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How Lexis Law Publishing Embraces Open Access

Open access is a growing trend in the legal publishing industry, and LexisNexis is taking steps to embrace this movement. Open access refers to the practice of making scholarly research and other academic work freely available to the public, without the need for a subscription or other barriers to access. Here are some ways in which Lexis Law Publishing is embracing open access:

  1. Providing free access to some content: LexisNexis is making some of its content available for free, such as legislation and case law, in order to make legal information more widely available to the public.

  2. Open access publishing: LexisNexis is working to make more of its content available through open access publishing, which allows authors to publish their work in a way that makes it freely available to the public.

  3. Open data: LexisNexis is also working to make its data available through open data platforms, which allows researchers and others to access and use the data for their own purposes.

  4. Collaboration with academic institutions: LexisNexis is collaborating with academic institutions to make more of their research available through open access, by partnering with them to host and disseminate the research.

  5. Open access initiatives: LexisNexis is also participating in various open access initiatives such as the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

Overall, Lexis Law Publishing is embracing open access by making more of its content and data freely available to the public, through open access publishing, open data, collaboration with academic institutions, and participation in open access initiatives. This allows more people to access legal information and research, which can help to promote a better understanding of the law and to improve the accessibility of legal information.


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