• abby1098

Fairy Dreams

Glittering wings that shed sparkles through the air.

Fantasy sings with diamonds everywhere. 

Shiny bells tinkle and jingle all throughout.

Look around, see no trace, and you might start to doubt. 

Was there even a twinkling sound tiny as can be?

Was there even a sparkling thing dancing around me? 

Don’t think too hard now, close your eyes tight,

Believe with all your heart and you’ll find you were right. 

Hidden in the corners of every house and home, 

There lie secret fairies to make you less alone. 

They glow so bright, it’s hard to see their faces.

They waltz around throughout the night to so many little places.

Spritely smiles glimmer and laugh with glee, 

Their pixie dust floats around, scintillatingly free! 

They do a jig and suddenly a blanket of pixie dust appears.

It calms you down as you lie your head, free of any fears. 

The blanket envelops you as a yawn draws out of your mouth. 

They tightly tuck you in just as the clock starts to point south. 

Their job is done-- you’re safe asleep dreaming something nice;

A pixie’s work is never done as they chime their bells thrice.

Over the hills and through the forests they go,

Onto the next child who is sleepless at night. 

The fairies work hard and never are slow; 

Sweet dreams are their forte and make them take flight.






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