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How much did JK Rowling make per book?

J.K. Rowling was deemed the highest paid novelist in the world in 2017, by Forbes. Just because of this, it doesn’t mean she made millions off of each Harry Potter novel she published. In fact, her first book only gave her an advance of about £2,500. Her books being high selling, however, certainly helps her revenue per book, with over 500 million copies sold. It has been estimated that she has grossed over $7.7 billion from her Harry Potter books, making each book’s earnings around $1.1 billion. Of course, Rowling has made more off of the Harry Potter franchise than just the books, with a theme park, Broadway play, movies, secondary franchise with Fantastic Beasts, as well as countless pieces of merchandise.

How much do self published authors make per book?

In the grand scheme of things, self-published authors can actually make more on a book than a traditionally published author can. This comes from the fact that a self-published author can get much higher royalties from their book, around 40%-60%, compared to the 10%-12% traditional publishing gives an author. Self-publishing also doesn’t take as much time, and you can publish 2-3 books in one year, while traditional publishing can take 2-3 years to publish a singular book. Now a self-publisher doesn’t get a nice advance on their published book like a traditional author would, but you get your royalties straight away while a traditional author has to wait until their advance is paid back to the publisher.

On the website, “Self-Publishing School”, they give a rough estimate on how much a self-published author can make per $13.99 book versus a traditional published author on the same price of a book. For the traditional route, you can get roughly $0.95 per $13.99 retail priced book, but as a self-published author, you can get roughly $4.77 per book of that same price. Not a ton of money, but still much more and can add up to a decent amount. Things to look out for are fees and printing costs, which can bite you in the butt if you do not account for them in pricing your book. Marketing, exposure, and a decent fan base can also all help a book to get a higher price tag with bigger payout, but that all depends on the author and what they are willing to do in order for their book to get published out there.

Is it worth getting a literary agent?

It depends on you and your budget on wanting to sell/publish your book. A good literary agent can be rather helpful in getting you more money on your book because they are trained negotiating professionals, who know the business of the book world much more than you probably do. They can help get you book deals with good publishers, possibly organize public readings and work with booksellers, and are trained in knowing how to market authors and their work to audiences. Finding a good agent may be a strenuous and arduous task, but once you find one, they may be worth the extra cost to get your book as much exposure as possible and a good deal of money that can come back to you. Be mindful of if they can take a part in your royalties or get a large percentage of your sales, because then they may not be worth the extra cost, if they are taking the extra earned money from the extra exposure right out from under you. Now, if you don’t plan on selling many books and only want to write as a hobby or fun pastime, I’m not sure a literary agent would be a good investment for you. But if you plan on being a writer and want to make it big time, this may be a necessary cost in order to reach that longtime goal.

How do I get my book published by Scholastic?

Since Scholastic is a much bigger book publishing company than other smaller ones, it can be a luck of the draw if your book gets selected, read, and actually published by them. However, their website does provide some helpful information and guidance that could possibly help you to get published by them. Their first rule is obvious and yet can often be overlooked and that is to find a publishing company that fits with what you want to publish. Some publishing companies only want to publish authors of certain genres or writing styles and if you don’t fit, then you won’t get picked. Since Scholastic is big in children’s books, I suggest that if you want them to publish you, check to make sure that you are sending them a book they would put in their catalogues that would be kid-appropriate and family-friendly.

They also have a tip on getting The Writer’s Market, where you can find numbers and addresses for lists and lists of publishing companies, agents, as well as writing contests and guides. Their next tip includes keeping a submission log, in order to keep track of where you have sent your work to, but also because some places only allow you to send one piece of work at a time. This can help you to keep track of what has been sent to who and to where. This helps you, the author, keep track of submissions, but also makes it so editors do not get irritated at your simultaneous multitude of submissions they have to sift through. Scholastic also suggests that you format your work and edit before sending to publishers. This will help in the likelihood of getting published since they don’t want to have to translate your writing through misused commas and trying to figure out if you meant “through” or “though”. Again, this helps you as an author, but also keeps editors from getting irritated at your work, and in turn, at you.

The last piece of advice Scholastic gives is to mail your work, but do it properly! Always remember to include a SASE, which is a self-addressed stamped envelope. Do not forget to include this and do not forget to include postage on this return envelope. They give further advice and information on how to summarize your work and address the envelope and letter, so that your mailed envelope is as tidy, neat, and professional as possible. Again, none of these tips will guarantee that you’ll get published by Scholastic, but they can certainly help you to not get thrown out of the pile immediately.

How do I know if my book is worth publishing?

This will depend on the book itself as well as your desire to have it published. This sort of question is determined by the opinion of another. It is up to you to decide if you would like to be published and if you believe it to be worthwhile. In some cases, authors are looking to simply share their book with close friends and family members. In other cases, some authors are looking to create a bestseller. It is important to determine your cause of writing and the direction of your piece before considering publication. If you are interested in sharing your book with the world, then perhaps publication is an ideal route for you. By determining your target market and sharing your book with others, you can find out if your book is “worth” publishing. Although any book is able to be published, you may want to do a bit of research before sharing your book with larger audiences. If you receive positive feedback from individuals regarding your book, it may influence you to publish your book to the world. There is no sort of book that is better to publish than the other. If you enjoy your topic and approve of your book, it can become the ideal book to publish.

What is the easiest genre to get published?

Although the response to this question will change depending on who you may ask, statistically, romance is the top genre to have published. There are many houses that are interested in receiving new titles of romance novels that would be eager to publish such work. According to The Balance Careers, frequent romance novel readers consist of more than 29 million individuals. The extended audience that consists of readers who occasionally read romance novels is much greater. An audience size this large allows for more opportunities in the publishing world and a greater chance of success one you are published. Due to a high volume of publishers looking to work with the genre of romance, it is much easier for writers to seek out a publisher that they can work with for a romance piece of literature. Romance is an extremely popular genre amongst a vast variety of readers. This is why many publishers are eager to work with romance writers and why it is considered one of the easiest genres to have published.

How likely is it to get a book published?

The odds of being published are generally slim depending on the publisher that you work with. The percentage remains at around 1-2% for writers and publishers. It is important to put your work out there in order to increase your chances of being published. It is estimated that around 130 million books have been published in human history. Editors and publishers only accept and publish around one or two manuscripts out of the hundreds that they receive on average. Depending on the editors and publishers that you work with, they may have a higher or lower acceptance rate when it comes to reviewing and publishing manuscripts. It is estimated that up to 95-99% of manuscripts end up being rejected due to the author’s skill level or due to the publisher’s accessibility of the document. This equates to around 4 out of every 5 manuscripts being rejected in accordance with the publisher’s specifications.

How do I submit my book to a publisher?

The way in which you submit your items will depend on the publisher that you are

working with. It is important to consider the publisher you are working with and the genres they work with. Some publishers may not work with the specific genre that you want to publish, so it is important to make sure your publisher will work with your material. All publishers require that authors fill out a publishing contract in order to move forward with their manuscript. This contract will often involve the author’s rights to their work, copyright information, terms and conditions, information about the publisher they are working with, and information about the publisher’s policies. First, you will be asked to sign these necessary agreement forms before submitting your manuscript. This will often consist of your electronic or physical signature in order to consent to the forms that the publisher sends to you. This may consist of a few contracts that the publisher will send you in order to confirm your interest in publishing with them. Once you have reviewed and signed the contracts, you will typically be able to submit your manuscript in some form. Many publishers request that authors submit their information electronically before proceeding. They will need access to your manuscript so that they can begin moving forward. For example, a publisher may send you a password-protected link for you to access and to send your manuscript with. Through the link, you will be able to send in your materials such as your manuscript, author photo, author biography, front cover, and back cover. This is how you will begin working with your publisher and submitting your book to them.

How do you properly write a book?

The response to this question will vary depending on who you ask, however, there is no proper way to write a book. There are steps recommended for first-time writers in order to successfully draft their first book. These steps outline the writing process and the ways in which to move forward with your book idea. First, you must find your purpose of writing. It is important to determine why you are looking to write a book before beginning to write. If there is a certain message or idea that you are reaching to convey, you must keep this in mind when choosing your genre and relating book elements. Next, it is necessary to research your genre. If you gain insight on the genre, you will be better-informed about the topic that you are addressing. For example, it is important to research the target market associated with your genre in order to consider how your book will sell. If you are writing a romance novel, it would be important to research the genre itself and to research target markets that gravitate towards books of this genre. This will also allow you to be better-informed when it comes to your audience as well as the genre you will be published within. Once you are getting ready to write, creating an outline will assist you in drafting your manuscript and in organizing your ideas. When your outline is finished, you can begin writing the first draft of your manuscript. It is ideal to write your manuscript electronically so that it is accessible in multiple forms. If it exists digitally, it can be converted into different file types and sent to multiple sources easily. This also simplifies the editing process for editors that you may work with. With the file existing digitally, an editor can enter the file and make suggestions or revisions quickly and seamlessly in contrast to a physical copy of the manuscript that may take longer to edit. It is important to write several drafts and to edit your manuscript several times before submitting it for publication. Once you have a complete, finalized version of your manuscript, you can submit it for publication and further review.

How can I get a book deal?

In order to get a book deal, it is important to have a complete, finalized version of your manuscript that is ready for publication. The first item that a publisher will request from you is most often the manuscript. Once you have your finalized manuscript, you should begin researching literary agents and potential publishers that you are able to work with. After you have researched potential publishers and literary agents, you can begin drafting a query letter to use to reach out to these sources. This query should include necessary information about your project, your publishing goal, and any questions that you may have surrounding the individuals that you’re wanting to work with. The query will be important in communicating with your publisher or literary agent because it will set a precedent for additional communication between you and who you are looking to work with. Once you have successfully drafted a query letter, you can send this alongside your materials to multiple publishers. Although you may have a top list of publishers in mind, your rate of success will be enhanced by reaching out to more than one publisher. From the publishers you reach out to, you may receive book deals from a number of these sources. This is how you obtain a book deal.

How hard is it to get a literary agent?

The odds of getting a literary agent, on average, are 1 in 6,000. The ratio of authors to literary agents is quite uneven. Hundreds of authors may reach out to one literary agent, but this does not mean that the literary agent will be able to reach back out to every single author. The literary agent may choose to only represent a handful of authors at a time. For most agents, on average, they will represent up to six authors at once. Finding a literary agent may be a bit difficult depending on the popularity of that agent. If they are overwhelmed with potential authors to work with, hearing back from the agent could take several weeks. This may create a delay in finding a literary agent. If the agent is completely booked, they will be unable to work with an author for an extended period of time until they are finished with their current clients. This may make it a bit difficult to obtain a literary agent.

How do you approach a publisher to a book idea?

When approaching a publisher with your book idea, it is important to draft a query letter that you will be sending to the publisher. This letter will serve as your introductory letter to the publisher and will detail your potential book idea. It should be short, articulate, and to the point so that the publisher can quickly identify your goals and objectives with your manuscript. The query letter serves as a sales presentation of your idea. You want it to appeal to the publisher and you want them to be interested in working with you once they have read it. Before writing the query, do a bit of research about your topic and about the publisher you are sending it to. Be sure to include relevant, concise details that will grab the publisher’s attention and make them interested in working with you.

  1. Is 30000 words enough for a book?

A book can be any number of words in length. Different publishers may have varying credentials for what they consider to be a “novel-length” piece of literature. On average, a “novel-length” publication, as defined by the publisher, is anywhere between 50,000 and 110,000 words in length. This will depend on the publisher that you speak with. However, on average, 80,000 words is the median length for novels that are written. 30,000 words would be enough for perhaps a short story, but it would not be considered a novel-length project in the eyes of most publishers.

Can I write a book without a degree?

Yes, you can write a book without a degree. Little to no educational experience is needed in order to publish a book as long as you are fluent in the language that you are writing in, As long as you have a bit of experience in writing and are proficient in writing, you can write a book and have it published. Once you draft a manuscript, you can send this to a publisher and have it reviewed for publication.

Should I copyright my book before sending it to a publisher?

There is no need to copyright your book before sending it to a publisher. In many cases, the publisher will handle the paperwork on your behalf and will handle the copyright as the author’s property. A publisher will oftentimes assist you in obtaining copyright for your book, so there is often no need to obtain it on your own. The copyright will remain as property of the author even if the publisher assists in obtaining it as long as it is under the author’s name.

Can anyone be an author?

Yes, practically anyone can be an author. If you are fluent in the language that you are choosing to write in, you can begin writing a book. Little to no experience is necessary when it comes to becoming an author. If you have the means to write, you can become an author. Whether it be digitally or with a pen and paper, you can draft your first book if you have the will to do so. Nearly anyone can become an author if they have the will to do so.

Do you need qualifications to write a book?

No. No qualifications other than a proficiency in writing and an interest in creating a book are necessary in order to write a book. No specific amount of education or experience is required. If you have the means to write, you can become an author.

Can you publish books anonymously?

Yes. You can publish books anonymously. Many authors prefer to be published this way so that it separates their identities from the books in which they have written. It is fairly common to write under a pseudonym or pen name in order to retain the anonymity of the writer. This way, you would create a pen name that would be listed as the author of your work so that no direct correlation would exist between you and the text you have written. Although this may not completely disguise the writer and separate them from the work they’ve created, it will create a boundary between the writer’s direct work and their full name.

How can I get my book published fast?

In order to achieve accelerated manuscript publication, it is important to organize where, when, and how you want to be published before moving forward. Once your manuscript is drafted, it is important to review it carefully to ensure that little edits may be needed. The less edits that are necessary, the less time it will take a publisher or editor to handle your work. Once your manuscript is finalized, it is important to research when and where to submit your materials. Once you have put together everything you would like to submit to your publisher, it is important to adhere to submission deadlines and dates in order to avoid any sort of delay in publication. When you submit your manuscript, you should remain in touch with the publisher in order to receive any updates that they may provide you with. It is never wrong to follow up with your publisher if you have not received an expected response. By following up, you can ensure that your manuscript is being handled promptly and is expected to be published on time.

How many hours a day do professional writers write?

There is no set formula when it comes to writing. The amount of time an author spends writing will vary depending on the author and their skill level. If you are looking to increase your skill level, it would be encouraged that you write more often each day if your schedule allows the time. On average, some writers go for 2,000 or more words per day in order to expand their skills. If writing 2,000 words per day comes fairly easily to you, you may want to increase your word count goal each day little by little in order to make it challenging. For reference, professional author Stephen King writes for around 3 hours per day. This time may vary for beginner writers and may take time to reach.

How long does it take an author to write a book?

On average, it takes an author around six months to a year to write a book. The timeline will vary depending on the genre and size of the book being written. Your writing routine will heavily contribute to how often and how frequently your book will be finished. The timing of your book being finished will depend on the amount of research and time you put into the subject at hand before writing. If you spend a great deal of time working on the pre-publication research, it may take a bit longer to draft your manuscript.

How do first time authors get published?

First time authors get published by providing a publisher or literary agent with the finalized version of his manuscript. By researching publishers, first time authors can find various outlets to submit their materials to. First time authors can also create a query letter to submit to potential publishers. This letter will serve as your form of communication between you and the publisher to dictate your goals in working with them. It is important to submit your materials to more than one publisher to consider your options and increase your chances of being published. Once a publisher reaches back out to you, you can begin discussing moving forward with the publishing process.

How much does it cost to have a book published?

There are different aspects of publishing that may vary when it comes to cost. Depending on the type of publisher you are working with and the services you are interested in, the total cost of publishing will vary greatly. On average, project management and publishing advice services range from around $1,000 to $3,000. Depending on the publisher, printing services may or may not be incorporated into this average price. It is difficult to estimate printing costs, as these fees will be different for every book and printing company. However, for an estimate, if a book were to end up being around 200 pages long and an author wanted to have 100 copies printed, it would cost anywhere from $700 to $1300.

For the same book with 200 copies: $1300 to $2200

With 500 copies: $2200 to $3500

With 1000 copies: $3500 to $5000

Here are a few additional price examples for publication-related services:

Manuscript assessment: $500 to $1000

Copyediting services: $1600 to $3200

ISBN: $50 to $70 each

Book cover services: $400 to $1500

Interior layout services: $1600 to $3200

Many variables will come into play when it comes to printing and publishing. The financial investment in such services will depend on the author’s needs and the prices set by the company they are working with.

How should I publish my first book?

There are many options when it comes to publishing your first book. One of the most common routes to take is to work with a publishing company. In order to prepare for the publication of your first book, you should begin by understanding your goals and objectives when drafting your manuscript. Writing with a desire in mind will help you achieve the end goal that you may have set for yourself. Once you have finalized, edited, and proofread your manuscript, you can send your content to various publishers and literary agents in order to move forward with the publishing process.

The second option when it comes to publishing your book is the self-publishing option. Before you publish, you must research the marketplaces you are interested in posting your book for sale on. Once you have specific outlets in mind, you can prepare your materials for publication. This includes: finalizing your manuscript, drafting an author biography, obtaining a professional author photo, and finalizing the front and back cover designs of your book. If you are well-versed with the marketplaces you’d like to list your book on, you can always choose the option to self-publish your book in contrast to working with a publishing company. If you know specifically one outlet that you would like to have your book be sold on, you can follow the steps to create a book listing with that marketplace in order to make it available to the world.

How many pages should a book be?

There is no specified length for how long a book should be. A book can vary in length depending on the author’s preference and story. Depending on the genre,

Can anyone become a writer?

Yes, anyone can be a writer. All you need is the passion to write something and a good grasp on the language you want to write in in order to write something. Can anyone be published is a harder question and an even harder one is can anyone make a living being a writer. To both of these, I say it depends. Getting published has been made very easy now with so much access to self-publishing sites where you can upload your book in minutes and be published within a few days. The amount you make off of this could be very small though, and it does can cost quite a bit to publish a book and get it marketed in order to do well. There are lucky chances, where if marketed correctly and well, a book can sell very well. This comes down to exposure and even with all the exposure in the world, if it’s a story people don’t want to read, they won’t buy the book. Case and point: Twilight. Twilight did do very well in book sales, but there is still a majority of people who have never read it or are never going to read it, or only read the first book and vowed to never read them again. This is an extreme example, because even without these readers, the series did pretty well financially, but it is something to consider. The best thing to do as a writer is to write something you have passion for and would want to read for yourself. It’s the same with comedy: write jokes that you think are funny and odds are there are bound to be people out there who find them funny too. Don’t write to some mold that social media or the public is putting on writers. Even if science fiction novels are doing really well, but you want to write a historical fiction romance novel, write it because there are bound to be others who want to read something like that too. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon. If you do, it can turn out well, but the story may not have your heart in it and that is what makes a good book. Just imagine how popular your book can be if it is something new and original and you were the first one to write. That is why anyone can be a writer, because everyone has something interesting to add to the world’s thought bubble.

Can you write a book as a teenager?

Absolutely. If you have the time and dedication as well as the grasp on language and storytelling to write a book, you can. It may take more edits if you are not as developed in language and vocabulary as someone older, but if the story is there and the message makes sense, the book can be made!

How many years does it take to become an author?

Basically zero. Some may say it takes however long it takes you to write your first book, others may say it’s however long it takes you to be published. I think you are an author as soon as you start writing your first few words of the first book you want to write. That makes you an author. Not the amount of books you’ve written or the length or the amount of publications you have out in the world; an author is anyone who writes and loves doing it.

Can a child write a book and get it published?

Yes. They may need a lot of help with getting it published by a parent or trusted guardian to make sure the child doesn’t somehow sign a legal agreement that gives up their first born. But a child can write a book and there is nothing against them being the author and getting published as long as they have representation. A child will mostly likely write a children’s style book and not the great American novel, but it can be done. Imagination is limitless and has no age, and that is what books and writing are: imagination running free.

How much will Half Price Books Pay For Books?

Half Price Books will not pay you much for books, even in “like new” condition. They will also upsale them by a ton to customers. One seller sold a stack of books that were practically new to them and she was only going to get around 50 cents per book, while they would sell those books for $4-5 a piece. If you are hoping to get rid of books, you are better off donating them and getting the tax deduction, which will be worth more to you in the long-run. You can try selling to a bunch of other places if the books are valued more or collectibles, like Amazon, eBay or Facebook Marketplace, but overall books can be found at rather cheap prices anyway and it’s much better to donate and get the tax writeoff.

Can you self publish on Barnes and Noble?

Yes you can! With Barnes and Noble Press, you can self-publish your book with Barnes and Noble. You do not have to be a seasonal author to self-publish with them, because they work with anyone from first time authors to veterans of writing. It is a fast and easy service, where you create a free account to upload and publish your book in as little as 72 hours for people to find easily on Barnes and Noble’s website or on Nook devices. You’ll be able to make money and have access to promotional opportunities that are not exclusive but all inclusive to authors who are self-publishing with B&N. You can even print personal books with Barnes and Noble, with nice hardback or paperback books.

How do I get an ISBN for my self published book?

To get an ISBN for your book, even as a self-published author, you would apply for one just like everyone else. You can either purchase an ISBN number from a regionally accepted source or you can get one for free from a self-publishing platform of your choice. A popular one is through Amazon’s KDP, which gives you one automatically when you upload. A helpful tip when doing this ISBN search and purchase is to make sure you have one ISBN number for your book and not multiple spread throughout various platforms.

Should I throw away old books?

My gut reaction is no because books are precious. But some books are very old and may not be worth keeping. If a book is moldy, throw it in the trash. If a book is still usable and readable, try to sell it secondhand or donate it to bookstores or other secondhand places for someone else to enjoy. There are bookstores that allow donations and will give you store credit to buy yourself “new” used books others have donated away, and a lot of the time there are very good finds there. If a book really does need to be thrown away, try to recycle it instead of just throwing it in the garbage. Paperback books can be recycled directly; however, hardback books must have their covers removed before being recycled.

Do authors benefit from libraries?

While people may think that libraries do not benefit authors because they are offering books to the public for free, libraries can actually be helpful for authors. Libraries can offer to buy books from authors to put in their catalogue, which can result in some money, obviously. But another thing libraries can do is offer word of mouth about an author and exposure on an author and their books. Also some libraries may buy multiple copies of a book to put on their shelves, which is more money to the author, but what if there’s only one copy and multiple people read it? Doesn’t that hurt the author? This oddly enough isn’t that much different than someone who buys a copy of the book, reads it once or doesn’t at all, and then sells it secondhand to someone else, resulting in no money to the author. Also libraries buy the books without ever knowing if someone will check it out or not. The money the library buys the book(s) with goes to the author and they never know if someone checked it out or not, and that is okay because it may happen someday, but the author still gets paid and exposure for having it up on a shelf in a public space. Also libraries buy books at a higher price with less of a discount than retailers do since the books are potentially going to be used by multiple patrons, while retailers are selling potentially to only one customer per book. But the most important thing to remember is that libraries help an author because of that exposure. One single person checking it out could result in multiple copies of that book getting sold because they loved it and wanted a personal copy, or they bought it as a gift for someone, or they talked about it to their friends and they bought their own copies. Libraries can be a helpful tool to authors in terms of exposure of the book instead of just some nice royalty payments.

How do I get my book into the Library of Congress?

First, there is no need to submit your book to the Library of Congress in order for it to be copyrighted. In the U.S. as well as some other countries, copyright is created as soon as you create the work. If you would like additional protection from infringement, you may also submit to the Library of Congress or register it with a Copyright Office. On the Library of Congress’s website, you can learn how to submit your copy of your book to the Library of Congress if that is still of interest to you. You can submit it yourself, but there are eligibility requirements that you may need to read before sending it off.

How do libraries decide which books to buy?

Libraries use a combination of many tools and factors in order to determine which books they have in their collection. Factors such as their budget and type of library (academic, public, or special) can determine which books are bought for their catalogue. They also utilize online tools, subject area experts and their knowledge of their patrons to determine the books they buy for their library.

Who is the highest paid author in the world?

The highest paid author in the world, at least as of 2019, is J.K. Rowling with her money coming from multiple channels from the Harry Potter empire, including the books, the Broadway play, the theme park, and new films. Her estimated income is about $92 million before taxes.

Who is the richest writer in U.S?

Currently the richest writer in the United States is MacKenzie Bezos, wife of Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. Her net worth is currently $65 billion dollars, but I think this is highly influenced by the fact that she is the wife of Jeff Bezos who is one of the richest people in the world, on route to become the first trillionaire. Her net worth is highly inflated by her marriage, but she is currently the richest writer within the United States.

What percentage of book price goes to the author?

This depends on the book you are selling and the price of the book you are selling, as well as the agreement you have established with your publisher. Hardback royalties are typically higher than paperback books. Also the more copies of the book that has been sold, the higher the percentage of royalties will be. Percentage of royalties are typically within a range of 8-12% on the first thousand or so copies of your book sold. The percentage can also be higher based on if you publish traditionally or if you self-publish. Self-publishing usually guarantees a higher percentage of royalties, but it can be harder to sell as many copies of your book.

How do I get my book in Barnes and Noble?

Currently, due to COVID-19, the New York offices for Barnes and Noble are closed so submissions cannot be sent to them. However, they do provide an e-mail you can send your book to, only if you have a compelling marketing plan and strategy to sell your book, as well as experienced marketing and social media experience. Barnes and Noble is not a place to send your book if you are a relatively new writer and do not have a ton of experience in self-publishing. It can be more possible to get your book to sell here if you have a publishing agent. Barnes and Noble does prioritize value and quality of the books they sell, so to want to sell your book here you would need to make sure you have your book all put together to try to get it to sell with them. They heavily prioritize books that will sell well with many customers since they are a brick and mortar store, with an online presence, but mostly that’s for books people know they want to buy instead of books people would just peruse.

How long should it take to write a book?

This depends on the book you are wanting to write. The genre and story of the book will make the length vary. Typically it takes about 6 months to a year to write a standard book. The amount of time you spend writing will also help to shorten or extend this period of time. Stephen King is known to say that the first draft of a book should not take longer than 3 months, or one season, but he also suggests writing 10 pages a day, which is not always feasible for every writer, especially new writers who do not have the time dedicated to just trying to become an author. If you look online on Pinterest and other websites, there are plenty of tips and tricks to planning out how to write your book in a year or less that can help you if you want to stay on a deadline. But writing books can be fickle since it comes from creativity and inspiration as well as imagination and if those are in short supply in your brain one day, you can’t magically make them reappear to write the pages you want for the day. It is best to take some breaks when writing so you can come back to the pages refreshed and ready to go, since writing is something that takes up so much focus and creativity, it is easy to get burnt out on what you are trying to create for your book.

What is the longest book in the world?

There is actually some controversy over what the longest book in the world is. One book that is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the longest is Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, which has over 9 million characters, including spaces. But another contender is the handwritten book by Henry Darger, In the Realms of the Unreal, with over 15,000 pages and has never been printed, so it is uncertain how that would rank against other books in print. However, one man is writing a 3 million page novel called Breeze Avenue, which has been in the works by Richard Grossman for over thirty five years. The word count is uncertain for now, but will probably be around 1 billion words. Once this book is published, in a set of 4,000 novels of 750 pages, he will probably go on to publish the longest book in the world.

How long should my first book be?

This depends on what you feel comfortable with and what kind of book you are writing. If you are writing a children’s book, your first book would probably only be 10 or 20 pages long. But if you are writing a fantasy novel, your first book might end up being around 350 pages long or more. There is no real answer to how long a writer’s first book should be. Typically a good rule of thumb is to write something that isn’t too long if you are wanting to write a novel so that way your first time writing a book and publishing it isn’t working on a 1,000 page manuscript, but a more manageable and reasonable manuscript of somewhere between 200-350 pages seems like a good idea. This all depends on what you are writing though. If you can’t get it down to 350 pages, don’t feel restricted and write as much as needed for the story to make sense and be good! If you have written the story to its fullest extent and it’s only 150 pages, don’t feel like you need to stretch it out because it may reduce in quality. Erring on the side of less is more is a good rule of thumb for a writer’s first book, but there is no rule saying you can’t write a lot more. It all depends on what you feel comfortable writing and working on with a publisher to get it out there.

How many pages is 4500 words?

This depends on the font and formatting used, but in a typical Word document 4500 words would be around 9 pages single spaced or 18 double spaced.

How long would it take to read all the books in the world?

Much longer than anyone has time for unfortunately. If a person’s only job was to read books and read them for 12 hours a day at a fairly consistent speed, and this is just with the books already published, not even considering the books that still would come out every year, they would need over thousands of years to finish every book in existence. Furthermore, it is impossible to know just how many books there are in the world. As of four years ago in 2016, there were already over 130 billion books in the world. And each year there are about 2 million more being published and created. Frankly, it is impossible to read every book in the world. Maybe limiting it to just books from one genre or author would be much more feasible. Also, not every book is a good book for someone. There will most likely be a load of books that you don’t even enjoy. Spend your time reading wisely and pick up books you like and only continue reading the ones you enjoy.

Is 2000 words enough for a chapter?

Most generally the average is around 2,500 words for a chapter and most chapters aim to be between 3,000 to 5,000 words. 2,000 words may be leaning a bit on the smaller side and may be too short, but if you’ve said all you need to say in the chapter, it can be good. Sometimes it is good to have a few shorter chapters within your book to give the reader a bit of a reprieve from some longer drawn out chapters. Especially since so many readers tend to read chapters at a time, having a few shorter ones can help them to finish reading early for the night or read another one within their time they’ve allotted to reading.

How many hours does Stephen King write a day?

According to Stephen King’s interview with Business Insider on how to write, he suggests writing 10 pages a day, leading to around 180,000 words in three months, the equivalent of a good hefty novel. He believes that the first draft of a book should not take any longer than a season or three months. With King’s skilled writing and years of experience doing so, one cannot be sure how many hours a day it takes him to write these 10 pages. It could be anywhere from a few hours to the entire day, maybe longer if you run into writer’s block or lack inspiration.

How short can a novel be?

The minimum word count for a book to be considered a novel is 40,000 words. This is considered nowadays to be a very short book and most short novels are now around 50,000 words or more. But the standard is 40,000 words.

How long is a 50000 word book?

This depends on the font and formatting of the book, but typically a book page has around 250-300 words per page, meaning a 50,000 word book would be between 166-200 pages.

How many Microsoft Word pages equal a book page?

This depends on the font you are using as well as how you are formatting on Word. In general, book pages contain around 250-300 words per page. Focusing more on the word count you have will give you a better indication and understanding of how many book pages your manuscript will turn out to be.

How can I make my book longer?

There are many ways to make your book longer, but it depends on the kind of book you are writing to how you can expand it. If you are writing more of a motivational book, maybe adding more depth to one of the more complicated chapters could be a good idea or even adding more examples to one of your ideas can help the reader understand the concept even further. If you are writing more of a textbook, more research or examples can also be helpful. But if you are writing a fictional novel, it can be harder to tell what you should do to make the book longer, because it could change the quality of the book for better or for worse. This takes a close look and a good objective eye to see what could need expansion. While J.R.R. Tolkien made a masterful series, his books were written to be long and drawn out, which does not make it very exciting for the reader. Look at the characters: are they developed enough? How does someone perceive them? Could there be another instance where you showcase who they are as a person or one of their more downplayed attributes/characteristics? Look at the plotline: does it make sense? Are there any plot holes that need to be filled? Does the ending and resolution come too quickly? Are things believable to the reader in the world you are writing and creating? Look at how you built the world and set the scenes: do they need more description to know how the world looks and feels and smells? Are there things you forgot to mention in the background, like noises, or scenery, or even tastes? Look at the relationships: are they fleshed out? Do the characters have enough interactions with each other for their actions in the relationship to make sense? Could you add more moments of intimacy for the characters who are supposed to fall or be in love? Could you add more moments of friendship for the characters who are supposedly best friends? Could you add more moments of laughter if it is too dark? Could you add more moments of drama if it is too light? Look at the dialogue: can you add in descriptions of what a person is doing when they speak? Can you add in how they are speaking, if they are muttering, fidgeting, boasting about, or something else? Is everything developed well enough to your liking? By looking at all of these different perspectives, you are not only possibly expanding your book, but adding more depth and possibly adding more quality to the characters and overall story. Readers like to visualize and see everything with clear pictures and the only way to do that is with clear words. Becoming too wordy can make that picture muddy, but adding perfect descriptors and enough of them can make the world you are creating come to life.

How many words does the average person know?

Most adults speaking in their native language know between 20,000-35,000 words. Of course, this is just on average. The more one reads and engages in literature and dialogue, the more expansive their vocabulary will be and thus the more words they will know.

How many pages is a 60000 word book?

This depends on if the book is single spaced or double spaced. At single spaced, the book would be about 120 pages long, but double spaced it would be about 240 pages long. The formatting of the book can also change the length of the pages and how much fits onto each page. But it is typical for about 250-300 words to fit on one page of a book, making the length somewhere between 200-240 pages long.

Can a novel be 40 000 words?

Yes. It takes only 40,000 words to be considered a novel actually. Although many novels nowadays are much longer than that, and even the shorter novels clock in at about 50,000 words or so, the standard for a book to be considered a novel is 40,000 words.

How many pages is 500 words?

It is about 1 page singled spaced or 2 pages double spaced. This is if you are using regular standard formatting and a typical font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Georgia.

How many words are in a business book?

A standard business book is around 50,000-60,000 words in length. Although there is a tendency to shorten business books to be less words than that. They want it to get right to the point and be something that could be read in a weekend or so that way a CEO or employee could read up on a new business tactic or method over a weekend and be ready to talk about it or implement it within the next week.

Is 15000 words enough for a book?

Most likely it is not. A short novel is a minimum of 40,000 words. Most novels nowadays are around 90,000 words. 15,000 words would come to about 30 pages single spaced or 60 double spaced, which is a very short book. If that is all you want to write and you want it to be rather small and short, then go for it. But it would not be considered a novel.

How many pages is 1000 words?

1,000 words is about 2 pages single spaced, or 4 pages double spaced. This is if you are using typical fonts like Arial, Georgia or Times New Roman and if the formatting is regular with 1” margins.

What does 5000 words look like?

5,000 words in a word document that is double-spaced with a typical font, like Arial, Georgia, or Times New Roman, is around 20 pages. If it is single-spaced, it’ll be about 10 pages. If using different margins or font, the page length could differ.

Is 70000 words enough for a novel?

Yes. Any manuscript longer than 40,000 words is considered to be a novel. So 70,000 words is plenty long enough to be a novel. A 40,000 word count novel would be considered rather short today and most novels clock in at about 60,000-100,000 words instead, but 70,000 is plenty!

How do I know how many pages my book will be?

That depends on where/how you are writing your book. If you are just in the brainstorming stages of writing your book, it is probably best to outline or figure out how long you want your book to be. A children’s book is obviously not very many pages and very minimal word count, but mostly filled with pictures. However, a middle grade book is anywhere from 60-160 pages, but still relatively short. A YA novel can be anywhere from 200 pages to 600! And bigger novels are typically around 300+ pages. If you are handwriting your book, it’ll be hard to tell how many pages it would be in printed form. If you are typing it using Word, you can get a rough estimate about how many pages it’ll turn out to be by the page counter. What helps to determine a more accurate book page count is if you format your Word document that contains your book closely to how a publishing company would format it so there isn’t much of a book page count difference when you finish writing it and when they publish it.

Is Harry Potter a half blood?

Harry is considered a half blood since his father was pure-blood but his mother was Muggle born, but still a witch. Since Harry’s maternal grandparents are muggles, that makes Harry a half-blood.

Why is Harry Potter not on Netflix anymore?

This probably is due to Harry Potter being owned by NBCUniversal, who has launched their own streaming service for free, but also offering premium access to more movie and TV show titles with a cost. However, you’ll be happy to know you can watch all 8 Harry Potter movies on this streaming service, Peacock, for free, with occasional ads.

Which country has Harry Potter on Netflix 2020?

The Harry Potter films are available to stream on Netflix in certain countries, such as Belgium, France, and Switzerland. So with the right VPN, you can stream all 8 movies from Netflix, but they are NOT available to stream on Netflix in America. But you can watch them for free on Peacock, the free streaming service offered by NBCUniversal.

Is Harry Potter streaming anywhere?

It is available to stream for free on Peacock which is a streaming service offered by NBCUniversal. You can also find them streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube or iTunes, although you most likely have to pay to watch the movies on those platforms.

What killed Moaning Myrtle?

The basilisk is what petrified and killed Moaning Myrtle. She was crying in the girls bathroom and heard a boys voice and then saw a pair of large yellow eyes, which were the basilisk’s which is what killed her. The boy who was in the girl’s bathroom was Tom Riddle, coming to open the Chamber of Secrets, which contained the beast of the basilisk who had never been caught by going through the pipes of the school. Tom Riddle is what Voldemort was called when he was a boy and before he became the Dark Lord.

Is Harry Potter Disney?

Harry Potter is not owned by Disney. It has for a long time been owned by Warner Bros, which is owned by Time Warner Inc who also owns other big companies like HBO. Harry Potter has just recently been purchased from Warner Bros by NBCUniversal and this is to help with bringing Harry Potter to television. This was also to help with the newest Harry Potter franchise movie series: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is in the process of making their third movie.

Why are YA books so popular?

I believe that YA books are very popular because there is a large base of readers who can be considered young adults. People ranging from early high school until their late twenties can technically be young adults and since that’s a wide range in age, it consists of a large population of people. People also tend to like coming of age novels because they teach good lessons, not only for kids who are coming of age, but for anyone who needs to learn or relearn those lessons at an older age. YA novels also tend to have very loveable characters and good storylines that draw people in, but this isn’t the case for all of them. YA novels are also made to be YA because they are relatively easy to read and you can get through them fast which can be addicting for book lovers and readers alike. Also since a good part of the young adult population is in school still where there is dedicated time for students to read a book and reading for pleasure is heavily encouraged by public schools, this makes for more authors to want to write books for these ages so they have a greater selection and a wide audience of readers who can choose those books. While they are considered YA novels, many YA books can be read by anyone older than a young adult, making the books in this genre even more popular.

What age range is middle school?

In the United States, the range of ages of students attending middle school is typically 11-14 years old. Middle grade reading level is for children aged 8 to 12 years old.

Is Percy Jackson middle grade?

The Percy Jackson series of books can definitely be middle grade, meaning for kids ages 8-12. The books are fairly easy to read and can be picked up for any kid that age, since the protagonist is 12 years old and they can relate to him rather easily. However, a lot of the myths mentioned and referenced in the books could be missed in reading the books if the kid does not know too much about Greek mythology. However, they are great books to get a kid interested in Greek mythology and learn a lot more about it since they are written in a fun adventure novel with engaging characters and a good storyline.

Are the Harry Potter books classics?

To many people, they are. They have broken a ton of records in books sold and they inspired a worldwide phenomenon and craze of people loving witches and wizardry. The merchandise franchise alone has taken over many book stores and outlet stores. The last book came out in 2007, over 13 years ago, and people are still going crazy over it. The last movie came out in 2011, only 9 years ago at this point, but people are still pretty crazy about the books. Many fans reread the books numerous times to become Harry Potter experts, and there are still many people who are picking them up to read for the first time. People who grew up with the books are having children, who they are reading the books to and introducing them to the world of Harry Potter. The franchise has stayed relevant with its theme park, studio tours, merchandise, Broadway play, and new movie series with Fantastic Beasts, but many people are just happy with the original book series too. I feel this makes them classics since they are so widely known and talked about and adored for so many years and it seems like it won’t stop. Many classics are widely known by the characters and the basics of the story, and you can take a chance that if you mention the words “Harry Potter” to someone on the street, the odds of them knowing who or what you are talking about are extremely high. The recent events of J.K. Rowling talking badly about trans people and revealing herself to be rather transphobic did create a bit of an uproar in the Harry Potter community, where many people didn’t feel like they could like the books or the world anymore. To that, I feel many of the fans have come to the conclusion that J.K. Rowling is one person and she is not bigger than the world of Harry Potter she created because it has taken on a form of its own that she did not create. People have interpreted it in deeper ways than she ever meant and people have taken the stories in to mean something more than was ever intended; thus, the stories of Harry Potter, about love and friendship and accepting people, is bigger than one person’s misguided ideas about what a “woman” is. The art is much bigger than the artist and for this, Harry Potter will live on as a classic, with or without Rowling’s name attached.

How old should a YA protagonist be?

A typical YA protagonist is anywhere from 12 years old to somewhere in early college years of about 19-20. A protagonist that is too old by being 21 or older hurts their innocence since they can drink or have a degree, or do taxes, etc. and may not be as relatable as a younger protagonist who has a lot to learn about the world. 12 is about as young as most YA protagonists are with big examples being Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, but both quickly grow up throughout their books to be teenagers. Authors writing YA novels tend to stick with their protagonists being around high school age of 16-18 years old, where they are young and vibrant but old enough to not be totally unbelievable that they could go on an epic adventure or have a love triangle romance. Although it is still pretty unrealistic, it is not totally unbelievable because it is fiction after all.

What reading level is Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter series is meant to be read as a coming of age novel series, with readers growing up with Harry through the books. Ideally, you start at age 11 and end the books at age 17 like Harry did. Of course some of the books do not take some readers an entire year to read. I would say the first three books are on a much easier reading level for kids aged 10 to about 12, but possibly younger. Books 4-7 get much more mature and the reading can be a bit more difficult for a sixth grader, but they all the books I believe can be read by any middle schooler and up. The only thing is there are darker topics and themes that come into the storyline from books 4-7, as Harry’s battle with Voldemort becomes more dire and severe.

How did Hermione die?

Hermione does not die in the Harry Potter series. She does get into many dire situations with Harry and Ron, but she lives to the end of the series, and actually also is alive and married to Ron in the epilogue at the end of the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Is Hermione Voldemort's daughter?

Hermione is not Voldemort’s daughter. Voldemort does have a daughter according to the Broadway play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and her name is Delphini. Voldemort apparently had a child with Bellatrix LeStrange before he died. This idea is often rejected by Harry Potter fans in the fandom, because while the Broadway play is fantastically well-done, it is not considered canon with the rest of the Harry Potter universe by most fans because of how much it messes with the laws of magic and time travel with the original series and how it completely changes some characters’ personalities to be more corrupt and not in line with their character arc at all. But overall, no Hermione is not Voldemort’s daughter. Her parents are muggle dentists.

Which is the shortest Harry Potter book?

The shortest book from the Harry Potter series is the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (or Philosopher’s Stone, if you’re in the UK). It has 76,944 words and the fewest pages (depending on the publication you have it varies), but it is the shortest book and a great starter to the series.

Which Harry Potter is the longest?

The longest book from the Harry Potter series is the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Oddly enough, it has the shortest film and also isn’t the last book, which is typically the longest in a series like this. Depending on the publication you are reading, the final page number varies between 760 pages to 870 or so pages.

How long is Harry Potter 2?

The second book in the Harry Potter series is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It is only slightly longer than the first book, so it is still a relatively short book with about 250 or so pages, depending on the publication the pages vary. The movie of the same book is a little over 2 and a half hours long, which is actually the longest Harry Potter movie. The typical length of the Harry Potter movies is around 130-150 minutes.

Is Harry Potter really the chosen one?

Well Harry Potter almost wasn’t the chosen one. The prophecy states that the one who will vanquish the Dark Lord is someone who is born at the end of the seventh month, so July, and has parents who have defied the Dark Lord three times. These qualifiers for being the chosen one could have applied to Harry as well as his classmate, Neville Longbottom, who is born on July 30th and also had parents in the Order who defied Voldemort three times, like Harry’s parents had. But what makes Harry the chosen one was that Voldemort chose him to be the chosen one. Part of the prophecy states that the Dark Lord will mark the chosen one as his equal and Voldemort did so by trying to kill Harry and giving him the famous lightning scar on his forehead. By doing this, he chose for Harry to be the one who could kill him and in turn, made him the chosen one instead of Neville.

How many pages are each of the Harry Potter books?

The book page length of the Harry Potter books varies depending on the publication you buy. In the UK versions, the book pages slowly increase as the books go in the series, with Order of the Phoenix being the longest. The first book, Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone), is 223 pages in the UK with about 76,000 words. The second book, Chamber of Secrets, is 251 pages in the UK with about 85,000 words. The third book, Prisoner of Azkaban, is 317 pages in the UK with about 107,000 words. The fourth book, Goblet of Fire, jumps drastically in page count and word count making it 636 pages in the UK and about 190,000 words. The fifth book, the longest, Order of the Phoenix, is 766 pages in the UK and about 257,000 words. The sixth book, Half-Blood Prince, is 607 pages and so is the seventh book, The Deathly Hallows, at least in the UK publication. However, the seventh book has about 198,000 words, while the sixth book has 168,000 words.

How many pages are in each Harry Potter book in the US?

The number of pages in the Harry Potter books in the US are bigger than the UK editions, not because there is more content, but because the font is printed larger and there are more chapter pictures, taking up more space. This makes a page difference of around 50-100 pages for the books, but the content is the same. In the US, the first book is 309 pages; the second is 341 pages; the third book is 435 pages; fourth book is 743 pages; the fifth book is 870 pages; the sixth book is 652 pages; and the last book, the seventh book is 759 pages.

Why did Harry get the prophecy?

Harry got the prophecy because he knew Voldemort was after it and thought it contained information about how to defeat Harry. At this point, in Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort had failed to kill Harry four times and was desperate to end him since he knew the prophecy also contained information that Harry may be the only one to defeat him. Harry is desperate to get the prophecy in case it did contain information that could kill Harry and wanted to make sure it stayed out of Voldemort’s hands. However, Harry was warned to not seek it out, but unfortunately he was baited with false information to rush to the Ministry. Voldemort used Legilimens to bait Harry with false visions of Sirius Black being tortured at the Ministry. Once there, Harry found the prophecy Voldemort was looking for and grabbed it off the shelf, and then the trap sprung into place as the Death Eaters, who were waiting for Harry, revealed themselves and tried to take the prophecy. Throughout the chase, the record falls from Harry’s pocket and is kicked away and breaks. This keeps most of the information safe from reaching Voldemort, but there was never really any information on how to destroy Harry in it in the first place.

How many unique words are in Harry Potter?

There are quite a lot of unique made up words in the Harry Potter series, although most of them are not completely unique in their origin. J.K. Rowling did her research and based many of the names from Latin words or borrowed them from fantasy mythology. Many of the spells used in the books are based from Latin, like expelliarmus, petrificus totalus, and stupefy.

Why is it Sorcerer's Stone not philosophers?

The original title of the first book in the Harry Potter series is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when published in the UK. But when it was being brought over to the US, the publishers wanted to make sure that readers knew it was a book about magic and wizards and witches. So they changed the title from “Philosopher” to “Sorcerer” in order to get more readers interested in fantasy and magic to read the book. This title with “sorcerer” also made it into the title of the first Harry Potter movie instead of Philosopher.

What house is Hagrid in?

Rubeus Hagrid, like most of the characters in the Harry Potter series, is from house Gryffindor. Although many people believe he should be in Hufflepuff house because of how nice, kind, and loving he is to all animal creatures. There is a reason he is in Gryffindor house and that is because of his fierce bravery in defending his friends and standing up to the Dark Lord. While he has fierce loyalty to Dumbledore as well, which could make him more Hufflepuff-like since loyalty is a Hufflepuff trait, his courage and bravery stands out more and makes him a Gryffindor. He has to be at least a little brave to befriend and raise an Acromantula after all.

Who is the cutest character in Harry Potter?

There are many cute animal creatures within the Harry Potter series, but who is the cutest is much more subjective. Many believe Dobby is a rather cute character, especially when he is seen wearing little booties in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Other people tend to think that Hedwig, Harry’s snowy owl, is rather adorable too. There are a lot more cute creatures in the Fantastic Beasts series, like the Niffler and Bowtruckle. Many people also tend to think that Harry, Ron, Fred and George, and even Draco are rather cute characters.

What are Harry Potter fans called?

Harry Potter fans are often referred to as Potterheads. People may not always use this term, however, and can call themselves just a Harry Potter fan, Harry Potter nerd or something like a Potter dork. But the official term was claimed by the fandom as Potterheads.

What is Harry Potter's best spell?

The spell Harry uses the most is Expelliarmus and this actually gives him away in a deadly moment when escaping Death Eaters in the final book. Harry is a rather talented young wizard especially when it comes to Defense Against the Dark Arts, since he has had a lot of real life applications using it that other students luckily haven’t had. It is not known what is his best spell, but it is widely known that he favors Expelliarmus over other spells, although he also uses Stupefy a lot. Expelliarmus is actually the spell Harry uses to defeat Voldemort at the end which rebounds Voldemort’s killing curse back onto him.

Is Snape Harry’s dad?

No. Harry’s parents are James and Lily Potter. Snape did, however, love Harry’s mom, Lily since they were kids and went to school at Hogwarts together. She was not a fan of his dabbling in the Dark Arts, but remained his friend. Their friendship ended when Snape slipped up and called her a mudblood in a fit of rage about James, who often bullied Snape. Snape’s love for Lily, never faltered, as seen in his patronus, which is a doe like Lily’s. His patronus being the same as Lily’s has significance because of his love for her. Love affects patronuses in weird ways that aren’t completely explained in the novels. But we know from Tonks’ patronus change from a jackrabbit into a wolf when she starts to be with Lupin and fall in love with him, that a patronus can change form if the love for another is strong.

Why does Harry Potter say always?

Harry Potter says “Always” at the end of the series in reference to what Snape said about Harry’s mother, Lily. In the chapter, “The Prince’s Tale”, Snape’s background and true alliance is revealed to Harry. There is a scene in that chapter where Snape is discussing with Dumbledore about preparing Harry to die by Voldemort’s hand in order for all the Horcruxes to be destroyed. Snape is distraught about Harry being prepared for slaughter and Dumbledore asks him why he seems to suddenly have a strange liking for the boy. And Snape reveals that he has always loved Lily and his patronus is the same as Lily’s, showing his love even further. Dumbledore asks him, “After all this time?” and Snape replies, “Always”. This line sticks with Harry, and the rest of the Harry Potter fandom, and so he says it to his kids, especially Albus Severus who is named after Snape.

Will there be a Harry Potter 9?

It seems like there will not be a Harry Potter 9. There are only seven Harry Potter books in the series, but there is a Broadway play that was compiled as a book called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There is also the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series of movies that have screenplays that have been printed into books. There is no extension of the original story of the series of the seven Harry Potter books, but there are these other books that are in the same world of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling also does not show any sign of extending the story into more books because she believes Harry’s story is complete and final with the seventh book. The Broadway play was a fun extension and played with the world of theater, but most of the Harry Potter fandom rejects the fact that this is canon in the world of Harry Potter because of the storyline inconsistencies and how it disrupts the laws of magic in the world of Harry Potter.

Is Harry Potter a true story?

No, the stories from the Harry Potter series are completely fictional and from the mind of J.K. Rowling. She based the names of characters off of her surroundings and background and did her research on magical creatures to inform her magical world. So the Harry Potter series is not a true story and is completely fictional from the mind of J.K. Rowling.

How old was Harry Potter in the first book?

Harry Potter was 10 years old at the start of the very first Harry Potter book, but shortly turned 11 years old within the first few chapters. This is significant because at age 11, a wizard or witch is ready to start schooling at Hogwarts.

Does Harry die?

Yes and no. Harry does receive the killing curse from Voldemort and “dies” briefly. He goes to King’s Cross station where he talks to a deceased Dumbledore. He finds out here that Harry was Voldemort’s seventh Horcrux, without Voldemort ever meaning to make one. And because of that, and because Harry also became the master of death unknowingly by possessing all three Deathly Hallows, Harry didn’t really die. His mother’s love protected him when he was a baby and made it so that Harry didn’t die, but a piece of Voldemort’s soul landed and lived inside of Harry through his lightning bolt scar. By Voldemort shooting the killing curse at Harry, he unknowingly killed a part of his soul instead of Harry. This allows Harry to come back and live and defeat Voldemort once and for all.

What is Harry Potter based on?

Harry Potter was not intended to be based on anything. The idea came to J.K. Rowling when she was on a train and she scribbled down her ideas when she got an image of Harry in her mind. While a lot of the basics of the school and the essence of the environment around Hogwarts are influenced by J.K. Rowling’s surroundings of Scotland and England when she wrote it, the story is a bit harder to nail down on what it was based on. Rowling has said that she based the character Hermione off of herself and some of the names for the characters she found in graveyards in Scotland. Some people speculate that the idea of pure bloods versus muggles and the war with voldemort is based on Hitler and the Holocaust, which may be partially true since there are similarities. But the main story is about good versus evil, which can just be considered a story that is based on life.

Is there really a platform 9 3/4?

No. There is a King’s Cross station in London, where there is a place where you can take a picture at “Platform 9 ¾” that is a tourist attraction for Harry Potter lovers. But there isn’t an actual magical train and school living behind that wall that you can run into. At least that’s what the muggles believe.

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