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A List of Academic Presses Specializing in Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Oxford University Press

  2. Cambridge University Press

  3. Harvard University Press

  4. Princeton University Press

  5. University of Chicago Press

  6. Stanford University Press

  7. University of California Press

  8. Yale University Press

  9. Columbia University Press

  10. University of Michigan Press

  11. University of Pennsylvania Press

  12. Duke University Press

  13. University of Minnesota Press

  14. Indiana University Press

  15. University of Alabama Press

  16. University of Georgia Press

  17. University of Oklahoma Press

  18. University of Utah Press

  19. University of North Carolina Press

  20. University of Illinois Press

These presses are known for publishing high-quality scholarly books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. They have a long history of publishing important and influential works, and their books are considered essential reading for students and scholars in their respective fields. They are also not-for-profit organizations, and rely on government funding, grants, and subsidies from their parent institutions, ensuring that they can maintain their high standards and continue to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

It's worth noting that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other reputable academic presses that are not included. Additionally, reputation can also vary depending on the field of study, so it is important to research the best presses for your particular area of interest.


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