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60 Top Book Publishers in Connecticut (Part-2)

12. GMK Writing and Editing, Inc.

Award-winning ghostwriter, bestselling author, literary agent, editor, consultant, blogger, novelist, screenwriter, and former publisher Gary M. Krebs has published numerous print and ebook bestsellers and brings over three decades of trade book industry experience to the table on every assignment. Having run Publishing Boards at major book publishing houses, Gary knows what publishers are looking for and can tailor any proposal for commercial viability.

As a Publisher, Gary was most recently Associate Publisher at Brilliance Publishing (a division of Amazon Publishing), where he oversaw the audio acquisitions program. He also acquired and edited the flagship bestselling books in the Grand Harbor Press imprint (We Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor; and Happy This Year!, by Will Bowen).

1006 Merritt St, Fairfield, CT 06825, United States

13. Rothstein Publishing

Rothstein Publishing is all about precise business continuity and information necessary to thrive in the 21st century. Since 1989, we’ve been publishing an extensive, informational suite of books, templates, software and videos in these areas. We have recently added topics such as Cybersecurity, Enterprise Security Risk Management, and a new approach to Business Continuity, called Adaptive Business Continuity.philip-jan-rothstein-rothstein-publishing

Many international thought leaders often seek guidance and informtation from our authors and their books because of their vast knowledge and experience in the field. Most have also been key participants in developing industry standards and best practices. Some are founding fellows of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), as is our publisher Phil Rothstein. Phil was elected a Fellow by BCI in 1994 in recognition of his substantial contributions to the business continuity and disaster recovery professions. In addition to this, he is an internationally known entrepreneur, publisher, consultant, columnist, contributor to 120+ books, and an expert on the subject of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

4 Arapaho Road Brookfield, Connecticut 06804-3104 USA.

14. Begell House Inc

Begell House, Inc. was established as a source of scholarly publications in 1991 by Dr. William Begell, who has had a long and distinguished career as a chemical-nuclear engineer, researcher and publisher.

Dr. Begell taught at Columbia University and was the Engineering Director of its Heat Transfer Research Facility. There, he managed the large-scale seminal work on two-phase flows, burnout studies and cooling procedures for nuclear reactors, some of which were conducted directly under the founder of the US Nuclear Navy, Admiral Hyman Rickover. He then became involved in a US Air Force intelligence project, that culminated in the cofounding of Scripta Technica (1962), a publishing company specializing in the presentation of important scientific and engineering materials translated from foreign languages into English. Building upon his experience and reputation in the field, Dr. Begell was a founder and continued to pursue his personal research and publishing activities at Hemisphere Publishing Corporation (1966) where he developed an impressive list of 86 high-impact engineering and biomedical journals as well as hundreds of text and research books and reference tools.

50 North St, Danbury, CT 06810, United States

15. Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning India provides learning solutions to higher education, professional, library reference, and school markets in the Indian sub-continent. We, at Cengage Learning India, develop and publish products to meet the constantly changing needs of our educational, professional, trade and library markets. We also promote and sell all the major Cengage Learning and Gale US brands. Based on the needs of our markets, we reprint, adapt the original Cengage Learning Products. Our strong editorial, sales and marketing team is committed to delivering value to our customers Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide. The company's products and services are designed to foster academic excellence and professional development, increase student engagement, improve learning outcomes and deliver authoritative information to people whenever and wherever they need it. Through the company's unique position within both the library and academic markets, Cengage Learning is providing integrated learning solutions that bridge from the library to the classroom. Cengage Learning's brands include Brooks/Cole, CourseTechnology, Delmar, Gale, Heinle, South-Western and Wadsworth, among others.

200 First Stamford Pl, Stamford, CT 06902, United States

16. Greenwich Publishing Group

Southwestern Publishing House works with leading authors and brands to publish books in a wide variety of categories. Our books deliver authoritative content from leading voices and are uniquely designed to expand, enhance, and inspire engagement with core audiences.

Southwestern Publishing House has more than 150 years of publishing experience serving customers worldwide. Our books range from cookbooks, children’s books, and guidebooks, to history, reference, educational, and business books.

With more than 1,500 exceptional titles by a variety of prominent authors and institutions, Southwestern Publishing House offers unsurpassed editorial excellence and customized sales and distribution capabilities.

Old Saybrook, CT 06475, United States

17. Emerald Lake Books

Emerald Lake Books is a boutique publisher. We offer a personalized publishing service to our authors. That means that we don’t offer package pricing, but instead customize publishing activities to the specific needs of the author and manuscript.

Many of our clients are positive people who want to be recognized as notable experts and thought leaders in their specific market niche. Others are writing to leave a legacy. All have a specific goal in mind when they come to us.

We help them clarify and shape that goal into multiple smaller goals, which are foremost in our minds as we edit, design, position, and market the book.

This process helps us to know specifically:

Who the ideal reader is.

Why the reader has picked up the book.

What the reader is hoping to get out of it.

Why the author has written the book.

What benefit the author hopes to achieve for their business or brand.

What impact the book is intended to have.

Sherman, CT 06784, United States

18. iBooks inc

John T. Colby Jr. is the founder and publisher of Manhattan based Brick Tower Press and J. Boylston & Company, Publishers. Brick Tower Press ranks in the top 100 United States independent book publishers while the J. Boylston & Company imprint ibooks was named "America's fastest growing small publisher" by Publishers Weekly in 2004. Besides ibooks, J. Boylston & Company includes the children's imprint Milk & Cookies Press, and Byron Preiss Visual Publications a book packager with licensed books to Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Dutton, Scholastic, and Reader's Digest.

Prior to Brick Tower Press and J. Boylston & Company, John worked for London-based Dorling Kindersley (DK), Barnes & Noble, Bertelsmann, and Doubleday & Company, Inc.

ibooks is the trade publishing imprint known for its extensive backlist titles in trade fiction, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, history, and popular culture. Readers of notable authors as Isaac Asimov, Roger Zelazny, Stan Lee, John Betancourt, Robert Payne, and Alfred Bester will enjoy our extensive backlist. Milk & Cookies Press represents the children's imprint and features writers such as the late Fritz Leiber and Caldecott Award winner David Wiesner for their title "Gonna Roll the Bones."

7 Indian Valley Rd, Weston, CT 06883, United States

19. Prime Publishers, Inc.

Prime Publishers, Inc., a family owned and operated company, publishes the largest weekly newspapers in western Connecticut. Voices (Wednesday) and Town Times (Thursday) are delivered free by mail to all homes in the communities of:

Local news has been the heart and soul of our newspapers - Town Times since it was first published in 1947 and Voices since 1968. All these years later, we continue to work diligently to bring our readers - more than 200,000 - the finest in local news and information. We have more readers by far than any other newspaper in our market area.

55 Heritage Rd, Southbury, CT 06488, United States

20. Peninsula Publishing

Peninsula Publishing publishes and sells technical books in the subject of acoustics: architectural acoustics, noise control, psychological acoustics, room acoustics, signaling processing, underwater acoustics, underwater transducers, sonars and antisubmarine warfare (ASW).

Acoustics is our passion! We publish 22 book titles which are posted on this website. We are both acousticians and publishers. We produce first rate books in the subject area of acoustics and we are looking to expand our offering.

We can use your help. Peninsula Publishing is looking for new ideas, new titles, and new books. If you have an idea for possibly bringing back an out-of-print book we would love to hear from you. Call us even if you only have a glimmer of an idea and you’re not sure. And we welcome ideas as to improve the website.

Questions on all books dealing with acoustics. If you have a question on any book dealing with acoustics, call us at 203-292-5621. We’ll answer your question if we can and if we do not know the answer, we will try to find it out.

1630 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

21. Activate Learning

With our programs, student engagement comes from actively doing and making sense of science and mathematics. Students investigate and explain phenomena, gather and analyze data, develop and use visual models, and solve multi-step problems. They develop important life skills as they work collaboratively in groups and explore individually with technology supports. Our programs help students to articulate their thinking, critique the reasoning of others, and persevere in completing rich tasks and tackling complex problems.

Our programs fuel the passion of our teachers. Educators delight in actively guiding students through rigorous science and mathematics investigations. Our comprehensive teacher resources provide the necessary content, structure, and supports. We provide videos for lesson preparation, just-in-time access to instructional materials, embedded guides to orchestrate each investigation, and technology supports to efficiently evaluate student work and provide personalized feedback.

44 Amogerone Crossway #7862, Greenwich, CT 06836, United States


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