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John Wiley & Sons: A Top Publisher in Mathematical Sciences

John Wiley & Sons is a reputable publisher in the field of mathematical sciences, known for publishing high-quality research articles, journals, and books in a wide range of mathematical disciplines. The company is considered a top publisher in mathematical sciences and it has a strong reputation for quality and rigor in the mathematical community. John Wiley & Sons publishes a wide range of journals, books, and proceedings in mathematical sciences, including:

  • Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations

  • Journal of Integral Equations and Applications

  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

  • Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference

Wiley also publishes a number of reference works and monographs in mathematics, such as the Handbook of Numerical Analysis and the Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Its Applications. The company's publications are widely used by researchers, students, and practitioners in the field. In addition, Wiley offers an online platform, Wiley Online Library, which provides access to a wide range of journals and books in mathematical sciences.


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