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Hello my name is Cody and I’m six years old. MY mom told me if I write in my journal then I could get a gift when I’m older. I am going to write in my journal every day.

Hello everyone I am back today is Saturday October third. I just ate my moms noodles for dinner. Dad did not like them. He would not even sit at the table. Maybe he thought they smelled yucky. I thought they were good.

Today is Sunday October 4th I think dad is mad at mom and me. Dad will not talk and he was not here to make me Sunday fishing. I heard him yelling last night after bed time. maybe he was sad because he did not like moms noodles. Today at school I got a STICKER.

WE GOT A DOG TODAY it is October 5th sorry I forgot this. we got a dog. I am SEVEN today. Mom and dad got me a dog. Dad was not here for birthday breakfast but he came back. My dogs name is Puddle.

Puddle pooped on the floor.

Today is october 6th. Dad was crying at bedtime last night but he gave me a BIG hug. I do not know why dad is sad. My sister Lea came back today. She is 15 years old. She was with grandma. I wanted to see grandma. But Lea brought me cupcakes for my birthday!

October 7th Mom and dad had to leave before morning breakfast. Lea was the boss. Lea took me on a walk. Mom said not to go outside. Lea made me an ice cream sundae and we watched a movie. Mom and dad came home. Mom was sad I do not know why. Dad went to bed while the sun was still out.

October 8th

We are going on a trip. We had to leave puddle. Grandma is watching him. We are staying at a big hotel. Daddy gets to meet a superhero! Mommy said the superhero might make daddy eat her noodles again. Mommy took me and Lea to get ice cream and to see a museum and the ocean! We got to go on an airplane!

October 9th

Daddy is still with the superhero. Mommy is sad and Lea is still sleeping. I miss dad.

October 10th

Daddy is still with the superhero. I don't like this trip. I want to go home. I don't care if daddy does not like the noodles.

October 11th

Mommy and Lea and me are going to see daddy today. Mommy said the superhero says we have to be very quiet and STRONG.

October 11th

We are staying here at the superheroes house with mommy and daddy until grandma gets here. Daddy is really sleepy. He was asleep the whole day.

October 12th

Today we stayed with grandma at another hotel. Mommy and daddy are still at the superheroes house. Lea is very sad. She wants to see daddy. Lea told me daddy was not going to wake up.

October 13th

Grandma told me daddy had a big bump on his brain. And that the super hero had to use his powers to take it out. But the superhero did not have strong enough powers so he needed daddies help. Daddy had to use all his powers with the superhero to fight the bump. Now daddy is tired and resting.

October 14th

We get to go see daddy again. Grandma and Lea are very sad. But I am happy because I miss dad and mom so much.

October 14th

Dad looks different and is still sleeping. His hands were so cold. Mommy said daddy had to go away and will be back later. But I still saw him there sleeping. We are going back to the hotel with mommy but I don’t want to leave daddy.

October 15th

We are going on the airplane. Daddy is not coming. Lea said daddy is dead.

October 20th

Daddy never came home. I do not want to go to school. I want to go to sleep. I am mad at mommy for leaving dad.

October 21st

I saw daddy last night in my dream, he told me not to be mad at mommy and that he was sick. Daddy said not to hurt other people because I am sad.

October 21st

I told mommy today about what daddy said and It made her cry. She said she told me he would be back.

October 22nd

Daddy came back after bedtime last night. He sang my favorite night time song and tickled my back. He told me all the pretty places he has visited. I missed him so much. He gave me a big hug and told me to go back to school. He said my friends miss me.

October 23rd

I went back to school today. It was Friday so we got LONG recess. Lily and Aneesa said they missed me and we played tag with Cody and Brock. Miss Jamie called me to her office to talk about daddy. But I said it’s okay because he still visits me and plays with me. Even though he can not take me Sunday fishing.

October 24th

Daddy came back last night and told me to help mommy more. Mommy is still so sad. Daddy said mommy likes it when he brushed her hair after her bath.So I made mommy a BIG bubble bath and when she was all done. I brushed her hair. Just like daddy. Mommy was crying but she was not sad with me. She gave me a big hug and asked me if daddy told me so.

October 25th

Lea is still mad with mommy. I told Lea that dad said not to hurt other people because shes sad and then she yelled at me.

October 26th

Daddy came back last night and told me to get his big grey shirt. This is the one Lea always steals. Dad said to give it to Lea. And tell her that when she wears it to close her eyes and wrap her arms and he will give her a big hug.






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