovate to better serve you, your students, and your community.

This is what we stand for: Our shared belief in the power of learning brings us all together to help you shape the future.

Our Values: Trust, Justice, Learning, Innovation, Courage, Ownership

Address: 2700 North Richardt Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46219

7. Brick Mantel Books

Brick Mantel Books, an imprint of Pen & Publish, was established in 2015 to promote literary fiction and poetry. Pen & Publish and its imprints were founded in Bloomington, Indiana, and we are now in the process of establishing a St. Louis office as well. Pen & Publish, Inc. has published work by and for schools and nonprofit organizations since 2005. Its other imprints include Open Books Press, which publishes general adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction for adults, and Transformation Media Books, which focuses on work in the body/mind/spirit genres.We seek literary fiction that is character-driven, engaging, provocative, lyrical, and artistic, as well as experimental, out-of-the-ordinary work that fits our mission. We also publish contemporary, innovative poetry that pushes boundaries. In short, we publish work we have a deep connection to.

A literary magazine is planned, but right now we accept full-length novels (preferably between 60,000 and 130,000 words) and poetry books (between 40 and 80 poems suggested). We require our authors to be involved in promotion. Having an established platform (a website and in-person/social media contacts) is a great start. We want to give authors every chance to prove their ability to reach their audience.

Address: 4735 IN-446, Bloomington, IN 47401

8. Gannett Publishing Service

As the new Gannett, we exist to make communities stronger. As an award-winning news organization, we inform and empower our communities. As a modern media company, we foster deep and vital connections among our communities and the world around them. From local to national, we engage the country to tell its stories. We have created a powerful network of brands and capabilities that position us well to ensure and preserve the future of local journalism. With deep roots in cities and towns across the U.S. and the U.K., our company brings a long-standing history of investing in journalism. Our mission is to make communities stronger. We inform and engage them — as an award-winning, trusted news organization, and as a modern media company pushing the boundaries of what content is, how it’s experienced and how it’s used. In addition, we share a commitment to supporting local commerce, enabling businesses to connect with customers and to thrive. We will continue to connect people to content that matters, and businesses to the customers that they want to reach.Whether reporting the latest news or providing business-to-business solutions, Gannett backs up its corporate mission and purpose with mindful and ethical business practices that positively impact people, communities and the planet.

Address: 7531 Miles Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46231






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