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Cambridge University Press: A Top Mathematical Sciences Publisher

Cambridge University Press is a respected publisher in the field of mathematical sciences, known for publishing high-quality research articles, journals, and books in a wide range of mathematical disciplines. Some of the well-known mathematics journals published by Cambridge University Press include:

  • Acta Numerica

  • Advances in Applied Probability

  • Journal of the London Mathematical Society

  • Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

  • Journal of Functional Analysis

Cambridge University Press also publishes a number of reference works and monographs in mathematics, such as the Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics and the Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics series. The Press has a strong reputation for quality and rigor in the mathematical community, and its publications are widely used by researchers, students, and practitioners in the field. Cambridge University Press also offers an online platform, Cambridge Core, which provides access to over 50,000 academic books and over 300,000 journal articles across a wide range of disciplines, including mathematical sciences.


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