33 Things to know about Book Publishing

1. What are the best books/publishings on web analytics?

Top 5 of the best books and publishings on Web Analytics are Web Analytics 2.0 by Avniash Kaushik, Lean Analytics: Use data to Build a Better Startup Faster (Lean series) ebook by Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz, Successful Analytics by Brian Clifton, Google Analytics Integrations by Daniel Waisberg and Maths and Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization by Himanshu Sharma. These are only a couple books just to name a few.

2. What is the best book publishing company to work for?

Well, there are a few top tier book publishing companies that are also some of the largest publishers. For example, Hachette Book Group (HBG) is the largest book publishing company in France. But, the headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Another example of a top tier book publishing company is HarperCollins Publishers, which is also one of the world’s largest and one of the Big Five English-language book publishing companies. So theoretically, Either of the Big Five English-language book publishing companies are the best to work for.

3. What happens with the damaged books produced at a book publisher?

Any damaged books that do appear are destroyed at the printer. In a more descriptive way, the books are recycled. The book publisher sells the damaged books to a paper recycler or manufacturer, so that they can be “pulped”. Pulped meaning the book is stripped of its cover and the remaining paper is recycled. The covers are usually returned to the designated book publisher as authentication that the books were destroyed or discarded.

4. What software do book publishers use?

Two of the best softwares used by Book Publishers are Scrivener ( word processor) and Google Docs (word processor).

5. How do I get my picture book published?

To get your picture book published, You must have an approved manuscript, find a dependable Illustrator, Get the cover design approved with a “Dummy layout”( placeholder for text and images), Have your marketing team promote the book with release date(s), sneak peaks of the cover etc. After finalizing the Layout of the book, send it to the printers where the digital files and hardcover samples are approved for publishing. Then you are off to officially plan and launch your book!

6. How could a technical writer fit into book publishing?

To start, a technical writer is a person who is a professional information communicator. Their task, in general, is to create/write digital and paper based FAQs, Help files, How-to- manuals, specific instructions etc. So, How would a technical writer fit into book publishing? Well if a book publishing company decides to create a website designated for its employees and customers, a technical writer would be creating the Contact us page, About us page, FAQ page etc. Pages that guide employees of the company, as well as the customers.

7. Which gets the most profit from Kindle book publishing or dropshipping?

Kindle book publishing and Dropshipping are both established with Amazon. The difference is that with Kindle book publishing entails ebooks and Dropshipping entails allowing a third-party to fulfil orders. With Kindle, the amount you receive from the third-party depends on the book delivery charge. Example- You would get 35% from the third-party with no delivery charge, if the book is $9.99 or more. Dropshipping would get you a good 10-20% from the third-party. Kindle book publishing would get the most profit.

8. How has writing with Alpha Book Publisher been of benefit in getting your book published?

So far, writing with Alpha Book Publishing has set in motion my motivation to take writing seriously. I have been holding back for a while on writing since high school. After high school, that motivation faded because my jobs didn’t require little to no writing at all. When this opportunity came up, I saw it as a door for me to start seeing it as more than just a hobby, possibly a career path. Seeing that, has put an idea of me publishing my first book at 20 years old.

Can I get a list of book publishers and literary agents in the U.S?

  • Simon & Schuster, Inc.

  • Nature America

  • Random House, Inc.

  • Warner Bros Global Publishing

  • Macmillan Publishers

  • Trident Media Group

  • Pippin Properties, Inc.

  • Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises

  • The Brattle Agency LLC

  • Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency

9. Have the Marvel Universe superhero films added or detract from the profitability of their comic book publishing?

The films that have been put out by Marvel Universe have detracted from the profitability of their comic book publishing. But, it may as well have added to the comic book publishing because of the small rise or decline due to the release of new films. In all, I feel that it has detracted because of the millions/billions of dollars that the films themselves have pulled in per year compared to the hundreds of thousands of comic books being sold.

10. What was the greatest book published in the year 2020 so far?

So, according to www.vulture.com , Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami , The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin and a few other books are listed as some of the best books of 2020 so far.

11. How can I make my book publishing company profitable in this digital age?

Some tips to helping your book publishing company succeed in the digital book publishing age:

  • Find a “niche” , which is a focused area in writing. ( blogs, Press releases, etc)

  • Find categories that are top ranked in all book categories.

  • Find a category or categories that are high in demand.

12. How much do book publishers pay for book cover art?

The cost of the book cover art may vary depending on if you want a Professional designer or a Hobbyist, someone who designs on their own time as a hobby. A Hobbyist may only charge a small fee but may take longer than a Professional. Also Hobbyists may have entry level knowledge on the fundamentals of graphic design.

13. What are considered the best and worst computer book publishers?

Some of the worst computer book publishers are Vanity presses that try to put authors in expensive contracts, any Hybrid publishers who want to pay up front and some are expensive.( example- Abbott Press, Alliant Press, Bookplate Press etc. According to Selfpublishingadvice.org ) Some of the best Computer book publishers are Apple, Barnes & Noble and Amazon by ebooks.

14. Can getting a book published be more about knowing somebody than being particularly talented?

To get a book published would be about knowing somebody or being very talented, or it could be both or neither. There are ways to increase your chances of getting a book published. For example based on the Genre and if it's a genre that is popular at the time. Find genres that are popular and then, look into specific categories to see what the general population actually read on or about.

15. What is the cheapest plan for book publishing?

The cheapest plan for book publishing is to Traditionally publish instead of self publishing. Self publishing requires you to finance the whole entire publishing process, from editing to marketing services.

16. Do you think self publishing has been a positive addition to book publishing?

I think that self publishing is a positive addition to book publishing in all. I say this because even though it is on the expensive side of things , you are investing in yourself and that will attract readers. You also keep most of your royalties, you have full creative control and whereas traditional publishing, you don't get these benefits.

17. Is book publishing a profitable business in 2020?

Book publishing could be a profitable business in 2020. I say this because there’s different types of routes to choose from. You could be a Self publisher or work with Production companies and marketing professionals, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on the Genre, the audience you are aiming for, differentiation of the book itself and the amount of people who are already onboard with you.

18. Is book publishing a dead business worldwide or struggling to survive?

Book publishing would be neither but some would see it as struggling to survive in their circumstances. With the digital revolution, books and such are very profitable. As far as paperback books, it could be a dead business worldwide in the future.

19. Why do book publishers prefer ragged pages?

Book publishers prefer ragged pages instead of perfectly trimmed ones because it costs extra, it is a whole separate process and because they can set the cost for a copy whether it's less or more.

20. What are the best business books published before 1995?

What are some potential jobs for a double major in English literature and book publishing?

Double majoring in English literature and book publishing would enhance any potential job applications. You have already enhanced your power of the english language, by being a double major, submitting to any English language literature or book publishing job would only advance your application, giving you a higher chance of being hired over the majority. Potential jobs such as An online Marketing Manager for a book publishing company, a printer reporter for a newspaper company, a english highschool teacher, a Social worker for the state or a school etc.

21. How do I publish my first ebook?

If you are self publishing:

  • Make sure all content of the book is proofread, editing to seeing if all the content should be included or not. Basically, make sure everything is good to go for the format you want for the book.

  • Pick a layout. For ebooks, there’s 3 different kinds of formats to choose from. Reflowable ebooks, fixed-layout ebooks and PDF files.

  • When selling your ebook to online book publishers, such as Amazon or any search engine, make sure that you have a description for your book (including Title,and Author) and also include keywords that are in your description for the search engines.

  • Start putting a price on your ebook. Look at similar ebooks in the Genre and their prices on popular websites and retailers. Consider the length of your ebook, if it's a short story or a novel and consider the level of demand for your book.

  • Promote. Using your social media as leverage for promoting your ebook and using an author website to develop a fan base, brand, and provide direct communications with retailers.

22. How do I publish my book free of cost?

If you are looking to publish your book free of cost, there are online book publishing companies that will allow you to self publish. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple ebook store and others.

Which are the most prestigious book publishers in the US?

The most prestigious book publishers in the US are the “Big Five”.

  1. Penguin/Random House

  2. Hachette Book Group

  3. Harper Collins

  4. Simon and Schuster

  5. Macmillian

23. What books published in the last year about social media and online should I read?

In the last year books such as, Everybody Writes by Ann Handley, Networking in the 21st century by David J.P. Fisher, The Social Media Marketing Workbook by Jason Mcdonald, and The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott are books that can build your Brand, Name, and Work for your Digital Footprint.

24. What does a book publisher do for an author? Why in this age of digital books would anyone want or need a publisher? What are the pros and cons?

For an author, a book publisher provides management in the fields of Editing, Design, and the production process. In detail, a book publisher prints, sells and publishes your book through different retailers and they also offer contracts to the author. They are responsible for marketing and publicity, and liaising with printers, meaning they make the decision on the quality of books that will be printed in the first print run. In the Digital Age, most writers and authors are self publishers and everything is transformed into ebooks. But Book publishers could still be wanted or needed by an author because of the value they hold. What i mean by that is, Book publishers provide deadlines to finish the book for encouragement and motivation, professional graphic design on the cover of the book, other professional connections for illustrations, and Technical skill for HTML coding on formatting of the book. These values are also pros of wanting or needing a book publisher. The cons would be the royalty rates would obviously be lower than a self publishing author, there’s less creative control, you are less in control of when you want to publish your book, and you don't decide what should get published or not.

25. What is the standard markup from wholesale to retail in book publishing?

The standard markup of book publishing from wholesale to retail is usually between Mark-up and the Discount method. Mark-up consists of a manufacturer or wholesaler setting a wholesale price and uses the percentage markup to the retail price they need. The discount method, which is commonly used, is when a book publisher sets a retail price on the cover and is then discounted for bookstores, which the discount is usually around 35% up to 50% plus, depending on the quantity of books ordered. So in that being said, The Discount method is the standard markup of book publishing from wholesale to retail.

27. Can I create an audiobook from a book published by someone else?

Yes, you are allowed to create an audiobook from a book published by someone else, as long as you acquire the audio rights of the book, which are included in the agreement between the book publisher and the author. You also need to set royalty compensation between the author and book publisher.

28. How would a new author have his book published and how much would it cost?

For a new author to have his book published, he would have to seek a traditional book publisher, who will offer him a contract. He would also have to hire help to publish and sell work through book retailers and hire a book publishing service or company. The cost of traditional book publishing would vary.

29. What is the favourite online book publishing platform of authors?

The top tier online book publishing platform of authors is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, second to this is Alpha Book Publisher.

30. How difficult is it to get a book published at Chronicle?

To start, Chronicle Books is a San Francisco based independent book publishing company. They publish traditional and innovative children’s books that are award-winning books and have developed a high end reputation. Stated in the General Guidelines, Chronicle only accepts paper submissions on children’s books, and They will not contact you unless they are interested in publishing your book. If they become interested in your book, Within the next six months after you submit your book, they will contact you. In conclusion, I would say it is quite difficult to get a book published at Chronicle.

31. When should you give up on getting your book published traditionally and look at publishing it in eBook form?

I think that there really isn't a time limit or limit of book publishing companies that reject you before you actually consider publishing your book in eBook form. That decision is solely up to you as an author.

32. What are some good computer science/programming books published recently that are worth reading?

Here’s a list of some of the best, worth reading books on Computer Science and Programming:

  • Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

  • Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold

  • The Art of Computer Programming by Professor Donald Knuth

  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman and Julie Sussman

  • Greek Hersey by Kentaro Toyama

33. What is a list of ten things a rookie 1st time writer trying to get his book published should know?

Before thinking about publishing your first book as a rookie 1st time writer, here are some things you should know before talking to a book publisher:

  1. Be prepared to be asked questions from the publishers like Do you have a large number of people who follow you on your social media(s)? Or How will you connect with your audience and in what way will you connect with them? Why do you think people will want your book?

  2. Have a picturesque novel written with no POV problems, no punctual or grammatical errors, that has a perfect pacing, and the dialogue has to be so captivating to the point where the reader would want to know the storyline and the details.

  3. Have some type of research on the market, at least know the guidelines for the genre of your book, and the expectation that is set.

  4. Book Publishers go with easy to work with authors, not authors who don't take feedback or criticism into consideration. They will quickly say no to you if you are uncooperative and hard to work with.

  5. Have a query that is error free and that would “wow” the book publishing companies and agents that you decide to send them to, for a higher chance of a request for your manuscript. A query is a one page letter that is sent to the book publishing companies and agents, that basically will make them money and that is interesting on their behalf.

  6. Proofread your manuscript. Get it professionally edited after its self revised and edited. Some tips to check your manuscript like make sure it engages your audience, that it's double spaced, that there’s a fluent narrative, and that includes it Introduction, Material and methods, and results.

  7. Practice Everyday. Start writing for at least 30 minutes a day, even if it's only 50 words. Small progress is still progress. This is what will challenge you and push you beyond your own limits.

  8. Stick to one genre as your first work. Book publishers want authors who will continue writing in the same genre, not authors who would want to write in multiple genres.

  9. Publishing doesn't have a specific time frame, but most of the time it's a long process. It could take a year, six months or five weeks to be printed.

  10. Most book publishers look for authors who show a clear sense that they have a passion for writing in their cover letter. For example, reference authors you admire, mention how many writing competitions you have been in. This is what they want to see, an author who is their best supporter.

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