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A List of Notable African American Book Clubs

African American book clubs are a great way for readers to connect with others who share their love of literature and culture. These clubs often focus on works by African American authors, but also may read and discuss literature that deals with themes and issues relevant to the African American community.

Here is a list of notable African American book clubs:

  1. Black Girls Book Club

  2. Brown Girls Book Club

  3. Sistahs on a Bookshelf

  4. Black Men Read

  5. Black Literature is for Everyone

  6. Black Pearls Magazine Book Club

  7. Black Literature Collective

  8. Black Women's Book Club

  9. Black Book Club of Atlanta

  10. Black Writers & Readers Rock Book Club

  11. Black Literati

  12. Black Books Matter

  13. Black Feminist Reading Group

  14. Black Literature Matters

  15. Black Women's Reading Group

  16. Black Literature Lovers

  17. Black Girl Reading Club

  18. Black Books and Wine

  19. Black Feminist Collective Reading Group

  20. Black Literature and Lyrics Book Club.


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