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Walking down the street, looking both ways, 

Stop for the lights, and get to your destination. 

Check the watch, wait for the signal, 

Put your hands in your pockets, and keep looking forward. 

Stopped again, counted to ten, and then-WAIT. 

A thought passes through your mind. 

A glimmer of some kind of inspiration, 

A flash of something beautiful and unique. 

You hold onto that thought, mind racing, 

remembering every inch of it as perfectly as you can. 

And then you--BUMP. 

“Hey, watch it!” 

Reality jumps back at you. The sign says walk. 

But you run.

Frantic to get home, forgetting where you were supposed to be. 

You dodge people on the sidewalk, you jump over potholes, 

You leap over dog leashes, and you collide politely with strangers: 

“Excuse me, yes, just trying to get through, sorry, in a rush, excuse me!!” 

Finally, you’re at your doorstep, keys jangling 

as you unlock the door with shaky anxious hands. 

You run to your desk, open your laptop--

“New Software Downloading…” 

No time. You pull out a piece of paper and pen

And you



Your hand glides across the paper, 

like waves crashing against the shoreline. 

You dot your i’s and cross your t’s, 

Like your wielding a sword. 

You draw arrows and squiggles, 

Like you're a pirate searching for treasure. 

You flip to the next page to write even more, 

Like your diving deeper into the ocean looking for a lost gem. 

Your pen flourishes around the page, 

Like a beautiful mermaid swimming around her grotto. 

After what seems like minutes, you check your watch again. 

The windows  have darkened: you’ve been writing for hours. 

But you relax, finally at peace. 

You look at your pages, grinning widely as you see 

your glimmer of inspiration dancing across the pages. 

The start of your first book.






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