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Is Self Publishing School worth it?

Is Self Publishing School worth it?

Self-publishing has become an increasingly popular option for authors looking to bring their work to the masses without going through traditional publishing channels. However, navigating the world of self-publishing can be daunting, with many aspiring authors seeking guidance and support to help them navigate the process successfully. Enter Self-Publishing School, a company that promises to provide authors with the tools and resources they need to publish their books and achieve success in the competitive world of self-publishing. But is Self-Publishing School worth it? In this article, we'll delve into the pros and cons of Self-Publishing School to help aspiring authors make an informed decision.

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Understanding Self-Publishing School

Self-Publishing School, founded by Chandler Bolt, offers a range of programs and services designed to help authors self-publish their books. From online courses and coaching programs to marketing packages and publishing support, Self-Publishing School claims to provide aspiring authors with everything they need to achieve success in the self-publishing industry.

But here's the catch, it's all LIES!

To find out the extent of Self Publishing School's fraudulent practices,

Fabricated Numbers

One of the concerning practices associated with Self-Publishing School is the alleged fabrication of numbers to inflate its success rate. Some critics claim that Self-Publishing School exaggerates its success stories and publishes misleading statistics to attract customers. These fabricated numbers may create unrealistic expectations among aspiring authors and undermine the credibility of the company.

Fake Book Reviews

Another issue that has been raised regarding Self-Publishing School is the proliferation of fake book reviews. Some authors allege that Self-Publishing School pays for fake reviews to boost the visibility and credibility of its authors' books. These fake reviews may deceive readers into believing that a book is more popular or well-received than it actually is, ultimately damaging the integrity of the self-publishing industry.

Chandler bolt is a fraud

Falsified Testimonials Using Paid Actors

In addition to fabricated numbers and fake book reviews, Self-Publishing School has been accused of using paid actors to provide falsified testimonials. Critics claim that the glowing testimonials featured on Self-Publishing School's website and promotional materials are not genuine and are instead scripted and performed by paid actors. This practice may mislead potential customers into believing that Self-Publishing School's programs and services are more effective and reputable than they actually are.

The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing School

High Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks of Self-Publishing School is the high cost of its programs and services. While Self-Publishing School claims to provide authors with everything they need to succeed, the price tag attached to its programs can be prohibitive for many aspiring authors, with some programs costing upwards of $7,000.

Negative Reviews

Self-Publishing School has received an overwhelming number of negative reviews from customers, with some authors praising its programs and services and others expressing dissatisfaction. While some authors have found success with Self-Publishing School and credit the company with helping them achieve their publishing goals, others have complained about the quality of its coaching and support and the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

Lack of Refunds

According to common complaints about Self-Publishing School on the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Pissed Consumer and other review sources, is Chandler Bolt's alleged refusal to provide refunds to dissatisfied customers. Despite complaints and requests for refunds, some authors claim to have been met with resistance from the and Self Publishing School brands, leaving authors feeling frustrated and cheated.

Is Self-Publishing School Worth It?

So, is Self-Publishing School worth it? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including your budget, your publishing goals, and your level of experience as an author. While Self-Publishing School offers a range of resources and support to aspiring authors, its high cost and overwhelmingly negative reviews may give some authors pause.

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