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32 Book Publishing Companies in New Hampshire (Part 1)

1.MindStir Media

MindStir Media™ is an award-winning self-publishing company that helps people from all walks of life self-publish, distribute and market their books. We have experience self-publishing books on Amazon and other retail outlets in virtually every genre. We have published many bestsellers, and some of our notable projects include books by Sho Kosugi (actor/martial artist celebrity known for feature films Revenge of the Ninja, The Scorpion King, Ninja Assassin, etc.); Arnold Kane (3-time Emmy Award Nominee and writer of TV hits Webster, The Love Boat, and The Jeffersons); Don Miller (award-winning film producer of If I Could Run, also published in book form under the same name by MindStir Media); MassMutual; and Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Address: 45 Lafayette Rd #181, North Hampton, NH 03862, United States

2.Seacoast Press

Welcome to the home of Seacoast Press. As an award-winning book publisher, Seacoast Press provides authors with one of the most author-friendly experiences in the industry, offering top-notch book publishing services; Best Seller campaigns; and 100% royalties through our Best Seller publishing service package. Our services are “traditional-quality” — in other words, we provide you with the support of a professional team and, as a result, your published book will look and feel like a top-notch traditionally published book. But our business model is considered “non-traditional” — and preferred by many — because of the following reasons: You, the author, retain all publishing rights when you publish with Seacoast Press (instead of transferring your rights to a traditional publisher).

Address: 1 New Hampshire Ave #125, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States

3.University Press-New England

Dartmouth College Press is a member press of the University Press of New England (UPNE). Dartmouth College’s unique focus on personalized arts and science learning has made it a global leader in liberal education. This unique focus is reflected in the books that Dartmouth College Press publishes. DCP’s interdisciplinary approach to publishing touches on everything from the fine and visual arts, to cross-cultural criticisms of American Studies, to global health and medicine.Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture, is a perfect representation of Dartmouth's ever-growing commitment to the study of visual culture. Similarly, Donald Pease, as the founder and director of The Futures of American Studies Institute.

Address: 1 Court St #250, Lebanon, NH 03766, United States

4.Bogside Publishing, Inc.

Field Engineering Books for more than 30 years. Beginning in 1978 New Hampshire Bindery which Bogside Publishing is a subsidiary of, started binding Field Books for the surveying industry suppliers. In recent years many companies have chosen the path of having their product produced abroad, resulting in lower quality standards, sub-par performance, and lengthy-time delays with shipments. Bogside Publishing proudly announces that our product is printed and bound in the United States. Through the many years, we have helped with the concept, design, and marketing of many of the books you the consumer are purchasing today. With this lengthy background, we are proud to offer you a full range of Water Resistant Engineer & Survey Books.

Address: 81 Dow Rd, Bow, NH 03304, United States

5.Peter E Randall Publisher

Peter E. Randall Publisher, PER, is a full-service custom publisher. Since 1970, we have been publishing quality books for individuals and groups in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Washington DC, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Utah, California, and Hawaii. Peter, the founder, is the author of fourteen books and an award-winning photographer and publisher. The publishing house has produced more than 550 books, ranging in subject from history, children’s, biography, travel, photography, and memoir. Marketing and distribution programs are available for our titles. In January of 2008, Deidre Randall assumed ownership of the publishing company and is now the Chief Executive Officer. She coordinates all book projects, distribution, and marketing efforts for each title published by Peter E. Randall Publisher.

Address: 5 Greenleaf Woods Dr # 102, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States

6.Octal Publishing Inc

Since 1991, Octal Publishing has been providing high-quality document editing, design, composition, and illustration services to the commercial, corporate, and association publishing communities. Add to that our deft project management capabilities as well as our proficiency at providing solutions for electronic media distribution, and you’ll see why we are a potent resource to apply to your documentation needs. Commercial publishers such as O’Reilly Media, Microsoft Press, John Wiley & Sons, Wolters-Kluwer, Pearson, and Addison-Wesley benefit from Octal’s distinct blend of in-depth editing skills, state-of-the-art technical knowledge, and experience-based common sense to handle the most demanding book projects. Corporate publications and marketing communications departments at companies like Philips Healthcare and Hewlett-Packard call on Octal for our ability to integrate document production into an end-to-end information distribution system, including client-side web development.

Address: 13 Partridge Cir, Salem, NH 03079, United States

7.DerryField Publishing Services

Theron R. Shreve, Director of DerryField Publishing Services and the founder of Knowledge and NuKnowledge Press. The company is organized to simply and cost-effectively deliver services to authors, publishers, training, and on-line content providers. DerryField Publishing Services can deliver shorter schedules, higher quality, and add 20%-40% more productivity to a list if our services are added to existing resources.DerryField Publishing Services aims to provide the best service, training, and book product at a fair price. We recognize that we are an alternative to offshore vendors and seemingly lower-cost solutions. Experience tells us that communications, author relations, and other hidden costs are not accounted for in these comparisons. Consequently, short-term savings may have a larger cost in timing, quality, long term author satisfaction, not to mention actual financial costs.

Address: 49 Kristin Dr #101, Derry, NH 03038, United States

8. The Armarium Press Inc.

Founded in 2000 to publish business books that champion the spirit of American entrepreneurs and small-business owners, The Armarium Press branched into travel writing and a children’s educational book series in 2007 with its Canterbury Tails Books imprint. Scribes and scholars of the ancient world would store a valuable scroll or codex in an Armarium, the precursor to the modern bookcase. Just as the Armeria protected those early works of learning, we at The Armarium Press aim to preserve some of the oldest traditions of book publishing. The small creatures from the original woodcut by Tucson artist Matthew Grogan that forms our company logo stands for speed (the butterfly) and steadfastness (the crab).

Address: 110 Mountain View Dr, New Ipswich, NH 03071, United States

9.Steerforth Press

When four partners launched Steerforth Press in 1993, its first catalog featured “Manifesto for a New Press” which declared “Our interests fall into no category, no field, no niche; our tests of a book’s worth are whether it has been written well, is intended to engage the full attention of the reader, and has something new or important to say.”Founding publishers: Michael Moore (1941 – 2014), Thomas Powers, Alan Lelchuk, and Chip Fleischer. Publisher: Chip Fleischer Associate Publishers: Helga Schmidt and Devin Wilkie. Honorary Editorial Advisors: Mary Catherine Bateson, Jack Beatty, Sara Bershtel, Blair Fuller (1927-2011), Martin Garbus, Edward Hoagland, Terry McDonell, Noel Perrin (1927-2004), William Pritchard, Martin Sherwin, Page Stegner (1937-2017), Wallace Stegner (1909-1993), William Strachan, and Richard Todd (1940-2019).

Address: 45 Lyme Rd, Hanover, NH 03755, United States

10.Plaidswede Publishing

Plaidswede Publishing Co. is family-owned and operated by George L. Geers and daughters Suzy Geers and Kelly Landline. It is a traditional book publisher specializing in New Hampshire and New England books. We created NH Booksellers to sell Plaidswede's books online but expanded to provide the service to small, independent, and self-publishers. Scottish mother. Viking father. Celtic daughters.We started out as Scythe Hill Press, but few knew what a “scythe” is or how to pronounce it. While Scythe Hill Press is a great New England name, most people didn’t remember it. When we say, “Plaidswede (Plaid Swede),” people smile – and remember. Our selections here and in the future are as different and varied as the interests of our editor and publisher, George Geers, a former newspaper editor who has edited daily newspapers in New Hampshire.

Address: 22 Centre St, Concord, NH 03301, United States

11.Loreto Publications Inc

Welcome to our website. Loreto Publications is a Catholic missionary apostolate specializing in the publication and distribution of Catholic books designed to aid Catholics in their efforts to convert America to the Catholic religion and to aid the ministers of the Church in their apostolic and ministerial duties and apostolates. We were founded in May 1999 and took our name from the famous Litany of Loreto, which is the Catholic Church's special prayer of homage to the Mother of God. It was in the humble house of Nazareth in which she and Saint Joseph protected, loved, raised, and schooled the little child God-man, our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. The house is now in the Italian city of Loreto and is known as the Holy House of Loreto. The Litany was first chanted there in the fourteenth century.

Address: Fitzwilliam, NH 03447, United States







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