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Caught book 3 (MA 18+)

I learned many things being Claudias trophy. I learned about this world where hundreds of people found a way to make money without having to have an actual job. I learned to never carry nice things on my or they will be traded for meth. RIP my purses, ukulele, and xbox. I learned about how the pawn shops in slaphouses work. You bring in an item brand new and the slaphouse will give you 50-75% of what it would have been worth. For example, they would go steal packages off of peoples front porches and trade the stuff in that package for money; or they would sell it online. Another option would be to do walk-outs. They would literally go into the Walmart and come out with a shopping cart full of stuff. High dollar stuff too! Another would be the HD scam. What they would do is fraudulently make a home depot pro account. This is basically a credit card for project workers. They would run in and buy really nice tools then flip them for cash. Another is fishing, Claudias favorite. They would break into cars or mailboxes and take things to either build a profile, or they would take high dollar items. They found a lot of checks this way. They would take the checks and wash them putting their own names on it. Then deposit them using my card for cash to slap with, or to buy drugs.

One of the scariest things for me was finding out I had been sold to a group of men in Tijuana for sex. Claudia had already gotten the money for me when she decided I was better for her than them. So we had to run. Now I wasn’t only in a life-threatening situation with Claudia but with these men I had never seen before as well. These men knew what I looked like. Knowing anyone can be the person hunting you down turns you into an immediate tweaker. I was so scared. She began using my Airbnb account to get us places. The places were Asian hostiles close to a slaphouse. That way Claudia could just walk over. I was to stay in the room that night….I didn’t stay in the room. I was scared. The hostile was quiet yet all the rooms were full and the people were awake. Then I saw shadows buy my window and it was game over. I through my backpack with clothes over my shoulder and walked out the front door. I ran two blocks before getting lost in the middle of little Saigon at 11pm at night. I made out by the main road and as I was approaching it Claudia comes driving down the street. She got out of the car, chased me down the street until she grabbed a hold of my back pack. I let it slip off of me but she grabbed my hand before I could get any further and took me back to the hostile. There were times I begged her to kill me and times I tried killing myself. I wish it would have worked. But she would just laugh in my face. She was a literal psycho. This night she raped me. I know it because I wasn’t drugged. I was completely aware. She tied my hands to the poles of the bed with rope from her toolbox. She pulled out a dildo and laughed while she asked me if I’ve ever taken 8 and a half inches before. I started crying until she pulled out a knife and asked me if id rather take that instead. She laughed again and put the knife away saying “don’t worry baby I would never hurt you”. First of all, I will never ever trust that statement again. Everyone wants to hurt me in their own way. She held me down and forced her way into me with her dildo. It hurt so bad I screamed. But then she covered my face. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. But instead my mind just went dead. I couldn’t say anything and I couldn’t hear anything. I was gone again. When she was done she went to shower and left me tied to the bed. I laid there crying and trying to cover myself up with the sheets on the bed but I couldn’t find anything, I was fully exposed laying on the bed tied up. The best part is when she came out of the shower and asked me if I hadn’t gotten up yet because I was too fat to do it myself. This was a cherry topper. I was miserable. She untied me and had me put something on before some of her people showed up. Whenever people come over I’m supposed to sit down and not speak until I’m asked too. I usually don’t listen but this time I couldn’t even form a sentence if I tried. It was like I was brain dead. Completely helpless.



Julio and Claudia had been friends for about a year before I came around. They met each other doing construction work, and started slinging meth as a team. Because they were both addicts they dipped into their stash quite a bit. They were losing money fast and could only blame eachother for the problem. When I was brought around for the first time I had already gone through three months of getting beaten into being a girlfriend. So I was pretty compliant. Claudia told me julio, was dangerous. He would try to have sex with me and get me to do drugs. They were basically the same person except Julio was a dumbass. They used eachother for a few weeks for drugs and rides in claudias car. Later on, Julio messages my social media account telling me to leave Claudia for this and that. But luckily for him my keeper had my phone. Claudia then came up with a master set of plans for her new way of making money. Using men’s interest towards me to lure them in and rob them. She did it to two of her ex friends, and two of mine…She would message them and get them to meet me at a hotel or if they were alone at their place. She would dress me up and send me in as bait while she would hide until they came in and then jumped them. Julio was different though. He wanted me to come to this house he was working on at midnight in Irvine. Claudia accepted the invitation and got me ready. On the ride over she told me the plan. Same as always. I went into the house while Claudia was supposed to go through the back door. When I entered Julio slammed me against the wall and told me he knew what was up. We were busted. He felt my body and then went to find Claudia. They fought for 30 minutes before Claudia could land a direct hit on Julio’s knee with a rod. They made up when Julio offered her some meth and his pipe. They both agreed to be civil. I was just sitting there until Julio asked me if I've ever done meth before. I told him no but he didn’t take “no”. Neither did Claudia. Claudia ordered me to come over to the couch and they plugged my nose and put the pipe up to my mouth. I put up a fight so Julio tried to shotgun the meth with me. They would plug my nose  til I opened and gasped for air and then they would go in. First Julio shotgunning it into my mouth. Then Claudia. Then the pipe. Black out.






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