How to Start Your Own Book Publisher?

How can I start up my own independent book publishing firm in the US?

Well, Here are steps that are required before you can actually start your own independent book publishing firm.

  1. Decide on the structure of business you want after finding a business name. In the US, There're three options to choose from, Sole Proprietorship, LLC, and S-Corporation. A Sole Proprietorship is the most common business structure used by self publishers and also the simplest. You run it by yourself as the owner with the entitlement of all the profits, responsibilities of liabilities and debts, and It is claimed under your social security number for tax purposes. A LLC is a “hybrid” structure, carrying the characteristics of a sole proprietorship and a corporation. With an LLC, the owners are not liable for the company’s debts or liabilities, Owners are called members, it provides more protections, and The articles of organization have to be filed and documented with the state in order to start. A S-Corporation “small business corporation” is a structure that generally gives more advantages towards taxes and savings, it offers investment opportunities, you only file once a year with no double taxation, and any losses, liabilities, or deductions pass through the corporation’s shareholders.

  2. Consult and Register. Ask or look for free consultations from various accountants, to get a professional opinion or view on what’s best for you. For registration, there are different routes for the different business structures. For example, If you chose to do a Sole Proprietorship, you would need to file a “Doing business as” and obtain the necessary information, licenses, and permits which vary by state.

  3. Opening a separate checking account. Make sure to talk to your bank about opening a separate checking account under the name of your business.

  4. Consult an accounting service (if needed). Accounting services can help with setting up everything like bookkeeping correctly. It will also make tracking receipts and transactions a lot more organized and easier.

  5. Have an online presence. This is optional but creating a domain name (website address) for your company will boost your online presence and it's also considered an important marketing tool.

  6. Lastly, Have some knowledge about state and federal laws pertaining to your business. For certain book sales, you may need an additional state permit and/or license.

If I find typos or grammatical inaccuracies in a book, can I write to the book publishing company with grammar corrections?

If you happen to find grammatical errors in a book, you can actually write to the book publishing company about it. The book publishing company, that you send the book back to, may not even acknowledge you. So i wouldn't have high expectations for them to correct the errors pointed out in the book. But you can always still go for it.

Is publishing on Kindle worth it?

Book publishing as a self publisher on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, is definitely worth it in my opinion. Being that Amazon is a huge and successful company and because Kindle is established under Amazon, it would be a great investment for a beginning self publishing company author. The costs of book publishing with KDP are low, there’s no printing and publishing fees, and books sold between $2.99 and $9.99 earn you up to 70% royalties. But it takes time to build up an author portfolio for your books to get noticed, even to get a few reviews and or to hit in the top ranking authors and genres. In all, it's a good investment when you have the right skills for marketing and selling.

What are some children/teen book publishers you’ve been impressed with?

From my years of reading, the children book publishers that have impressed me are:

  • Random House, which carry the Dr. Seuss book series.

  • Scholastic, Inc., which carries the Harry Potter book series. A book series that was my first long book series in middle school.

  • Amazon’s Kindle. One of my all time favorite book series is The Guardians by Lola StVil and Kindle is one of the very few book publishers that do carry the series as a whole.

  • Barnes and Noble. They have such a wonderful selection of teen books, and they also carry one of my favorite authors which is Alison Goodman. One of the first book publishers that i actually looked into when i hit my teenage years.

How can I get my first book published without spending a cent?

One of the top online book publishers is Kindle Direct Publishing and you can publish for free as a self publishing author. KDP is also one of the easiest platforms for self publishing, and all you need is to have a written book that's edited and formatted so you can enroll it into their program.

I am still in middle school. Could I still get my book published?

There are no current age restrictions on book publishing. As a minor, you would need a parent or guardian to sign off on contracts and handle management. So yes, even though you are in middle school, you can still publish a book.

Does Amazon have its own book publishing company?

Yes, Amazon does have its own book publishing company. Amazon Publishing operates under the same guidelines as traditional publishing, it is NOT Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. There are various Amazon book publishing imprints that each specialize in specific Genres or types of books. For example, Amazon Publishing is for general fiction and nonfiction books. 47 North is for science fiction and fantasy books and Thomas & Mercer is for mysteries, thrillers and true crime novels.

How much do publishing agents charge for book publishing in the US and what are the best publishing agents?

Some of the best book publishing agents are Robert Gottlieb (Trident Media Group), Sarah Davies ( Greenhouse Literary Agency), Steven Axelrod (The Axelrod Agency), and Stephen Barbara ( Inkwell Management) just to name a few. Now for Costs and pricing ranges, most book publishing agencies go for 15% commission.

When was the Sciencewood book published?

Sciencewood by Ramesh Kumar P was published in 2018.

How do I start a book publishing and distribution company in the US?

You would take the same steps as if you were trying to start an independent book publishing company. There’s a few changes that would occur like:

  • filing your book publishing/distribution company under sole proprietorship, you would either choose an LLC or S-Corporation

  • use a registered agent, which is a third-party who handles official government notifications( tax forms, Notices on Lawsuits, etc.), that is also located in the same state where the business is located.

  • Find and pay authors to publish. Go and look for authors to publish their books and split royalty with.

Which option for book publishing is better and why?

You have two options to choose from when book publishing, those two options are Self publishing or traditional publishing. Self Publishing is when an author publishes their own book at a lesser expense than traditional publishing. Traditional book publishing will cost more but it's also more professional and looks good for your author portfolio. Both options are good options but you choose based on what fits and works for you as an author.

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