In the Land of Halloween

In the land of Halloween, twisted trees spread throughout the landscape, casting gnarly, coiled curtains revealing ghosts and ghouls, and ghours, and fiends. There’s bewitching sorceresses, and baffling banshees. Goblins afoot, with mummies wrapped tightly. In the land of Halloween...there are more and more will-o-the-wisps to be seen, with faux jack-o-lanterns leading to untimely terrors! More twist and turns, and sarcophagi smelling of ancient honey and berries, rotted into pharaoh corpses. Zombies come out of the earth like putrefied flowers, and hunt down your brains, munching on them like candy corn.

Halloween, All-Hallows’-Eve, Samhain, it’s all the Day of the Dead, for the enchanted monstrosity of your nightmares come alive...and the greatest fear is just where they reside. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the ancient, wondrous world we’ve left behind. The corpses of the past, to remind us it’s finite...for the dead laugh at us, as we are petrified of life. In the land of Halloween, there’s autumnal leaves crushed under skeletal feet. The beauty that comes out of death, is the anticipation for life anew, to follow the wintry cold of the chill and blue. In the land of Halloween, let’s not fear the spirits’ avenged...for our biggest fears are the conjured images inside our child-like heads.






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