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Behind the scenes at Hurst & Company: A day in the life of a publisher

Hurst & Company is a New York City-based publisher that is known for its high-quality, critically acclaimed books in a wide range of genres. A day in the life of a publisher at Hurst & Company can be quite varied and fast-paced, as they are responsible for many different tasks and responsibilities. Below is a general overview of what a typical day may involve for a publisher at Hurst & Company:

  1. Reviewing Manuscripts: One of the primary responsibilities of a publisher is to review and evaluate manuscripts submitted by authors. Publishers at Hurst & Company spend a significant amount of time reading and evaluating potential book projects, looking for works that align with the company's mission and that have the potential to be successful in the market.

  2. Meetings with authors and agents: Publishers at Hurst & Company spend a lot of time in meetings with authors and agents, discussing potential book projects, and providing feedback on manuscript revisions. This is a key part of the publisher's role in helping authors to develop their work and to bring it to market.

  3. Coordinating with the Design team: Publishers work closely with the design team to create the visual aspect of the company's books, from cover design to interior layout. Publishers are involved in the design process, providing feedback and making decisions about the overall look and feel of the book.

  4. Working on Marketing and Publicity: Publishers work closely with the marketing and publicity team to create buzz and generate sales for the company's books. This includes creating marketing plans, arranging author events and book signings, and working with the media to get coverage for the company's books.


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