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70T op Book Publishers in Minnesota (Part 4)


Founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jump! publishes children’s nonfiction with a focus on curriculum-aligned subjects for emergent through early-fluent readers. Our books combine vibrant colors with captivating photography and corresponding text to draw readers into the subject and encourage reading success.Jump! is dedicated to improving literacy and enriching children’s lives. We strive to accomplish this by publishing great content that makes reading fun, inspires curiosity about the world, and ultimately leads to a lifetime of learning.Children open books in hopes of seeing their own lives, interests, and experiences within the pages. It is this perspective that drives every choice we make when creating our books.

Address: 5357 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419, United States

44.midwest publishers home office incorporated

We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence by employment opportunities and distributing popular titles to your doorstep hopefully encouraging your family to retain the skill of reading hard copy magazines that you can hold in your hand, instead of looking at a screen like you are now.

We also support various programs and community outreach efforts by helping with entry level TSR positions for Students, Homemakers and Retirees of any age.

Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at Midwest publishers you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.

Address: 6730 Walker St, St Louis Park, MN 55426, United States

45.Mn Magazine & Publication Association

Following meetings of members of the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development and forward-thinking publishing executives, Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association (MMPA) was formed in January 1995.

One of the publishers in the forefront was Steve Hedlund who said, “Several of us had been meeting informally for a few years, and we agreed that all publishers in the state could benefit from an organized group.”Throughout the last two decades, MMPA has produced some of the best educational events available, which grew into the annual Summit & Expo. Other initiatives have been added, including the annual Excellence Awards program.

Address: 1821 University Ave W # S256, St Paul, MN 55104, United States

46.Book Printing

Since 2006, we’ve helped thousands of independent authors and publishers print, warehouse, and distribute their titles. Our handpicked printing partners are the best in the business and work with some of the world’s largest publishers. Because of our long-standing relationships with these printers (and because we can assure them that we are sending press-ready files), we are able to pass on those incredible printing prices to our customers.In addition to printing, we offer a wide-range of professional services for independent authors. From book editing and design services to marketing and publicity, we have an expert team on staff. Whatever level of service you need, we can guide you through the process.

Address: 322 N 1st Ave #500, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States

47.Mill City Press, Inc.

You need to know how to publish your book. We have the information to help you make smart business decisions. A lot has changed in the industry since we started in 2006, but publishing a book you’re proud of hasn’t. Tailor your publishing experience with our professional guidance.Can you combine the creativity of writing and design with the technical nature of publishing? You only have to take a look at Mill City Press staff for the answer. Not only do we create beautiful books, but our proprietary PubSmart technology, a productivity tool we built just for books, will keep you organized and on track.

Address: 212 3rd Ave N #290, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States

48.Univocal Publishing

Univocal Publishing was founded by Jason Wagner and Drew Burk as an independent publishing house specializing in artisanal editions and translations of texts spanning the areas of cultural theory, media archaeology, continental philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology, and more. In May 2017, Univocal ceased operations as an independent publishing house and became a series with its publishing partner the University of Minnesota Press. Amazingly enough, even in this early work, from 1965, we are finding rhizomes of his latter theories fully connected to contemporary digital discourse, as for example his definition of metaphysics; "there must be a computer that is the computer of all computers" (p. 62/3).

Address: Minneapolis, MN 55455, United States

49.Kairos Publishing

In 1963, Pastor Paul Keller discovered he was unable to find very much in the way of Christian bereavement writings to give to his congregation in times of grief and suffering. So Pastor Keller began the task of writing many booklets of help for the suffering; those suffering from the loss of a loved one; the loss of a child; recovery from addictions; help for the divorced; advice for those trying to help the suffering; how to deal with the many feelings people experience and help for those working with the sick and hospitalized.

Soon Pastor Keller was selling these help to churches, hospitals, mortuaries, and many individuals. His wife, Florence, was at his side to serve to the many people and thus began Kairos Publishing. For 45 years they served many Christians across the country and the world.

Address: 1694 Walnut Ct, St Paul, MN 55122, United States

50.Living Justice Press

“Within my rich oral-tradition childhood, elders and kin prepared me, guided me, and gave me a way to value how life can come into a correct relationship when a person will respectfully listen. I believe people can learn to listen. Stories help us to remember joyously, even as the songs, stories, and tellers change. In the heart of every being there is a “listener” who is hungry, thirsty, and possibly crippled. Listeners all want one thing: something to hope for. Something that will satisfy a gnawing hunger, quench a deep thirst, heal and restore life. Even in an immensely dark time, against seemingly impossible odds, hope flickers. It may be a tiny flame, yes, yet a flame can be kindled, making a small fire to come close to and enjoy.

Address: 2093 Juliet Ave, St Paul, MN 55105, United States

51.Redleaf Press

Established in 1973, Redleaf Press is a leading nonprofit publisher of exceptional curriculum, management, and business resources for early childhood professionals. Our educational and instructional publications improve the lives of children by strengthening and supporting the teachers, trainers, and families who care for them. Redleaf Press titles represent a broad range of topics designed to assist teachers in providing a stimulating, child-centered curriculum based on sound and accepted theory. Redleaf Press is a division of Think Small, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of early childhood professionals. Proceeds from Redleaf Press support many of the services that are offered to teachers, directors, providers, and families through Think Small.

Address: 10 Yorkton Ct, St Paul, MN 55117, United States

52.bluedoor, LLC

the blue door is a privately owned, science-based publisher in the post-secondary market. Our college publishing group focuses on lab support in both print and digital formats in biology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, geology, physics, and astronomy. Our career publishing group focuses on the allied health and veterinary tech market. Formed in 2005, the blue door is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. We are fortunate to have authors that have been with us since the beginning while we continue to attract new authors across the country. Our focus is to provide flexible and affordable learning solutions. We accomplish this by listening to the education market and the educators themselves. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all, and we understand the unique needs that different educational institutions may have.

Address: 10949 Bren Rd E, Minnetonka, MN 55343, United States

53.1517 Media

Throughout our history, 1517 Media has been committed to helping Christian communities and individuals encounter a loving, gracious God and grow in faith, understanding, and response. We create resources for Christian worship and faith formation, for academic study and professional development, and for individual edification and spiritual growth. We have always embraced the media of the day to meet people where they are, in their lives and in their communities.1517 Media is organized around our publishing units that develop and bring to market our products and services and central services that support them with an industry-leading focus on efficiency and innovation. 1517 Media central services include Business Intelligence, Content Management, Design, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Purchasing, Sales and Service, and Web Development.

Address: 510 S Marquette Ave 8th floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States






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