• abby1098

A Fall Memory

A crisp fall morning, 

the leaves crunching beneath my feet, 

A silent wind calling, 

I adjust my sweater so it’s nice and neat. 

We approach the big gates, 

The smell of pie and pumpkins all around, 

Our hungry stomachs like empty plates, 

But I yearn for the fun that’s in the background. 

We run through corn fields: Amazed by this maize maze. 

Suck on sweet honey but avoid the bee’s menacing gaze. 

Ride on tire horses and swing into hay bales, 

Fly on ziplines and paint pumpkin tales, 

Create a scarecrow with a happy silly grin, 

Race on tractors for the hope of one good win. 

We laugh and sing silly songs, 

All four of us, happy and getting along. 

Hay stuck in our hair,

We shrug it off and don’t care,

We’re having fun with our little tradition 

And smiles and memories: our only mission. 

The day ends once again,

And we grab our bags and head home. 

We look back so fondly and then 

The three of us started to roam. 

All three scattered and went separate ways, 

There was only one tether 

That kept us together. 

And sadly that tether 

Was severed. 

And all three 

Were left 

All alone. 


One memory remained. 

Those bright fall days filled with apples and pies, 

Scarecrows and pumpkins shooting across the sky. 

Happiness that brought them together 

Will keep them bonded now and forever.






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