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Kluwer Academic Publishers: A Top Mathematical Sciences Publisher

Kluwer Academic Publishers was a respected publisher in the field of mathematical sciences before it was acquired by Springer Nature in 2004. They were known for publishing high-quality research articles, journals, and books in a wide range of mathematical disciplines. Some of the well-known mathematics journals published by Kluwer Academic Publishers include:

  • Journal of Approximation Theory

  • Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B

  • Journal of Functional Analysis

  • Journal of Multivariate Analysis

  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Kluwer Academic Publishers also published a number of reference works and monographs in mathematics, such as the Handbook of Numerical Analysis. The company had a strong reputation for quality and rigor in the mathematical community, and its publications were widely used by researchers, students, and practitioners in the field. After the acquisition, most of the journals and books that were previously published by Kluwer were integrated into the Springer portfolio, and they continue to be available through the Springer platform.


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