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4 Top Book Publishers in West Virginia

1.W V Book Co

The West Virginia Book Company is owned and operated by long-time Charleston resident Bill Clements. Assisted by Tammy Lowers, together we have over 50 years experience selling books in West Virginia. Our company's wide range of offerings - books on folklore, nature, tourism, ghost stories, history, the Civil War, children's books and more - allows us to be your "one-stop shop" for state and local interest books.

The West Virginia Book Company offers fast friendly service, every time. We ship most orders the same or next day. Our customers count on us for reliable, experienced advice and guidance when it comes to ordering. To keep you abreast of new titles as they become available, we offer regular updates via e-mail.

Address: 1125 Central Ave, Charleston, WV 25301, United States

2.S.D. Thomas

In this sequel to Anticipation, Cassie Smith marries her best friend, Mark Santos, and begins the dream she never thought she wanted. Until the nightmare struck.After a tragic accident, Cassie abandons everyone and everything that she once cherished. She has to learn to forgive herself—and pray that others can, too. Can Cassie find her way back to her husband and more importantly, to God before her bitterness destroys her, her marriage and her faith? Or will she continue to push everyone away to keep her heart from breaking even more?​Proclamation is an example of God’s immense love, protection, and provision, even—and especially—in tragedy. And portrays His grace, mercy and forgiveness when we least deserve it.

Address: 22 Sunnybrook Dr, Hurricane, WV 25526, United States

3.FiT Publishing

FiT Publishing is an international publisher in the sport sciences and operates under the division of the International Center for Performance Excellence (ICPE) in the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at West Virginia University.This mission is accomplished by collaborating with CPASS and WVU to host international workshops and conferences in the sport sciences, encourage international faculty and student exchanges, and disseminate educational products to a global audience on the most recent research in sport sciences by international scholars through FiT Publishing, the publishing division of the ICPE.

Address: 375 Birch St, Morgantown, WV 26506, United States

4.EDGE Publishing Company

EDGE Publishing Company is a subsidiary of EDGE Office Solutions, Inc., a Virginia-based Corporation that has serviced Document Management clients since 1996. In 2009, EDGE Publishing Company was formed after the successful publication of our first title, Feather Merchant, by author Bill Greenwell. Company founder, Phillip Vera, was inspired by Mr. Greenwell and wanted to help him meet his life's mission to publish a personal memoir of his experience in WWII. It was then that Phillip decided to take Mr. Greenwell's 30 year struggle with the publishing industry and make it easy for him. EDGE Publishing Company was born.

EDGE Publishing Company believes that stories should be told and memories should be documented and preserved for generations to come. EDGE Office Solutions had been on the printing side of the publishing industry for a decade, so the time had come to expand the business and make it multi-faceted.

Address: 8939 Sweetbriar St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States







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