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34 Top Book Publisher in New Mexico (part 1)

1.Gallup Sun Publishing, LLC

In print and online, the Gallup Sun free weekly newspaper is the dominant advertising medium in the region. Weekly circulation saturates the City of Gallup and McKinley County, with market reach into the Grants, Milan, Acoma, Laguna territories; and the western edges of Apache County, Ariz.

The Gallup Sun offers an engaged online audience that has FREE access to local breaking news, and weekly news coverage. Visitors to our website span New Mexico and neighboring states, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and beyond.

Address: 102 S 2nd St, Gallup, NM 87301, United States

2.Azro Press

Azro Press, founded in 1997, was a small publishing company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At Azro Press we devoted our energy to bringing to life the works of authors and illustrators of the Southwest. We published illustrated children's books for ages 2 to 6, easy readers for ages 5 to 8, and fiction and non-fiction for older children and young adults. Azro Press led the vanguard of publishers of children's picture books in Santa Fe.

Address: 1704 Llano St, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

3.Museum of New Mexico Press

Award-winning publisher of books that educate and entertain audiences about the arts, culture, and history of New Mexico and the region.

Founded in 1951, the Museum of New Mexico Press is an award-winning publisher of finely designed and crafted books that reflect the collections of the Museum of New Mexico and explore the culture of the Southwest.

Specializations include fine art and folk art, photography, Native Americana, the Hispanic Southwest, nature and gardening, and architecture and style.

Order books by visiting your favorite bookstore or online seller,

Address: 725 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

4.Radius Books

RADIUS BOOKS encourages, promotes, and publishes books of artistic and cultural value for a wide audience. Our projects are distinguished in both form and substance: beautiful objects by important artists of all ranks.

RADIUS BOOKS is a non-profit publishing company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is our firm belief that the arts—all arts—are vital to our nation and our culture’s future.

Through our publication, education, and donation programs, RADIUS BOOKS creates and promotes an ongoing dialogue among writers, thinkers, and artists.

Over the past twelve years, through our Library and School Donation Program, we have donated over 50,000 thoughtfully-crafted art books to libraries, schools, and art programs across the US.

Your support will directly benefit the Donation Program, and ensure that RADIUS BOOKS will continue to impact arts education in unique and unexpected ways.

Address: 227 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States

5.Amador Publishers

Amador Publishers specializes in fiction, biography, philosophy and mixed-genre literary works of unique worth and appeal, outside the purview of mainstream publishing. We will consider novels and short story collections, creative non-fiction, essays/opinion, satire, biography/autobiography. Manuscripts must be complete and in the range of 75,000-130,000 words. We have established the imprint, Worldwind Books, as the publishing identity for a broader range of titles and author-funded book projects, including poetry. Amador Publishers, LLC provides thorough editing and proofreading, attractive cover design, promotional web pages, pre-publication and new release promotions, ongoing marketing support, ISBN and LOC registration, copyright to the author, generous author discounts, ebook editions, and reprint options. We reports sales totals and pay royalties to authors on a quarterly basis.

Address: 611 Delamar Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States

6.Hartman Publishing, Inc.

Hartman Publishing was founded in 1994 to address the need for quality in-service education materials for long-term care. Due to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, we expanded our product line in 1998 to include textbooks to train nursing assistants and home health aides.

Although we continue to grow, we still offer the kind of attentive service that only a small company can provide. A real person answers the phone when you call and can guide you through anything from a basic order to specific questions about our books.

We also pride ourselves on responding to your needs. In fact, all of our textbooks are shaped by customer feedback and all staff members—including the publisher, editor, salespersons, and customer service staff—make and receive calls to find out what instructors want.

By simply listening to YOU, we have published some of the best-selling textbooks in the caregiving industry.

Address: 1313 Iron Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States

7.Clear Light Publishers

Clear Light Publishing was founded 30+ years ago at the genesis of the desk top publishing evolution to publish books that chronicle the legacy of the human spirit and the wisdom of the elders for Native American, Tibetan and Western authors that have been inspired by the indigenous peoples of the world. We have published works by the Dalai Lama, Oren Lyons, John Mohawk, Huston Smith, Marcia Keegan, Vine DeLoria and numerous aspiring and established authors.

Address: 823 Don Diego Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

8.Rich Holtzin's Bookstore

Writer, educator, defender of the environment and all creatures great and small. “Dr. Rich,” as some of his former students used to call him, created his eclectic lifestyle by engaging in numerous interests connected to targeted employment opportunities). Hence, he fits the profile of a free spirit (and perhaps “vagamundo” is another way to describe his unconventional character). Throughout most of his life, he was primarily employed as an academic educator, outdoors instructor, and backcountry guide. What follows in the longer Curriculum Vitae is a detailed account based on his achievements, credentials, and challenges spanning some fifty years.

Address: A, 1204 Silver Ave SW A, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States

9.LPD Press/Rio Grande Books

"The monumental 607-page book symbolizes the monumental work that author Loretta Hall must have done in order to write this book. By her own admission in a note to the reader, she has had more of a developmental editor role than author, although that does not undermine by any means the importance and magnitude of what she has had to do in order to bring Space Pioneers: In Their Own Words to the public. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The stories, which follow a chronological order, are told by the space pioneers themselves, as the title promises. The author, however, introduces most of the stories, which are told in a way that can interest an average reader who would otherwise be lost with too much technical jargon. Although the chapters are topic- and subject-based, I found that each chapter can potentially stand on its own, meaning one can easily hop from chapter 3 to chapter 9 without feeling as though one has missed much. Given the 90 personal accounts contained in this book, I would imagine readers could find it easy to focus on accounts that interest them more than others.

Address: 925 Salamanca St NW, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States

10.La Alameta Press

Ancient village, little streets, hang-tough neighborhoods, irrigation ditches, the North Valley,“lost garden” in sprawl culture, the small with the big, Alameda, road of trees. Boulevard of oasis, worn path, a way—enduring ecology of beauty—as in the Navajo word for "beauty"—hozhó :: balance or harmony; & the effort toward.

Funky, but lovely. Persistent dreams on the edge of town. Flowers in a vase. What seems radiant surrounding us—we feel permeates, travels on grapevines & wavelengths. Or, exactly opposite, some core mystery acts as magnet drawing close kindred spirits from elsewhere. Regional, then, manifests within a connective sense beyond territory.

Long live Muses of every stripe & persuasion! We prefer odd ducks, the weathered, the water-smart, lyrical cooks, & the grateful. Out of such grows a unique, honed elegance,a shapely mind leading to a shapely life. We regard this as the tradition of literature in these parts—songs for inhabitants.

Address: 9636 Guadalupe Trail NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114, United States

11.GuestLife New Mexico

GuestLife Publications are intended for those who wish to make the best of their visits to these areas. These highly detailed books/web sites include attractions, hotels, restaurants, the arts, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, sports and detailed visitors guides that give you the feel and look of your destinations.

Address: 1210 Luisa St #9, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

12.Lamp & Light Publishers

These folks in New Mexico produce many tracts, Bible studies, correspondence courses, booklets and Sunday School materials. In English and Spanish mostly, but also some in French.

If you would like to enroll in one of their free Bible correspondence course, scroll on down!

I have done some writing for them: a few tracts, a booklet for correspondence study on marriage, and some Sunday School materials. If you wish to read the text (in Spanish) of chapter two of the booklet I wrote for them.

Address: 26 Rd 5577, Farmington, NM 87401, United States







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