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Creating Custom Images with Microsoft Publisher's Picture Tools

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software that offers a variety of tools for creating custom images for use in documents. One of the most useful of these tools is the "Drawing Tools" feature, which allows users to create custom shapes and designs. To access the Drawing Tools, users can select the "Insert" tab and select "Shapes." This will open a menu of pre-designed shapes, including rectangles, circles, and arrows. Users can also select the "Freeform" option to draw their own shapes. Once a shape is inserted, users can edit its size, color, and other properties by clicking on the "Format" tab. Another useful tool for creating custom images in Microsoft Publisher is the "Picture Tools" feature. This allows users to edit and manipulate existing pictures by adjusting brightness and contrast, cropping, and applying effects such as borders and shadows. To access the Picture Tools, users can right-click on a picture and select "Format Picture." Publisher also offers a feature called "Clip Art" that allows users to add pre-designed images to their documents. These images include things like illustrations, icons, and photos. To access the Clip Art feature, users can click on the "Insert" tab and select "Clip Art." Finally, Publisher also offers a feature called "Picture Layouts" which allows users to arrange multiple pictures on a page in a variety of creative ways. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the "Layout" button in the "Picture Tools" tab. Overall, Microsoft Publisher's picture tools provide users with a wide range of options for creating custom images for their documents. With the tools available, users can easily create custom shapes, edit and manipulate existing pictures, and add pre-designed images to create professional-looking documents.


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