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Free Backlink Services for Aikido club

Free Backlink Services for Aikido club

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National and International Aikido Services - AAA & AAI

Aikido Association

Aikido Association of America and Aikido Association International dojo offers traditional aikido programs with instruction provided by shidoin (instructors) ...

Instagram ·

29.9K+ followers

Promoting Aikido worldwide Tag us to get featured in our stories Check out Stories for Aikido News & Events Buy our awesome Aikido apparel at:.

Rutgers Aikido Club – ALC – Japanese

Sites@Rutgers › alc-japanese › aikido-club

Join the Rutgers Aikido Club! Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese marital art with an emphasis on self-defense and harmonious spirit.

United States Aikido Federation: Home

United States Aikido Federation

The United States Aikido Federation (USAF) is the oldest aikido organization in the United States. It was established by Yoshimitsu Yamada, Akira Tohei, ...

Aikido Club - Connect

Anthology › engage › organization

Organization to promote the practice of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido and educate the Baylor community about self defense and Japanese martial arts as an important ...

Genkikai Ki-Aikido

The University of Chicago

About Us. What is Genkikai? Ki-Aikidō · Weapons Arts · Ki Development · Taigi · Kiatsu · Club Officers · Instructors · How to Join. Training Schedule ...

Rider University Aikido Club - - Bronc Nation

Rider University › organization › RUAC

Come and practice Aikido to train in self-defense or for fun. Aikido is a martial art that was created as an effective method of self-defense for everyone. The ...

Tomiki Aikido of the Americas – Established 1990.

Tomiki Aikido of the Americas

There are TAA dojo throughout the United States and the Americas. Check the directory for a dojo near you. Curriculum.

Brown University Aikido Club | Providence RI

Facebook · Brown University Aikido Club

640+ followers

Brown University Aikido Club, Providence, Rhode Island ... Brown University Aikido Club. 645 followers ... 81 Waterman St, Providence, RI 02906, United States...

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History of Aikido in the US

Aikido was introduced to the United States in the 1950s by Koichi Tohei, who was the chief instructor at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. Tohei's efforts to spread Aikido in the US laid the foundation for the growth and popularity of the martial art across the country.

Meaning of Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that translates to "the way of harmony with the spirit." The term is derived from three kanji: "Ai" (harmony), "Ki" (spirit or energy), and "Do" (way or path). Aikido emphasizes blending with the opponent's movement to redirect their energy and achieve control without causing harm.

Specialization of Aikido

Aikido specializes in techniques that use the opponent's energy against them, focusing on joint locks, throws, and pins. Unlike other martial arts that emphasize strikes and force, Aikido practitioners aim to neutralize aggression with minimal harm, promoting peace and harmony.

Global Practice of Aikido

Aikido is practiced in over 140 countries worldwide, making it one of the most widely recognized and practiced martial arts. Its philosophy of harmony and non-violence appeals to people from diverse cultural backgrounds, contributing to its global popularity.

Aikido Club USA Membership

Joining an Aikido club in the USA offers numerous benefits, including access to training with certified instructors, participation in seminars, and opportunities for advancement through belt testing. Membership typically includes annual dues, which help support the club's activities and maintenance.

United States Aikido Federation Test Requirements

The United States Aikido Federation (USAF) sets specific requirements for testing and a|oil.opodvancement in Aikido. These include proficiency in techniques, understanding of Aikido principles, and demonstration of proper etiquette. The federation provides detailed guidelines and criteria for each rank, from beginner to advanced levels.

Aikido Shodan Test Requirements

Achieving the rank of Shodan (first-degree black belt) in Aikido requires rigorous training and proficiency in fundamental techniques. Candidates must demonstrate competence in basic movements, throws, pins, and the ability to perform techniques under various conditions. Additionally, they must exhibit a deep understanding of Aikido philosophy and etiquette.

USAF Aikido Dojos

The USAF oversees numerous dojos across the United States, providing standardized training and certification. These dojos offer classes for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and host events such as seminars, workshops, and examinations to promote the growth and development of Aikido.

MIT Aikido

MIT Aikido is a prominent club within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offering Aikido training to students, faculty, and staff. The club emphasizes traditional Aikido teachings and provides opportunities for members to practice, improve their skills, and participate in local and national Aikido events.

Dojo Etiquette in Aikido

Proper dojo etiquette is a fundamental aspect of Aikido training. This includes bowing upon entering and leaving the dojo, showing respect to instructors and fellow practitioners, maintaining a clean and orderly practice area, and adhering to the dojo's rules and guidelines. Etiquette fosters a respectful and focused training environment.

Finding Aikido Dojos Near You

Finding a local Aikido dojo can be as simple as conducting an online search or using directories provided by the USAF and other Aikido organizations. Websites like Dojo Finder and Aikido Journal offer comprehensive listings of dojos, making it easy to find a suitable training facility near you.

USAF Aikido Blog

The USAF Aikido Blog is a valuable resource for practitioners, providing articles, updates, and insights on various aspects of Aikido. Topics range from training tips and technique breakdowns to interviews with senior instructors and reflections on Aikido philosophy, helping members stay informed and inspired.


Utilizing free backlink services and understanding the essentials of Aikido can significantly enhance the visibility and growth of an Aikido club. By focusing on quality backlinks, engaging with reputable link building services, and understanding the rich history and global practice of Aikido, clubs can attract more members and foster a thriving community.



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