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Breaking into the Manga Book Market: A Guide for International Authors

The manga market is a lucrative industry with a worldwide audience, but it can be challenging for international authors to break into. However, with a solid plan and the right resources, it is possible to navigate the market and find success.

  1. Research the market: Understand the different genres and styles of manga that are popular in Japan and internationally. Familiarize yourself with the conventions and expectations of the industry.

  2. Learn the language: While not essential, a basic understanding of Japanese can be helpful when communicating with publishers and readers.

  3. Build a portfolio: Create a polished portfolio of your work to showcase your skills and style. Many publishers look for a completed manga series or at least several chapters of a series before considering a new author.

  4. Network: Attend conventions, manga fairs, and other events where you can meet with industry professionals and other manga creators.

  5. Find a publisher: Research publishers that accept international submissions and submit your work to them. Be prepared to wait for a response as the process can take time.

  6. Learn from rejection: If your work is rejected, try to understand why and use the feedback to improve your craft.

  7. Create a fanbase: Building a fanbase will help to attract publishers and readers and to increase your visibility in the market.

  8. Collaborate with a Japanese artist or writer: This can help bridge the gap between your work and what is expected by the market.

  9. Keep learning and improving: As with any industry, the manga market is constantly evolving. Stay current with new trends and techniques to stay relevant.

Breaking into the manga market can be challenging, but by understanding the market, building a strong portfolio, and making the right connections, international authors can find success in this exciting and dynamic industry.


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