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Waiting, there’s always so much waiting in life. 

Waiting for that letter to arrive seems like the longest few weeks to ever exist. 

Where is it? Where is it?! 

This letter that can change my life forever. 

I’m only 18, but there’s so much ahead of me. 

This letter that will let me know which way my path will go. 

I applied to several places, but this is the one I want. 

This letter that will tell me if I’ve been good enough all this time. 

I hope I’ve done well enough throughout my whole life. 

This letter that---DING! DONG! 

The mail is here!!

I run, I sprint, I race to the door, to see that a package has been left. 

Not the one I was hoping for. 

I see the mail truck ride away,

But before they do, they close our mailbox---HOORAY! 

I chase, I leap, I bound to the mailbox, to see what’s inside. 

Some bills, some ads, and then just behind them…

My letter. 

It’s finally here and I’m overjoyed! 

But my throat closes up, 

My hands shake and quake, 

I feel lightheaded and dizzy, 

I need to sit down and take a break. 

There’s so much of my life that depends on this letter

And it seems too simple to be holding it in my hands. 

I open it slowly and hold my breath, 

I unfold it and skim the words until I find the ones I’m looking for…

I scan for “Congratulations” or “We’re happy to inform”, 

But I don’t see it. 

All I see is “we regret to inform” and “Unfortunately”. 

I’ve been denied. Rejected. What do I do now? 

That was my dream and I didn’t make it. How?? 

I start to cry, I start to shake and curl up right there on the street. 

I take a minute, try to gather myself to go inside. 

When I notice, there’s another letter with my name written on it. 

Another school. Another chance? 

I open it quickly, not bothering to breathe, 

Unfolding the paper, I suddenly read, 

“Congrats” and there’s confetti in the envelope. 

I audibly scream and jump in the air, my final hope! 

It’s not the dream school I hoped to get, 

It’s not what I’ve been working toward, 

But it’s a step. It’s a good path to start to walk on. 

I have a future. It’s looking bright. 

Don’t think too hard about it, 

But everything always turns out right. 






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