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American Mathematical Society: A Leading Scientific Publisher

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is a leading scientific publisher. Founded in 1888, the AMS is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing the mathematical sciences. The society publishes a wide range of scientific journals, books, and databases, with a focus on mathematics and its applications in various fields including physics, engineering, computer science and statistics. The AMS journals are well known for their high-quality peer-review process and are considered to be among the most prestigious in their respective fields. Many of the journals have high impact factors, indicating the significance of the research published within them. In addition to publishing, the AMS also provides a range of services and tools to support researchers, educators, and students, such as online access to content, research data management, analytics, and AI-based recommendations. With a global reach and a reputation for excellence, the American Mathematical Society is a vital resource for researchers, educators, and students in the mathematical sciences.


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