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Briar Nolet. Briar was born in Canada in 1988. Beginning at a young age, she began catching the eyes of her peers with her skills at a very young age.

Briar was born into a family with skill and talent. Her dad, Alan Nolet, was a canadian Olympic gymnast. This encouraged Briar at a young age. She began doing gymnastics until age seven when she gave it up due to injuries. Briar had a lot of experience with dancing and this landed her the role of Richelle on Next Step. This brought even more attention to Briars technique and skill in dance and acting, opening many doors for her. In 2016 another film released starring Briar called Blood Hunters. According to her dancers profile on Canadian Dance Company, Briar remained in school during all of this, remaining on the Honors Roll. Her profile can be found in the Hall of Fame column of the website.

Briar Nolet began competing on World of Dance in 2019, making it all the way into the World Finals round. Her Experience with acting as well as dancing makes her performances even more eye catching. It is as if you can see and feel the story she is telling. On Briars World of Dance contestant profile, there are videos of her performances. More specifically her World Finals performance. Briar begins this performance elevated off the stage holding her weight with one arm on the bar above her. She showcases her acting, gymnast, and dance skills all in one. Briar brings it all to the table. The first thirty seconds of her performance were in the air. Throughout the entire thirty seconds she did not let her form fall. Her toes were pointed, knees were locked, her face felt the part, and her strength looked unbreakable. Forty Five seconds into Briars performance she lets out a scream. Straight from the gut. This drove the crowd insane, as well as the judges. Before you know it, Briar is executing a tempo change with a fire of emotion, tumbling, and technique. In this dance, her execution of level changes, turns, and flexibility caught the attention of many. Ne-yo described Briars final performance as a “superhero coming to save us”. While Jennifer Lopez described her talent as coming with “ a sense of danger”. Briar “defies the odds” according to judge, Derek Hough.

Briar Nolet hopes to continue her career dancing and choreography as she gets older. Being only nineteen, she is already an idol to many and looks forward to motivating and teaching future dancers through her online platforms. The World of Dance opened plenty of doors for Briar. Giving her opportunities to showcase and use all of her talents.






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