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A Boy and His Dream

Once upon a time, a little boy was walking around kicking rocks and skipping them in the pond. It was summer but it wasn't hot or cold, it was perfect. A nice light breeze was blowing, flowers were bloomed and their were pillowy white clouds in a sky so blue. The little boy, Bobby, was whistling away as he walked past the wooded area by the pond. When all of a sudden he heard someone call his name "Bobby"! He stopped, looked around and didn't see anyone or anything in sight. The breeze stopped, the sky got cloudy and getting dark when he tried to keep going. Again he heard his name called so he turned around and noone. Then the voice called again, so Bobby started to go back and the sun came out and the nice breeze was blowing. He's thinking how cool it was at that moment. So he decided to go down the walking path, found himself a walking stick just in case. He headed right for the woods and when he got there he stopped, he took a deep breath and walked into the woods. When he got a little further in, it was a whole other world. 

Next thing you know, Bobby's jaw dropped and his eyes got so big that he became mesmerized by what he saw. As Bobby was looking around he saw little twinkling lights that were bright white. All of a sudden one of the lights came toward him and to his surprise it is a tiny little fairy. She stopped right in front of his face and blew dust at him, gave him a wink and flew away. Bobby was smiling from ear to ear. He decided he was going to venture a little further to see what other amazing things he'll come across. As he's looking around at everything, so bold and bright colors of green on the trees and bushes. Not too mention the numerous of other beautiful colors like pinks, yellows, reds etc. Everything was so big and beautiful. Then something caught bobby's eyes, it was an odd shaped hole in the trunk of a tree. Bobby starts to tip toe over and then he sees something poke it's head out real quick then went back in. Now Bobby was definitely curious about the place in the woods. So he starts calling to see if anyone would come out. Then Bobby realizes there's these holes all over the place and these little creatures started coming out. They look familiar, he thought, it pops in his head and he calls out "your gnomes" all excited and hopping around. He circles around and all the gnomes and fairies were everywhere all giddy and happy Bobby was just a kid and wouldn't hurt them. 

They stopped hooping and hollering, looked at Bobby and asked if he would stay and have lunch with them. Without any hesitation, he politely accepted with a nod of his head. So some of the gnomes went back to working while some went to go get provisions for their meal. While waiting Bobby decided to go looking around when he realized some of the tiny fairies were following him, spreading fairy dust everywhere they were that shined like glitter. Walking around Bobby sees all kinds of things like frogs, insects, butterflies and worms etc. The scent of fresh flowers and wood burning for making our lunch today smelled so good. Bobby found a tree stump and sat down because he was so amazed by what he had saw and experienced that it's tiring him out. It is definitely not anything he could ever imagine. Especially the fairies who were the cutest thing he's ever seen. 

Well the gnomes were starting to come back from gathering their food for lunch. As they're throwing some veggies in a pan of water over an open fire others are cooking fish over a different open fire. There was all kinds of berries and juices to drink. It was time to eat, so in an open area where we were gathering there were tiny little tree stumps to sit on. The table were two long logs side by side and tied together with rope. As we were finishing up Bobby with a full belly started to get tired, his eyes were getting heavy and he wanted to lay down. All the gnomes pitched in and cleaned up after the meal when a couple of them went over to Bobby trying to get him to lay down. He didn't want to lay down because he had to go home soon. But before you know it, Bobby had fell over in the open area and went fast asleep. The gnomes were just relaxing, hanging around at neighbors doing odds and ends before the day was done. 

When Bobby woke up, he was still half asleep and started to get anxious because he was supposed to be home by now. The gnomes tried to keep him calm and tell him not to worry everything will be alright. But Bobby was still sleepy and didn't say anything. Then he said that he had to leave but the gnomes and the fairies were doing everything possible to convince to stay. See they all really liked Bobby and thought it would be so nice to have a human little boy living with them. That didn't happen because Bobby got up and started to walk away calling out thanking them for everything. And he sincerely apologized to them over and over again. The gnomes and fairies were all waving and saying good bye. Some were telling Bobby to come back and visit again. Bobby was running as fast as he could to get home because the sun was starting to go down. Finally he started to see the opening in the woods where he came in on the dirt path. 

When Bobby came threw the woods out in the open, it was like he was lost or something. He looked around and got himself together then took off running toward home. As he was coming up on his house he could see the porch lights on. Running as fast as he could Bobby was also trying to figure out what he was going to say to his parents. Scared and no clue what to say because noone would believe him, Bobby decided he was just going to be honest. He'll probably get grounded for a very long time not to mention have his TV taken away. As he approached the porch huffing and puffing, Bobby's dad opened the door and boy didn't he look mad as ever. Bobby started spilling his guts to his parents, ranting and raving like no other. Then his dad looked at him and told him to go to his room. So when Bobby went up to his room and shut the door, turned around and their were a couple of fairies and gnomes standing there. They all started talking at once and it was getting loud and all of a sudden he heard his dad coming up the stairs. He's trying so hard to get them to be quiet and it wasn't working. Then he heard the doorknob, the gnomes and fairies started freaking out, afraid of getting caught. He heard his dad walk in and called out "Bobby" and again, Bobby turned his head to look at his dad. Then Bobby realizes it's quiet and noone is around, thought for a second and then yelled out "it was just a dream" in such disappointment and saddened. 

His mom walked in and asked why he looked so sad? So Bobby went on and on telling them all about his day and that it was real. He was so frustrated because he knew what he saw and they didn't believe him. His parents were tucking him back in the bed as he's swearing up and down it was true. They told him to hush now and get some sleep, they turned away and left. Bobby laid there thinking when he heard something, he sits up and turns his bedside light on and right before his eyes, they were there. The fairies and the gnomes came back to show Bobby that they believe him. They said there good byes and off they went…

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