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Brooks/Cole: A Major Mathematics Textbook Publisher

Brooks/Cole was a major publisher of educational materials, including textbooks, in a wide range of subjects, including mathematics. Brooks/Cole was an imprint of Cengage Learning and was known for its high-quality, research-based and standards-aligned curriculum materials. They offered a wide range of mathematics textbooks for primary, secondary and higher education, that were designed to help students learn and apply mathematical concepts. Brooks/Cole's textbooks were known for their clear and concise explanations, engaging examples, and comprehensive problem sets. They also provided online resources such as solutions manual, test banks, and interactive activities to support students' learning. Brooks/Cole's textbooks were widely used in classrooms across the US and were known to be popular among educators and students alike. However, as of 2021, Brooks/Cole as an imprint was discontinued and the content was merged with other Cengage's imprints.


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