• Nilufa Yeasmin

40 Top Book Publishers in Oregon (Part-1)

1. Inkwater Press

Inkwater works in close collaboration with each author or organization to help them achieve their creative dreams and goals. With decades of traditional and digital publishing experience and hundreds of successful titles published, authors hire Inkwater to help write, develop, edit, design, and publicize their unique stories. Books are our business. Inkwater can help you put your knowledge to the printed and digital pages. Our goal is to help our authors publish a book they can be proud of while contributing something unique to the conversation and culture.

6750 SW Franklin St suite c, Portland, OR 97223, United States

2. Microcosm Publishing

Portland's most colorful, authentic, and empowering publishing house and distributor, Microcosm Publishing & Distribution is a vertically integrated publishing house that equips readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them. Microcosm emphasizes skill-building, showing hidden histories, and fostering creativity through challenging conventional publishing wisdom with books and zines about DIY skills, food, bicycling, gender, self-care, and social justice. Microcosm was started by Joe Biel in his bedroom as a distro and record label in 1996 and is now among the oldest independent book publishing houses in Portland, OR. Microcosm focuses on relating the experiences of what it's like to be a marginalized person and strives to be recognized for spirit, creativity, and value. All books are printed in the U.S. on post-consumer papers, and the company doubles the industry average in the number of women authors and prioritizes the hiring special needs employees. Microcosm constantly poses the question “How can we remove barriers to success for marginalized people in our industry?”

Microcosm has lived in milk crates, in closets, in a mudroom, in a windowless basement, in a church, and under a desk at a major credit card company.

2752 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227, United States

3. Wipf and Stock Publishers

Based in the land of great microbrews and towering Douglas firs, Wipf and Stock Publishers is a creative team, an adventurous bunch who arrive to work with mud still on our shoes from the weekend ride or hike. Our staff handles every step of publication in-house, from customer service to editing and typesetting, from printing and binding to shipping. Committed to writing that honors the imagination, intellect, and heart, we have a simple yet provocative model: with a list as diverse as our Northwest landscape, we publish based on the merits of content rather than marketability. Without agenda, we are shamelessly unapologetic about what we like: relationships, good beer, fine books, and enough coffee to keep us moving. We believe in voice and breadth. From biblical studies to classic theology, poetry to history, our authors are experts, scholars, and artists. By combining innovative technology with academic excellence we are able to produce affordable books of enduring value. Our books never go out of print, and building lasting partnerships is always our focus.

199 W 8th Ave # 3, Eugene, OR 97401, United States

4. Harvest House Publishers

For 45 years, Harvest House has been committed to providing books that help heal the hurts of people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Harvest House remains open and committed to our customers and readers. Like never before, during this tumultuous time, we remain devoted to proclaiming Jesus Christ as the answer to every human need.

With this ever-important goal in mind, we are taking the following steps in response to this unprecedented event.

Our Wisconsin warehouse remains open and fully operational. We will continue regular service as long as possible. If we can no longer process orders, we will quickly communicate with customers about any delivery disruptions. Please email customer service at CustomerService@harvesthousepublishers.com if you have questions or need help.

Harvest House is committed to keeping our employees and customers safe. Following CDC guidelines and best practices, we have instituted travel restrictions, canceled large group gatherings, increased cleaning measures in all our facilities, and empowered employees to work from home when possible. Our warehouse is also following important CDC guidelines to ensure the safety and health of our customers, ensuring packages and deliveries arrive safely.

2975 Chad Dr, Eugene, OR 97408, United States

5. Luminaire Press

Luminaire Press offers the best in hybrid publishing services: Outstanding custom cover designs, professional interior formatting, and ebooks are all part of our basic print-on-demand package. In addition, we offer every service you might need, from editing to marketing tools, and our authors keep 100 percent of their book royalties.

But what you really get if you work with us is our attention. We are here to guide you through the process of self-publishing, to educate you and help you make the best decisions for YOUR book. We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach: we appreciate the fact that each book we work on is unique, and we treat our books and our authors with care and respect.

When you call us, you’ll get a real live person who can answer questions, offer reassurance or advice as needed. From the start, we help you determine what your book needs to be successful, and will never, ever try to sell you anything extra. In fact, we’re far better at publishing then we are at sales.

442 Charnelton St, Eugene, OR 97401, United States

6. Peanutbutter Publishing

Peanut Butter Publishing or Classic Day Publishing is the oldest small self-publishing business in the nation. For over 44 years, we have guided authors through the publishing process, providing services necessary to allow hundreds of people to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals of producing and marketing their books. We work with many seasoned authors but provide additional support and focus to newer authors who may require some additional guidance through the process.

Our authors publish many types of books and we are experienced and flexible enough to produce a fantastic look and feel for virtually any type of book you have in mind. Some people publish a textbook or a work that supports a speaking engagement. Some just want to produce a simple family book requiring a small number of copies. Others write biographies, self-help, instructional books, or novels. In each case, we can tailor our vast experience and personalized services to your individual needs and produce a great book you will be proud to associate with your name.

Portland, OR 97204, United States

7. Timber Press Inc

Timber Press is dedicated to sharing the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history.

Founded in 1978, Timber Press is internationally recognized as the leading gardening publisher. Its books and authors have received awards from the American Horticultural Society, the Garden Writers of America, the Garden Media Guild, and the National Garden Club of America. Some of Timber’s bestselling classics include Michael Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs, Bringing Nature Home by Douglas Tallamy, Tracy DiSabato-Aust’s The Well-Tended Perennial Garden, Marta McDowell’s Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life, and A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach.

Timber Press joined the Workman family in 2006. The Timber office is located in Portland, Oregon, a city filled with natural wonders.

133 SW 2nd Ave #450, Portland, OR 97204, United States

8. Two Hats Publishing LLC

Ed W. McBee grew up in Kansas and moved with his family to Washington State at the tender age of 14. After a brief stint in Alaska, Ed now resides in southwestern Oregon and runs a business in the beautiful Historic Landmark District of Jacksonville, Oregon.

After more than 40 years of travel along the west coast, afoot, afloat, and a-wheeled, Ed has compiled a travel guide describing the myriad roads and attractions along the backbone of Oregon. Volume One describes the route from California to the Willamette Pass. He hopes to share with others his passion for adventure and discovery through the descriptions, photos and hand-drawn maps contained in the Oregon Backroads Guide to the Pacific Crest Trail.

130 Nadine Ln, Central Point, OR 97502, United States

9. First Steps Publishing

At First Steps Publishing, we are looking for well-written books by new authors taking them from raw manuscript to well marketed and designed masterpieces people want to read. First Steps’ Publishing Services for the author seeking a foundational digital publisher.

6645 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388, United States







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