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There once was a girl who met a boy

And she liked this boy. 

More than the sea likes kissing the shore. 

More than the wind likes rattling the trees. 

More than the sun likes visiting the sky. 

She liked the way his glasses fit his face. 

She liked how he towered over her. 

She liked how he would rather watch movies than play football. 

She liked his humor, his smile, his laugh. 

She liked how she couldn’t figure out what color his eyes were. 

She liked how his neck crooned when he played his music. 

She liked him. 

More than the moon likes hanging with the stars. 

More than the rain likes pecking the pavement. 

More than fire likes engulfing wood with flames. 

Then, she told the boy. 

Nerves awry. Heart aflutter. 

The boy told her something she’ll never forget: 

“You’re beautiful and perfect in every way, 

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you.” 

She liked his words. 

It was simple. 

A simple connection, mutual liking, relationship. 

She liked the simplicity; 

The simplicity of their kisses, of their thoughts, of their bonding. 

But she didn’t call it love. 

She couldn’t. 

She didn’t know him well enough. 

She was too young, too naive. 

She wasn’t ready to be heartbroken. 

But she liked him. 

And it’s a good thing she didn’t love him. 

Otherwise her heart may not have bounced back as well, 

After he dropped it and left her behind. 

After handing him something so tender and so fragile, 

He went and threw it out of his hands. 

She promised she would never do that again. 

But she was young. And naive. 

And it’s so easy to give your heart to someone with sweet words.

With sweet eyes. 

So easy to give yourself to someone that you like.






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