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9 Top Book Publishers in Wyoming

Endeavor Books

Endeavor Books, a division of Mountain States Lithographing, offers a variety of services. As a publisher, we offer a range of textbooks in the field of aviation for both pilots and maintenance technicians. Our main offering is Aircraft Accident Investigation – 2nd Edition by: Richard H. Wood and Robert W Sweginnis.

We also publish titles that deal with the basics of writing by John D. Nesbitt.

For lighter reading, we have several trade novels that include westerns by: John D. Nesbitt, a story about early aviation pioneer by: Walt Hawkins, a book detailing the early trains in Wyoming by: Robert A. King. We have three books that explain basic health care for horses, dogs and cats by Dr. Ruth James, and a beautifully illustrated text entitled Fossil Critters of Wyoming by: Russell J. Hawley.

We now are the official distributor for Sam T. Scaling M.D.’s collection of children’s book. Now available from Endeavor Books. A Field Guide To The Casper Mountain Area Second Edition.

133 S McKinley St, Casper, WY 82601

Okir Publishing Inc,

No book is ever too small for Okir. The Okir mantra revolves around the belief that any author has the power to create change. A book drafted for 10 holds the same weight as one written for legions.

Our innovative publishing solutions are rooted in empowering authors, big and small, to share their work with the world. We partner with you in tailor-fitting publication requirements that suit your book. Whether you are engaged in small or large-scale publishing, we treat it all the same: like a bestseller.

Our Vision

Okir Publishing envisions to be a leading developer, publisher, and provider of globally competitive books and to be recognized as the primary provider of excellent service for authors who aspire to create a great impact in the literary world.

Our Mission

Okir Publishing's mission is to provide exceptional, innovative and up-to-date services for authors and ensure that their books stand out. The company aims to help publish books that can make a difference in the world and promote a culture that will nurture and attract talented individuals into the team, all while being a responsible corporate entity that balances the interests and needs of our clients, the stakeholders, and our community.

1718 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Homestead Publishing

Homestead Publishers was founded by Ray and Elsie Hoover, specializing in practical, easy-to-use cookbooks. We’ve been publishing cookbooks since 1989 when we released The Basics and More Cookbook

The Practical Produce Cookbook followed in 1997.

Grandma’s Recipes was published in 2003.

Most recently, Simply Seven was added to our cookbook lineup in June of 2012.

All four cookbooks are spiral bound allowing them to lie flat while being used.

In 2008 we published Bart and Lydia, a history which Elsie wrote about her grandparents who lived in Lancaster, PA. The story of their life, and how they raised their 13 children, has become, according to Mennonite historian, Amos Hoover (no relation to Ray and Elsie), the best documentary of Old Order Mennonite life available.

Our books are distributed throughout the eastern United States and Canada through various bulk food distributors, book distributors and seed companies. They can be found at many Amish and Mennonite bulk food stores. If our books are not available at your local bulk food store, ask the owner or manager if they would be willing to consider our books for their store.

4030 N Lake Creek Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

Book Magnets

We intend to become your trusted book marketing partner.

We believe that fantastic books deserve to be read by as many people as possible. This is why we strive to help authors find their perfect readers. We take care of book marketing so authors like you could focus on a higher calling: write books that matter.

With Book Magnets, pull readers in and keep them wanting more.

Whether you need a remarkable author website, a great book trailer, or an affordable all-inclusive book marketing package with smarter results.

Book Magnets has the experts who can help.


Provide services that authors need to face their biggest marketing challenges.


Help your best readers find you with Book Magnets’ powerfully effective marketing services.


We want to know the major hurdles to your success and we try to find solutions that fit your unique situation. Don’t take our word for it, talk to us today and discover how our marketing services translate into increased book sales.

1603 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001

WordsWorth Publishing

WordsWorth is an independent publishing services company founded in 2005. Located in Cody, Wyoming, we focus on publishing non-fiction books rooted in the American West.

WordsWorth / R.T. Press WordsWorth is a book publisher with a focus on the Rocky Mountain West. R.T. Press is our imprint, publisher of note cards featuring the work of contemporary artists and photographers.

In addition to publishing, we help authors market and promote their books. We only accept manuscripts we believe in, and when we publish a book we are committed to promoting it through our network of booksellers and libraries. WordsWorth supports our authors with a large network of professional writers, illustrators, historians, designers, editors, proofreaders, and printers — a network developed through years of experience and collaboration.

1313 Southfork Rd, Cody, WY 82414

PUSH! Publication, LLC.

We are PUSH! Publication, a publisher that publishes original made light novels, manga, and artbooks in English & Japanese. We aim to produce top quality content for our audience, which is our commitment to you.

PUSH! is a publishing company that publishes original, English-language, Japanese-style Visual Novels, Light Novels, Manga, and Art Books.

1603 Capitol Ave Suite 310 A234, Cheyenne, WY 82001

High Plains Press

High Plains Press has been publishing a few books a year on Wyoming and the West for over thirty-five years. Their respected Old West histories have become classics and are their best sellers. Volumes in the High Plains Press Poetry of the American West series have won multiple awards competing against publishers of all sizes, among them five Wrangler Awards from the National Cowboy Museum and Western Heritage Center.

Book Publisher Nancy Curtis says that when she founded the company, located on a cattle ranch, there were few other book publishing companies in Wyoming. “I knew people who were writing books that were definitely good enough to be in print, but there were no publishers willing to take a chance on them. Other publishers didn't understand the devotion of western readers to their subjects or the importance of western subjects.”

Her involvement in the operation of the ranch was hands-on for many years. A typical winter day consisted of feeding cattle in the morning and editing books in the afternoon. Now she spends less time outside, but still loves “the cowboy way.” “It’s a perfect combination, she says. “We try to raise a few good cattle and publish a few great books.”

403 Cassa Rd, Glendo, WY 82213

Western Sporting Publications

Falconry is defined as the taking of wild quarry by a trained raptor. This is a form of hunting, but among falconers, a more common word for the practice is “hawking” rather than “hunting.”

Historically, hunting in falconry was a reliable way to bring food to the table. This is true in a few remote cultures of the present day. It can also be said of the modern falconer in the USA, but hunting with a raptor today often has a different purpose, that of developing the high levels of skill and knowledge needed to practice falconry. The type of hunting a falconer knows is both an art and a sport that brings an appreciation and understanding of the natural world and man’s place in it.

Though hunting in falconry is different in many respects from traditional hunting, it also has several similarities:

1) The hunting regulations that must be followed are many. Permits, licenses, training, and fees are required. Seasons are established during which hunting is legal, but outside of which, hunting is forbidden. 2) Friends and fellow hunters may join the hunting party to flush game and carry gear. 3) A dog is often a part of the hunting team, both in falconry and traditional hunting.

730 Crook St, Sheridan, WY 82801

Grace Publications

We have just recently published a Bible study entitled "From Prophecy to Mystery, A study in the first fifteen chapters in the book of Acts". This has been very well received and has been an invaluable instrument to lead people into the truth of Paul's message of grace. We get excited when we are able to place additional arrows in the quiver that point folks to "rightly dividing" God's Word.

We are currently working on several projects. Several of our books have been translated into Spanish for use on various mission fields. It is really good that there are so many people who hunger for good Bible study material. Would to God that was true here in the States. Let us all pray to that end.

It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to use and bless this ministry and those, like you, who stand with us. Thank you for your generous and faithful support of Grace Publications.

1011 Aldon St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509


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