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A Guide to Independent Publishing Companies

Independent publishing companies, also known as independent presses or indie presses, are publishers that are not affiliated with a larger publishing company or conglomerate. They often focus on niche markets or specific genres and may have a smaller staff and budget compared to larger publishers. Here is a guide to independent publishing companies:

  1. Research: Research different independent publishing companies to find the ones that align with your work. Look for companies that specialize in your genre or subject matter, and read about their mission and values.

  2. Submission guidelines: Carefully read and follow the submission guidelines of each independent publisher you are interested in submitting to. Many indie presses have specific guidelines for formatting, length, and other requirements.

  3. Connect with the publisher: Reach out to the publisher and introduce yourself, ask any questions you may have, and express your interest in working with them.

  4. Be prepared to invest in your book: Independent publishing companies may not have the same resources as larger publishers, and you may be required to invest in your own book, such as editing, design, and marketing.

  5. Expect a smaller print run: Many independent publishers have a smaller print run than larger publishers, which may mean that your book will not be as widely available as it would be with a larger publisher.

  6. Consider self-publishing: If you're unable to find an independent publisher that aligns with your work, you can also consider self-publishing. This can give you more control over the final product and distribution, but it also means you will be responsible for all aspects of production, distribution, and marketing.

It's important to remember that the publishing process is different for every author and book, so it's important to find the path that works best for you.


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